They can also be used as a memory wheel where each section contains a memory or is a time line of the child’s life.
You can download a circle from here.8 sectioned circle for emotions wheel This circle can also be used as an emotional register with an emotion in each section. This image was found on Pinterest but unfortunately like many images on there, there was no website to link it to.
It might be a time line of the day or of a year or even a time line of the summer to show all the things they did during the summer holidays.

Look at the highlighted text and where it says you can download an eight sectioned wheel from here. Patrick's Day worksheets will make your child so excited to dress up in green and celebrate all things Irish. From building writing skills by writing a limerick or bulking up historic knowledge with worksheets about important Irish American figures to coloring symbols like Claddagh rings and clovers, St. I have done these many times with children but I present them with a blank circle with sections so they can think of their own strategies.

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