Being a woman in the tattooing game, Ashley Bennett knows she has to have thick skin, but she's here to win.
17 tattoo artists have arrived to compete for the title of 'Ink Master' and the $100,000 prize - and that includes Kyle Dunbar!
Specializing in color realism and color portraits, Matti tries to achieve perfection in every single tattoo that he does. To Lydia, the stakes are greater than just the title or money – it's her reputation on the line. Keith specializes in stylized tattooing: modern traditional and Japanese, and is here to prove to himself and to his son that he has what it takes to be 'Ink Master'.

From the big island of Hawaii, and having written several books on Polynesian tattoos, Roland Pacheco is a force to be reckoned with. Randy may be mild-mannered, but little do the other artists know that he's secretly gunning for them.
After being diagnosed with cancer Halo opted out of chemotherapy to keep tattooing his customers. Melissa Monroe doesn't want to go through the competition by backstabbing or having a cut-throat attitude.
David Bell says he isn't here to make friends, but to win the competition - even if it means throwing a few people out of the window on the way to the title of 'Ink Master'.

Randy may be mild-mannered, but little do the other artists know that hea€™s secretly gunning for them. Confident but never cocky, Jackie a€?Ink Bitcha€? Jennings has a diverse style and is out to make a name for herself. After Angel gave Cris a spot in his shop, Cris honed his skills and one day suddenly left a€“ right when Angel was in dire need of his help.

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