So lucrative is it, in fact, that there are a great many website out there that are capitalising on the desire of people like yourself who want to lean how to teach.
I am sure you have seen other websites selling “teacher training.” They promise to guide you through the process of becoming a teacher, and they’ll do it all for the low low price of around a thousand dollars. There are a lot of scam artists online who ask you to pay to learn how to be a meditation teacher. The shocking and somewhat saddening truth that you need to learn, right now, is that the vast majority of these sites are out only to make a quick profit. Let me save you a lot of money and a lot of heartache by saying this: do NOT sign up to any online teacher training course. That’s the warning out of the way, so let’s get on with it and take a long hard look at the reality of becoming a meditation teacher.
If, on the other hand, you wish to teach intermediate or even advanced meditators, you will need to know practically every aspect of meditation.
Teaching children requires a lot of patients, a friendly attitude, and very good communication skills, because, let’s face it, children often do not listen; your ability to teach children will be determined by your ability to communicate with them. Speaking from a purely business perspective, your target audience is also going to affect your marketing.
Having decided  your target audience you will next need to choose which type of meditation you wish to teach. Transcendental Meditation (TM) : This technique is a trademark, meaning it is owned by someone (specifically, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).
Zen: In order to teach Zen you will need to know the specific postures that are used to create different results.
Even if you intend to teach just one type, it is best that you have studied a variety of techniques. One of the best ways to learn how to teach meditation is to talk to other meditation teachers. It is probably only fair that if you are going to be asking a teacher for help, that you try out their lessons at least once.
By reaching out to other teachers in your area you also help to find your feet in the local scene. There is no legal requirement (at least in my country) to have certification in order to teach meditation. Take time to learn about the different types of certification and to find out if one of them is particularly valuable to you—is there a certification which specifically caters for the type of meditation you wish to teach? Depending on the type of meditation that you are going to teach, you will need specific materials. If you’re going to be teaching Osho meditation or Zen meditation you will need mats for both yourself and your student to use. Other materials that you may need include a mala (selling these can net you extra profit), singing bells, statues and so on. The design of these materials is important and will be determined by your target audience and by the type of meditation you want to teach. So, the marketing materials that you use should reflect the type of meditation you teach, your target audience, and should also convey what the student is going to get out of your tuition. Obviously, it should go without saying, that you need to put your details on the card: your phone number, address, your name and the name of your business.
Not only does this help to make sure that people talk about your business in a positive light, but it’s also just good karma. She is an author of several popular books on health, a columnist in national magazines and a frequent panelist at public discussions and media events. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Indian sage who introduced the technique of Transcendental Meditation to the Western world. When we look at the research of Transcendental Meditation and we look at the personal experiences of the practitioners, then we find this statement from the classical texts is confirmed.
I have had several cancer patients who come to me as a last resort, with a diagnosis of 2-3 weeks to live. This year, I have been teaching Transcendental Meditation at a large IT-company in Copenhagen in a team with my colleague Henrik Klamer, who is also a TM teacher and also an IT-expert. In other words, medicine is gradually moving from the treatment of symptoms to the treatment of causes.
And Transcendental Meditation is the most important modality of treatment – because it goes to the root of life, allowing the mind and body to settle down to the state of least excitation. So the most important point – if we really want to improve our health – is to enhance the flow of intelligence throughout our body. Is there a connection between the two approaches to the human body – the Western mechanistic, technological perspective, and the holistic view of the Ayurvedic tradition – or are they irreconcilable?
The natural treatment also has its weaknesses – if practiced incorrectly, it too can lead to negative side effects. To finish our interview, let’s talk about a specific practical topic which interests almost everyone – food.
The reason is that all this meat and fish and poultry contain large amounts of stress hormones and various other substances not conducive to health. So you say that there is no danger of little children missing out on some essential minerals and vitamins, if they are brought up on a strictly vegetarian diet? For iron, the menu has to contain enough seeds (sesame, flax) and nuts (pistacios, cashews), wheat germ, whole grain bread, dried fruits, sun dried tomatoes, red grapes,  raspberries and green vegetables like spinach, dill and parsley.
If parents are properly educated about nutrition, their children will be really much more healthy on a lacto-vegetarian diet. When do you think all this will become mainstream knowledge, accepted by medical and welfare systems?
I published a book on children’s health a few years ago (“Godt og sundt for born“, Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck 2010). Similarly, many studies on healthcare utilization have shown that society can save substantial health care costs with these preventive methods like Transcendental Meditation and other natural treatments.
Mark, please tell us the story of how a football player became a motivational speaker and a health coach!
