5 + 10 class packs are valid for the drop in option, you cannot book via the online system so please call us on 0207 581 4090 to register. For these 4 consecutive sessions, Emily will teach the powerful ISHTA DIKSHA meditation, the foundation stone of the ISHTA lineage. Sessions will consist of slow yoga asana (movement) to open the body and prepare it for sitting. In this 3 week course, Melissa will provide you with an overview of the goal and purpose of meditation, and teach you 3 different meditative methods that are easy, effective and long-lasting. Indu Arora is presenting 3 Ayurvedic workshops and offering private consultations at SOHUM from Jun 3-5.

Whether this is the first time you have tried Yoga or Meditation, or you would like the opportunity to work with experienced instructors, come join us for a FREE Yoga or Meditation class at SOHUM.Dont miss our featured upcoming events! This comprehensive 30-week program has everything parents, teachers, and therapeutic professionals need to nurture children’s physical fitness, emotional stability, and learning readiness. The workshop includes profoundly restorative yoga poses along with Thai Yoga Massage techniques to help you completely release tension and stress. Learn how you can use Ayurvedic Principles, an ancient mind-body health system from India, to promote health and vitality in your life. This certification will qualify you to lead Laughter Yoga classes, workshops, seminars and Laughter Clubs.

There will be relaxation and a thorough re-grounding to bring you back fresh, alert and prepared for your day.

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