The following Criteria for Certification must be met by all students wishing to become Hridaya Meditation and Hatha Yoga teachers. If during the Hridaya Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training Course (HTTC) any staff member becomes aware of any breach of these criteria, the HTTC Administration will be notified.
We reserve the right to deny certification to any student who does not fulfill course obligations or who does not meet the Hridaya Yoga Meditation and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training standards, detailed below.
In the event that certification is withheld, it will be at the sole and final discretion of Sahajananda to grant permission to retake the course.
With the exception of emergencies, the Hridaya TTC expects full attendance of all HTTC sessions in order to earn a certificate at the end of the course.
Attendance is defined as participation in all facets of each scheduled session: theoretical presentation, asana practice, meditation, interviews, teaching workshops, retreats, etc.
A student who does not meet the attendance minimum will not receive his or her teaching certificate. Otherwise, should certification be withheld due to unexcused absences, the student may – upon reapplication to the program and reapproval – reattend the HTTC at a future date for the full program fee in order to receive certification. It will be the student’s responsibility to make up any missed course material for excused absences.
Successful completion of all practicum teaching assignments is a requirement for certification.
After certification, a Hridaya Meditation and Yoga teacher is expected to adhere to certain standards.
If there is found to be a professional or ethical complaint against a Hridaya teacher, an inquiry will be made. We encourage Hridaya Teacher Training Course participants, upon graduation, to go out and teach Hridaya Yoga.
KatharinaSwitzerland There aren't words to express the impact of this retreat and the practice of the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart on my life. The Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive is an immersion course in the fundamentals of traditional yoga and meditation.
Paula we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your involvement in our Learning At Work Day. I found the training to be stimulating, practical, thought provoking and an incredibly healthy Occupational therapy! There are a few people that we meet in the world that leave one feeling truly richer for knowing them.

Paula combines professionalism and corporate understanding with a unique divine connection. Welcome to SMARTfoundations - the space designed to enhance your health and well-being by bringing the magic of inquiry and mindfulness to mainstream personal development. We believe that when we connect to our inner essence of optimism, well-being, joy and abundance, life becomes a celebration and we can create a better way of living. Your time is important and using practical psychologies you can learn more in 10 minutes experiential than you might in a day driven by theory.
We create our world by how we think, act and speak – our mind is the experiment and like any good scientist we choose it's direction.
My name is Anmol Mehta and I am the creator of the Mastery of Meditation Teacher’s Training and Certification Program.
If you are interested in meditation, enlightenment and spirituality and are keen to become a teacher, I assure you that you will love this program and that it will cover every aspect of becoming a successful and skilled meditation instructor. Below you will find extensive details about this program, which should help answer any questions you have.
I can honestly say that I can add the feedback from any student who has taken the course here and it will be impressive.
Even one who has had a meditation and a yoga practice for as long as I have can benefit from new knowledge. I want to thank you for your amazing program, since the first lesson I was surprised with all the clear information, the great videos, the time and effort  you take in making this available to all the people that is interested in serious learning.  Thank you very much and your support is also first class.
The course is designed for 8 weeks, but you may take longer or shorter depending on your level of expertise and lifestyle. For a limited time I am also pleased to include for free 2 great gifts for you for free when you join the meditation training program.
Amazing Insights has been downloaded over 100,000 times and it reveals the truth regarding relationships, reincarnation, karma, spiritual enlightenment, meditation, career, passion and more. The consciousness expanding meditation guides you step by step on a profound journey back to the Source and helps you awaken to your divine and infinite nature. Below are 3 of the 15+ videos that are part of the Online Meditation Teacher’s Training Course.
I guaranteed this would be the most affordable Meditation Teacher’s Training Course and the web, and I meant it.
I am so confident that you will love Meditation Teacher’s Training Course that I offer a 60 day no questions asked full money back guarantee.

To join the certification program select the price level and click the ADD TO SHOPPING CART button. If a student’s excessive absence is due to a legitimate reason, such as an illness or other health emergency, he or she may join a future HTTC at a cost of 25 percent of the course. Presentations must demonstrate a student’s ability to teach using the Hridaya Yoga methodology. These will be fully described in the Spiritual Code that students are required to sign at the end of the course. The name “Hridaya” should be honored by the behavior and competence of the Meditation and Hatha Yoga teacher. The Module 1 book presents esoteric yogic information in an accessible way, providing a profound introduction to this path to the revelation of the Self. Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint we know they have a unique mind and we celebrate individual differences. It really let me get going into personal development and pursuing teaching yoga sharply with a great foundation from your great program. A student will be granted a small margin of excused absences from class sessions (5 percent or less) to account for illness, visa runs, or emergencies.
The student must successfully attend all classes and pass all exams (with the same margin of absenteeism noted above) in order to earn the course certificate. Participants must complete the course with a cumulative passing exam average, in addition to attendance verification, in order to receive their teaching certification. This includes a good command of the scripted mnemonics, as well as the theoretical absorption of the material itself. I found her teaching to be based on sound scientific principles without the loss of her humanity.
In just a few weeks you have offered insights and methodologies that I have integrated into my personal meditation and yoga practices. Thank-you for putting together such a terrific course, your insights have been essential to deepening my practice.
This understanding is demonstrated by the proper understanding of the course materials, correct answers to questions when student-teaching, etc.

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