Back in the days when I learned TM, almost no one meditated – and that was particularly true in football circles. You can imagine the scene before a game: all these players banging around, headphones on, with their blasting motivational music, smashing footballs into the wall… and I’m in the toilet with my eyes closed, trying to meditate!
And I would come out and do sun salutations along with nasal breathing and they’d all look at me like I was the biggest weirdo! FOOTBALL DAYS: Mark Bunn made 54 appearances during his career as a professional footballer in 1990-1995.
Then three years after I had learned TM my teacher gave me a book on Maharishi Ayurveda, an ancient traditional medical practice. So when I finished playing football I went to Cambodia, where there was a Maharishi Vedic University, and I worked there with the students, many of whom were orphans of the war. When you encourage people to switch to a healthier track in life, then what’s the role of Transcendental Meditation in that? MARK BUNN: It’s Maharishi’s concept of watering the root of the tree, rather than the branches and leaves. People know what they need to do to be healthy – eat good, balanced food; exercise regularly – but they often don’t have the ability to change their old mental patterns. TM nourishes the non-physical part of us which is the basis of physical and mental and emotional health. Without the consciousness aspects, it’s all about willpower – hard work, strict discipline.
It’s as if meditation gives you a template: what we do with our mind and body changes how we view the world. THE MELODIES WE CREATE: Playing the piano — or as Mark says, “trying” to play the piano — with his 16-year-old niece.
The habit you mentioned, computers at night and sleep, is a huge issue in how it impacts the human body. There is even a study showing that after a bad night’s sleep, couples are more likely to get into arguments. MARK BUNN: Yes, and it’s not just marriage – your whole life is colored by what glasses you wear.
But if you’ve had a good night’s sleep, you wake up fresh, feel great, and everyone seems friendlier than usual. I remember a great episode on Seinfeld where Kramer was sleeping over on Jerry’s couch because his apartment was being worked on. People often say to me, “If I do that people will think I am weird!” And I say that weird is the prerequisite to being healthy, because it means you are doing the opposite of what almost everyone else is doing.
When I’m in the airport, I do sun salutes, I put Vata aroma oil all over myself on the plane, and I smear my head with sesame oil! However, we know from hundreds of years of experience that anything on the material level never makes you happy permanently. But there are people throughout history, particularly in traditional cultures, such as in the East, who are permanently happy.
So regardless of what’s happening in their world, whether they have their job or lose it, win the lottery or lose all their money, or a relationship ends – they are still happy, whatever comes their way. TM is totally simple, totally easy, and directly nourishes that part of ourselves, our consciousness, which enables us to be happy regardless of the circumstances in our lives over time.
MARK BUNN: If you had asked me to write it, I would have probably said, “Give me six months.” But if you ask me to speak, I’ll just say something on the spot! MARK BUNN: I’d probably be one of those ex-footballers with a big pot belly who can only walk around with a cane because of arthritis throughout his whole body! Every day I think, “How would I have survived without TM?” You get to the end of the day, you are a bit tired, yes, but still – how do people survive without TM?
Mark Bunn is fresh off the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course and about to finish his second Ancient Wisdom book!

So called teacher training sites are often run by unqualified people who simply compile a bunch of information from various books and reorganise it into a course. Of course, I am not saying you should not become a teacher, the world needs more teachers and more people meditating in general.
Intermediate meditators are looking for people to take them to the next level, to advance their skills. You will need different business cards, different advertising, and different sources of students depending on your target audience. If you are already particularly knowledgeable about a certain type, then logically that is the type you should teach. TM is something many people are interested in, mostly because of the number of celebrities who advocate the technique.
Students interested in Zen are also going to want to know about the history of Zen, so be sure to brush up on that before beginning.
Because of its physical nature, there are some risks with dynamic meditation that can affect the business.
After all, it is only natural that a student leaning one type will have some interest about other techniques. The vast majority of them (if they have been following their own teachings) will be nice, friendly and helpful people.
This shows interest and, of course, gives them a return: they receive a bit of cash, you receive a lot of leaning.
However, there are many benefits of certification, mostly that it proves your validity to potential clients.
If you do not, you could very well end up with an accident that leads to a lawsuit which completely destroys your business. You need to make sure that the meditation space you provide for your students is relaxing and looks the part.
If you’re giving guided visualisation meditations, for instance, you are going to need a way of playing music. Not only is it more comfortable, but should a student get injured and you need your insurance company to cover, the insurer is going to want to know that you had everything set up properly—let’s be honest, insurers will do anything in their power to avoid paying out; don’t give them an excuse not to honour their agreement.
