The Mind-Body Wellness Program is a free community service initiative by The Art of Living Foundation that aims at creating more awareness about a healthy and stress-free way of life. Come and learn two simple yet powerful breathing-techniques, experience a guided meditation, and learn about the ancient science of your mind - all of which will dissolve your stress and leave you with a smile! We will also introduce the special technique, The Sudarshan Kriya, that have been experienced by over 20 million people across the world in 150 countries.
We are a local chapter of the Art of Living Foundation, that is a nonprofit educational and humanitarian organization that is active in over 150 countries.
Everyone wants greater happiness, health and success, What keeps us from achieving this is stress. If you would like to read the entire text, please click here and purchase Finding God Through Meditation from Emmaus Publishing. Tags: Dan Burke, Distracted, Distractions in Prayer, Finding God Through Meditation, Meditation, Peter of Alcantara, Prayer, St. First, I would like to thank you for this website and the daily readings on various topics relating to prayer, meditation, and the interior spiritual life. The book of our life stretches between the two end points, and this book is the chronicle of our wanderings. The story of these wanderings, this personal history may be infinitely varied at an individual level. Some people, a small fragment of mankind are, however, able to identify with their own respective personal histories to a lesser and lesser degree.
We have recognized that we are suffering, we are suffocated in the swamp of the multitude of beliefs and ideas, and this recognition spurs us to embark on a Journey to discover ourselves. What may motivate somebody to step on the road and start a journey, to exist in the “here and now,” to leave behind and abandon thoughts and mind? One of the reasons is real, deep suffering, when the spiritual Seeker recognizes the source of suffering, the mind and its functions, and is willing to give up everything (including Ego) in order to escape from suffering (that is what happened, for instance, with Eckhart Tolle). The other factor leading one towards the Journey is intuitive knowledge, that is, when the individual reaches beyond mind spontaneously, without suffering, and recognizes the operating mechanisms of the human mind. All other reasons that may urge people to start the Journey are derived from the Ego, so these are rather parts of the journey taking one around and around in the world of shapes and forms than the beginning of the real Journey. One such reson can be is “affectation.” In that case, the wanderer is attempting to escape from suffering itself, but not from its roots and reasons. Another reason rooted in the mind is the endeavour to achieve spiritual development and progress. Naturally, there is a whole range of other reasons derived from the mind, but they are all characterised by the same feature: sooner or later they lead to failure.
These reactions are, however, not utterly useless, as the failures, experience thus gathered may ultimately increase the suffering of the individual or their intuitive knowledge, and the correct motivational base of the person concerned shall be created. The last chapter of one’s personal history begins when the spiritual Seeker becomes a spiritual seeker. These mental images motivate the spiritual Seeker to make efforts at implementing the mental images at the level of daily life, to make these images the cornerstones of their life. Closing the last chapter of our personal history and taking the first step on the Journey will come with the recognition of the futility of spiritual seeking. The spiritual Seeker will stop when they recognize the activities of the mind and refuse to follow it any longer. Starting from this internal silence, the person shall start observing the functions of their mind, and shall abandon the accumulation of spiritual teachings and the search for lofty spiritual experience. That recognition will not be a fruit of the mind’s analytical work; it is only inspired by the recognitions starting from the inner silence.
The spiritual Seeker then leaves behind the spiritual seeker, with all the accumulated knowledge and lofty spiritual experience, and takes the first step on the Journey. Gary ‘Z’ McGee – Religious indoctrination, like cultural conditioning, is difficult to overcome.
Christina Sarich – The ‘facts’ surrounding Prince Roger Nelson’s death are astonishing.

Vic Bishop – Plastic fishing, started by company Plastic Whale, is an innovative approach to cleaning up the waterways of Amsterdam. Christina Sarich – There really is no better way to create a nation of obedient slaves than to lobotomize them from above. We do this by offering programs that eliminate stress, create a sense of belonging, restore human values and encourage people from all backgrounds, religions and cultures to come together in celebration and service. Or maybe you have always wanted to meditate but thought it was ‘hoaky’ or maybe even too hard and unattainable.
When the reader falls upon any place which much moves his affection, let him there pause awhile, that in his heart it may cause a greater impression. The track of our wanderings is defined and determined by our thoughts, ideas, desires and our willingness and readiness to meet the expectations. Breaking through the different heights and abysmal depths along the route in the world of shapes and forms may provide the individual spiritual Seeker with endless joy and immeasurable sorrow.
Under certain circumstances they recognize that this Journey along the road is aimless, they are led around and around in various landscapes of the world of shapes and forms.
This journey will eventually lead us out of the world of forms and shapes, back into the realm of Consciousness, free from any identification with forms and shapes. For the individual, staying in the Presence only serves as a method helping them to achieve a future, better and more beautiful (that is, free of suffering) state. The spiritual Seeker is looking for a method, a way that best promotes their (that is, their Ego’s) spiritual progress, through which they become a better person. The spiritual Seeker is unable to stay in the Presence, what is more, they are unable to recognize that the Presence is something utterly different from merely concentrating on the current moment, on the current emotions, impressions and observations (that is, naturally, impossible to sustain in the long term even with a considerable effort).
