Page 1 of 5BASIC AND PROGRESSIVE STAGES BY MAHASI SAYADAWSEEKING HAPPINESSIt is a truism to say that nobody likes suffering and everybody seeks happiness.
If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad. There are constant negotiations concerning the Earth situation between Light and Dark forces. Entering a state of mind called meditation doesn’t happen by just sitting down closing your eyes and being still.
There are various ways to achieve this state of mind,  that do not include what we know to be commonly called meditation.
Gardening- used as a spiritual practice, gardening embodies the most fundamental essence of ourselves and connects us to source. Swimming- laps specifically, is a great way to meditate as it incorporates fully the 3 essential steps of going inward. In this world of ours, human beings are making all possible efforts for prevention and alleviation of suffering and enjoyment of happiness. There are 3 crucial steps that are needed to guide the mind inward in seeking a meditative state.

Nevertheless, their efforts are mainly directed to the physical well-being by material means. The body loves movement, and by paying attention to the body as you walk, it will help you enjoy the simplicity of just being alive.
The seeds we plant today are what we reap tomorrow and so gardening is metaphoric for nurturing your own souls growth and the choices you make in life. The fluidity of water allows us to naturally go with the flow which lowers our state of resistance and allows for fluid mind body spirit connection.
All these strivings are, in the main, concerned with the care and nourishment of the body. It must be recognized that they are essential. However, these human efforts and achievements cannot possibly bring about the alleviation or eradication of suffering associated with old age and disease, domestic infelicity and economic troubles; in short, with non-satisfaction of wants and desires. Sufferings of this nature are not overcome by material means they can be overcome only by mind-training and mental development. Therefore, it becomes clear that the right way must be sought for training, stabilizing, and purifying the mind. This way is found in the Maha Satipa??hana Sutta, a well-known discourse of the Buddha, delivered well over twenty-five hundred years ago.

You must also observe the rules of discipline prescribed for laymen (or for monks, as the case may be), for they are important in gaining insight.
For layfolk, these rules comprise the eight precepts which Buddhist devotees observe on holidays and during periods of meditation. These voluntary precepts are abstention from (1) killing, (2) stealing, (3) sexual intercourse, (4) Lying, (5) intoxicants, (6) eating solid foods after noon, (7) dance, shows, wearing flowers, perfume, and adornments, and (8) high and luxurious beds. An additional rule is not to speak with contempt, in jest, or malice to or about any of the noble ones who have attained states of enlightenment. The old masters of Buddhist tradition suggest that you entrust yourself to the enlightened one, the Buddha, during the training period, for you may be alarmed if it happens that your own state of mind produces unwholesome or frightening visions during contemplation. Also place yourself under the guidance of your meditation instructor, for he can talk to you frankly about your work in contemplation and give you the guidance he thinks necessary.The aim of this practice and its greatest benefit is release. So work ardently with this end in view so that your training will be successfully completed.
This kind of training in contemplation, based on the foundations of mindfulness (Satipa??hana), is that taken by all Buddha and noble ones, for attaining enlightenment.

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