You might not end up actually using these materials in the actual lesson, but simply having them their for the student to see provides the right sort of image, helping to validate your business in the eyes of your clients.
You’re going to need business cards, perhaps flyers or brochures, and other marketing materials. No eighty year old is going to be interested in a business card that is clearly marketed to teenagers, or vice versa. Grab your local newspapers, call their advertising department and find out how much it costs for an ad. Websites obviously cater to a wider audience and a lot of their readership will be completely irrelevant to you. Charlotte Bech is a Danish doctor who has worked in several areas of medicine, including the field of obstetrics (with a degree from the University of Copenhagen). So this is a truth which is verified in three different ways – the ancient texts, modern scientific research of more than 600 studies, and the level of personal experience. CHARLOTTE BECH: I recommend Transcendental Meditation to practically every single patient who comes to the clinic.
High cholesterol, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, pain around the heart, atherosclerosis, clogging of the arteries… all these various cardiovascular diseases are most often induced by stress. Transcendental Meditation is useful for patients who are either chronically ill or have some very serious disease like cancer or kidney failure. They ask: “What can you do for me?” I tell them to learn Transcendental Meditation, because at that moment it is very limited we can do at the level of physiological treatment. But what about prevention – does regular practice of Transcendental Meditation avoid falling ill in the first place?
Everyone who learned to meditate at that company said that it was a life transforming experience – in fact, it pulled many people in that group back from taking a long-term sick leave! In 2006, you participated together with 16 other Danish doctors in a compilation of articles called “Healthy Skepticism and Healthy Reason” (“Sund skepsis og sund fornunft”, Hovedland). In some cases, it may take some time to normalize blood pressure, for instance – it will take anything from 3 months to 12 months with Transcendental Meditation before you get the blood pressure stabilized on a healthy level.
In this state, mind and body are connected to the unified field of pure consciousness from where everything is originating.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has mentioned that health is defined as someone who is established in the higher Self, also called Atma.
CHARLOTTE BECH: One of the guiding principles of the ancient tradition of yoga is ahimsa, non-violence. Vegetarians have to be vigilant especially about three nutrients: iron, vitamin B 12, and vitamin D. For example, studies have shown that vegetarians have a significantly lower risk of diabetes than those who eat meat products.
The private sector is beginning to grasp this potential as well, with many companies in Denmark offering meditation courses to their employees.
Now we have its author, Mark Bunn, talking about iPhones, Jerry Seinfeld, and meditating in the men’s room.
About three weeks in, my brother, who was a professional cricket player, and my sister both learned Transcendental Meditation (TM).
He took part in one final and figured several times in the lists of Best and Fairest players. I was trained in the Western health sciences – I studied Exercise Physiology – and that was okay, but what was in that book made so much more sense: the daily cycles and living in tune with them, how different diets work for different people, and so on. When I returned to Australia, I studied Maharishi Ayurveda formally and, combining it with my western degree, started consulting in the area. So it becomes easy and more natural to choose better food, to exercise, and to build more harmonious relationships.
When you tell people something logically, theoretically, rationally, it goes in one ear and out the other.
Yet, eventually, the pain becomes great enough – in the form of sickness, disease, a mental breakdown – that people change their ways. So if you want to have an unhappy marriage, go ahead and stare at your iPhone in the evening! If those glasses are foggy and cloudy from a bad night’s sleep, everything and everyone is cloudy and foggy. They are lucky in a way because they don’t have TV, artificial lighting, or Facebook and YouTube, so everyone goes to bed at the right time. Everyone thought he was weird and zany, but it is often the weird and zany people who are more enlightened. As Maharishi said, “With TM, trying is prohibited.” So when people hear that meditation is difficult or needs discipline, they are doing the wrong technique. It’s the simplest thing, easy to do, completely blissful – and as the end result, you become more established in that part of yourself that brings you happiness in all the different parts of your life. Luma is well loved for her humility as well as her energy and joy in sharing Buddha’s instructions. It is only over the past ten years that meditation has truly come into its own in the west, gradually becoming more and more popular to a point where, now, it is quite a large and potentially lucrative industry. They are invariably woefully inadequate and will not help you to become a teacher; instead, they’ll just pocket your cash.
I am only saying this: give your money only to a person you can meet in person, who can prove their qualifications, who will genuinely teach you how to teach meditation. Teaching to children, for instance, is radically different to teaching to the elderly, which is radically different to teaching meditation for health reasons, such as in cognitive behavioural therapy.
