Chinese medicine recognizes that diseases can either arrive from outside of our bodies or from inside our bodies. When it comes to what happens inside us, it’s our excessive emotional states that can disrupt normal circulation of blood, nutrients, and hormones. Many people recognize that mental and emotional stress can create tense muscles, headaches, or worsen many other physical symptoms. The simple instructions contained in this recording will help you heal yourself, mind and body. In this series we explore the majestic elephant and the innocent child as they find their commonality in their vulnerabilities. Many thanks to GTAEF Helping Elephants for their work rescuing elephants from exploitative work on the streets and providing them with acreage to roam. Your 16"x20" print comes in a 20"x24" matte, numbered and signed by Photographer Rachel Goble and Director Bobby Bailey.

With your help, The SOLD Project is preventing child exploitation in Thailand by offering educational scholarships and additional resources to children at risk. In the West we often say, “I caught a cold.” This is a great illustration of how a bacteria or virus can make its way into our body from the outside. What may be less widely understood are the ways in which we are able to use our minds to think and feel our way out of these very same problems we’ve helped to create. You no longer need to feel distress over your emotional state, for anything can be changed. The elephant is one of the largest and most powerful beings on the planet, revered in Thailand as the strongest beasts of burden. Printed on matte Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type II paper, the best for high-quality, long-lasting prints from film or digital prints. We carry a wide variety of Fitness, DIY, Home & Garden, Arts & Crafts, Dance, and Music Instructional DVDs and Software.

The equivalent phrase for “catching” something in Chinese is “I produce disease.” This puts more focus on a patient’s ability to create disharmony inside his own body. However, the past 100 years in Thailand, elephants have decreased by 95% as man has used them for their own gain of power and control. Similarly in cases of trafficking there are hundreds of thousands of men and women estimated to be trafficked in Asia, and Thailand has gained a reputation as the sex tourism capital of the world, exposing those who are vulnerable to the prey of man.

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