The circle is usually cast by a person walking the perimeter of our working area with an athame (a black handled knife). As each quarter is called, every person will also salute that direction with their athame, if they have one, or their finger. Meeting new people and socializing is a big part of why we get together, but please be respectful of everyone. You will be led through this meditation to imagine yourself as a tree with roots extending into the earth. The purpose of the circle is to create sacred space for us to be in, to contain the energies we are working with, and to keep the mundane world out. Calling the quarters invites the elements from the four cardinal directions to strengthen our circle and lend their energies to our work.
It may be a guided meditation or pathworking, spell work, or creating something to take home at the end of the night.

If you have a chalice or cup you would like to use for cakes & wine please bring it with you. Be mindful of the appropriateness of what you say (this is not a time to hit on or flirt with someone).
This is a way to put yourself in the right frame of mind for circle and to help balance yourself before we begin. The 'wine' we use is a non-alcoholic drink, usually juice, as we often have attendees under 21 in circle.
This would be a perfect time to ask questions you may have about anything we've done during circle thus far.

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