If so, you will have to have a certain set of skills, the most important skill being the ability to express yourself clearly so that your students can fully understand your teaching. However, to legally teach Transcendental Meditation you must receive certification as a TM teacher, which is rather expensive. By guiding a student though a visualisation you essentially give them the opportunity to relax without doing much work. Because it is possible for someone to injure themselves while practising Zen meditation, you will need to make sure that whatever meditation insurance you get covers such injuries (otherwise you could end up on the receiving end of a very hefty lawsuit which will completely obliterate your business). If, of course, you are teaching beginners, you might instead choose to give basic instruction on a variety of techniques.
You wouldn’t want to lean piano from someone who hasn’t leant to play the piano; meditation students want to know that their teacher knows what they are talking about. If you are unable to discuss other techniques with your students, they are unlikely to take you seriously and thereby unlikely to return for more lessons. Perhaps there is a Zen teacher who has a student who is interested in leaning about Transcendental Meditation; they could refer their student to you, if you have experience of TM, and in exchange you could refer your students who are interested in Zen, to them. If you do not do your research, if you do not learn about the different options for certification, you will end up choosing incorrectly and wasting your money.
When I called up the insurance company to workout my own insurance, I was simply asked to document the type of tuition and experiences I myself have (eg. Too much light can create headaches and distract the mind, while too dim lighting could cause fatigue; neither is conducive to high quality instruction.
If, for instance, you are teaching meditation purely for health, your marketing materials should show an individual who is clearly healthy (hopefully yourself), or should convey health in some other ways, through the use of iconography and symbolism, for instance.
Then make sure your marketing materials shows an eldely person doing breathing meditation and looking relaxed. Tell your friends, you family, your colleagues and everyone else that you are teaching meditation. However, you can always contact the webmaster and ask if they can run a “Geo-localised ad” for you. The best way to do that is to make sure that you only start with a few students, or with a number that you can easily manage.

Bech has also looked deeply into alternative ways of healing the human body, mastering the techniques of Maharishi Ayurveda and setting up her own clinic of natural treatment. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has taught that if something is really true, it has to be verified on three different levels. The same is true for asthma, migraines, multiple sclerosis… Transcendental Meditation has a positive effect on these disorders. In some cases, we have to come to their homes as they are already too weak to walk or even to stand – so we teach them as they’re sitting on their beds at home.
For instance, people who practice Transcendental Meditation regularly have less infections – cold, flu, ear or throat infection, even pneumonia.
The stress in their personal and professional life had been building up, they were exhausted and could not continue to work anymore.
On one hand, there is the paradigm which has governed modern medicine so far – that medicine is, in essence, a pill with the active ingredient. This means that some waste products will always be accumulating in the body and bring unwanted consequences. The old paradigm has a very limited understanding of the functioning of the human body as a whole. Then the physiology spontaneously remains connected to this field of pure intelligence and repairs itself.
It is – in fact – the most ancient perspective, where the body is known to be a concentrated mass of consciousness. Our goal is to remove these blocks and obstacles so that the flow can become free and unrestricted again, carrying happiness, energy, and lightness all throughout our physiology.
In Ayurveda, the term used here is ‘’swasthya’’ – “swa” meaning the highest Self, the unbounded non-changing eternal inner nature, and “sthya” meaning established. What I practice is an integrative approach – we combine, use and integrate the best from the both worlds. So we have to be open and tolerant and have a respectful attitude to everyone working in different systems of medicine.  After all, all doctors and all other health care providers work to improve the health of mankind! The foundation of health is laid in childhood – so it is of utmost importance to give children a lacto-vegetarian diet. But if you are informed and make wise choices when shopping for food, all of these will be included in the diet. Vitamins D and B-12, come from milk products eaten thrice a day – full fat organic milk(non homogenized), cheese, yoghurt.
The book created a public discussion in Denmark – in the media, and among doctors… I simply put the research forward, studies with literally thousands of people. So I never told any of my teammates what I was doing and just snuck into the toilet cubicles before games to meditate! Say, that of staring at computer and phone screens late into the night, even though this leads to disrupted sleep, which leads to a miserable next day, etc.? So TM helps with that; it make us happier and more blissful, expands the mind, and creates balance, and we change naturally. Even if they understand it intellectually, they won’t change until the pain is great enough. This is much easier to do when you don’t know that everyone is out there having fun while you’re in your bed, sleeping!
Her practical and uplifting teachings make meditation and modern Buddhism accessible to all.
Visualisation is a lot like Hypnotherapy, both involving the use of the imagination for various results. Finding a student can be hard work, so it’s just as well that you do everything to ensure that any student you find wants to return for more lessons.