As a first step of spiritual seeking the person starts to look for enlightenment, Self-recognition in the world of shapes and forms (that is, outside himself or herself) in the hope of thus reaching the state of permanent happiness.
If it is not found here on Earth, the person will be looking for it in the other world, in the heaven of a religion.
For comprehension, the spiritual Seeker also requires information, so the spiritual Seeker shall gather bits of information like a busy ant. Achieving spiritual objectives, however, affords only momentary satisfaction for the seeker, so after achieving one specific goal, relentlessness returns, urging the individual to start working for new objectives.
At some people this chapter will be the most important part of personal history, until death closes the book. The individual recognizes that all the objectives they have so far been looking for outside themselves, are only found within themselves.
The spiritual Seeker realizes that with the help of the mind they will not be able to surpass the mind.
From the edge (the mind) the person will turn towards the center of his or her being (the Presence appears).
The individual will recognize that spiritual teachings are only worth as much as these are relevant to the individual’s own life. These recognitions are best comparable to seeing (in several spiritual teachings these people are referred to as „Seers”) and they work like relevances. Wanderer Ph.D is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer, and publisher of several books on consciousness. Regardless, this one’s for those who think they can’t meditate but want to try.The benefits of meditation are becoming a lot more mainstream. He must also beware not to spend too much time in reading, thereby to hinder meditation, it being a more fruitful exercise; for as much as things attentively considered pierce more inwardly and produce greater effect. Beyond his "contagious" love for Jesus and His Church, he is a grateful husband and father of four, the Executive Director of and writer for EWTN's National Catholic Register, a regular co-host on Register Radio, a writer and speaker who provides online spiritual formation and travels to share his conversion story and the great riches that the Church provides us through authentic Catholic spirituality. By identifying with our personal history written in the world of shapes and forms we experience ourselves as individuals different from everybody else.
The individual intends to achieve the transmutation, transformation of the Ego through the Presence. From books on religion and spirituality, lectures heard and conversations attended, the spiritual Seekers are attempting to screen information, ideas, opinions and experience necessary for them.

The spiritual Seeker will experience that stopping is the inactive moment of the mind, the silence between thoughts. One can expect to see lowered blood pressure, better moods, more energy, a clearer mind and more overall clarity.
A link that contains all the secrets, dramas, tragedies and comedies of our lives, and we are all abandoned in this performance that we tend to forget who we are in reality.
Sometimes that attraction is referred to as primeval memory (that is what happened to Ramana Maharshi).
In that silence, the spiritual Seeker will experience the Consciousness without forms, and recognize that he or she is in fact the Presence without thoughts.
Of course this is just a tid-bit of what meditation can open up for you, but already the benefits are clear.How To Get MeditatingSome people might make meditation sound like rocket science. Sometimes in our quest for spiritual clarity we seek out advice from other people who can ready our spiritual energy like the advice of online psychics. The individual assumes that if they gather a sufficient amount of experience, as a result they will reach a certain point, they will increase their spirituality.
Or like something that is wildly unattainable unless you spend hours each day working at it. Especially for those who have only started their own spiritual journey because not all have the ability to connect your current to your future. The knowledge and experience accumulated shall all form a part of the spiritual Seeker’s spiritual Ego. Advises from experts get you to your spiritual journey with more ease and guide to make the right decisions. Finding your soul purpose can be a very long and wasteful endeavor if you are not guided properly that is why this kind of experts can help get there faster.
Once you decide to actually try and go into it with an open mind, you are already giving yourself permission to make it happen. Clear Out MisconceptionsMeditators don’t need to wear special clothes, talk a certain way or be all “spiritual” (that’s all identity and ego play anyway). So any misconception about what you need to be like, who you will become, what will happen, what things will look like, etc. Realize The SimplicityEspecially when starting out, realize that meditation is simply calming the mind, body and breath down. People will sometimes make it sound like you have to have a crazy vision and out of body experience to be meditating. Throw Away ExpectationsLike number three, if you have any ideas of what it is, or how it should feel, or what you want out of it right away, just let it go.5.
Not Before Bed Or When You Are TiredI say this only because sometimes we will simply fall asleep when trying to meditate and won’t get to realize the full experience of quieting down and then moving on with our day. Close Your Eyes & RelaxWhen you are comfortable and ready to go, close your eyes lightly and just relax. Again, doesn’t have to be a perfect production here, just focusing on the breath going in and out. Today Week Month All This Video Shows How McDonald’s Fries Are Made and Why You Should NEVER Eat Them 6 Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex Open Your Third Eye and Awaken Your Pineal Gland With These Simple Exercises (This Really Works!) 7 Tantric Tricks to Supercharge Your Sex Life 12 Little Known Laws of Karma That Will Change your Life Getting Ready to Microchip the Entire Human Race Are You or Your Kid an “Indigo Child”?
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