Ask them for advise, ask them about the business, ask them about how they teach and their techniques, and also ask about the more local aspects of the business.
Secondly, when it comes to those all important repeat lessons (which is where your money will come from), people will only return to you if they enjoyed the first lesson, and a huge part of enjoying the lesson is being in the right space. Of course, if your spatial requirements will vary based on the group size that you want to teach.
Build your audience gradually, so that you can be certain to always provide quality tuition. Sure, you get some money, but in my experience the type of person who wants to teach meditation is a highly moral individual who places the concern of others above themselves. Bech is in a perfect position to shed light on why meditation is, arguably, the best medicine available. And they are describing how the practice of yoga, the practice of meditation can be seen, fundamentally, as a cure for all disease. It works through stress relief – and most diseases are, in some way or other, related to stress.
And at the end of the day, these people say it is the best thing they ever did in their life, the best decision they have ever made.
So to be healthy, according to the Ayurvedic tradition, is to be established in one’s own higher Self. Dietary yeast flakes, bee pollen granules and seaweed are also very good sources of B-12 vitamins. And this research showed clearly: less diabetes, less cardiovascular disease, less cancer, less digestive problems, less problems with hormonal imbalance, longer life etc. More and more people realize that Transcendental Meditation is the most effective path to improved health, more energy, happiness and higher states of consciousness. This is also, in many ways, an easy technique to teach simply because you yourself are in complete control of the meditation, rather than being reliant on the student to focus their minds (if you remember, focussing the mind is not very easy when you are new to meditation).
All of this proves your credibility as a meditation teacher, helping to create a positive perception of your teaching, equating to your students’ desire to continue to lean from you. Compared to many other holistic teaching positions, finding insurance for meditation teaching is very easy. If you, like myself, happen to be a writer, find some way of making your business news story. For instance, if you’re teaching meditation in Canada you can ask for a geo-target ad to be shown in Canada only; this saves you money as your ad will only be displayed to people in your country or local region.
They will have more energy and a more positive outlook, they will be happier – in short, studies have shown that such patients will achieve a higher quality of life. It can completely change their mindset – after learning to meditate, they started to feel the joy of life again and get a positive outlook on their whole life situation. Again, it works through reducing stress levels – as you are less stressed, your immune system is stronger, and you therefore don’t catch an infection so easily.  So it is useful for all the doctors to know that they can recommend it to their patients. Yet pure intelligence is everywhere, in every cell of the body, in every tissue, every organ and bloodstream. Transcendental Meditation is the procedure to connect to the higher Self and is therefore an essential procedure to gain good health. When one is acutely ill – say, inches away from a heart attack – I will certainly call in the ambulance and let the ‘pill’ do its work. So vegetarianism is more conducive for a non-violent attitude, a peaceful mindset, and a more harmonious lifestyle – within oneself, and in relationships with others. The woman and man have to start living a meat-free life already before they conceive their baby. As a result, the Ministry of Food and Industry launched a new informational website with guidelines on how to become a vegetarian… So change will take place, it is inevitable. The only way to ensure repeat visits from a student, and thereby to steadily increase your business, is to make sure that you know what you are talking about. You may find that a friend or family member either wants to lean to meditate themselves or knows someone who does; that’s your first and most important client right there. Kindness to your students means valuing their time and money and giving them a darned good lesson. That perspective is more about natural treatment – like meditation helping to normalize one’s blood pressure. Through understanding of deeper levels of natural law, we gain greater mastery of natural law and we can start to treat the causes instead of symptoms.
Intelligence is flowing in the lymphatic system and in the liquids of the intracellular fluid. However, when this patient will be back home again from the hospital, then I recommend to integrate meditation or some herbal treatment or some other adjustments in life style.
And the mother has to keep to that during pregnancy, and during the time she is breast-feeding her newborn child. Give that one client the best lesson ever and they’ll talk about it, word will spread, and with a little bit of luck you’ll have a successful business on your hands. Write it up, send it to the editor, and if you’re a good writer and a little lucky you could end up with some excellent free advertising. By keeping your business small at the beginning, you make sure you’ve got the time and energy to truly provide your students with an excellent spot of meditation tuition.
I think that we are moving towards this second paradigm, a change in the collective consciousness. We can identify and treat the imbalances already at their beginning stages, before they develop any further. As the patient then gradually becomes stronger and more balanced, we can gradually reduce the dosage of his medications in collaboration with his own doctor. We do the tests first, and when there are signs of improvement, the patient should discuss the possible reduction of medication with his other doctors.
It’s a lot easier if you have the right space set up in your own home or in a local facility.

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