An engaging variant on a classical memory game designed for cognitive development of your children, this time with an animals theme! Parents of toddlers are bound to especially appreciate the educational content that enables a teaching of association of familiar animals with their names and sounds, so that children can enhance their vocabulary skills.
An appropriate name or sound of the card is pronounced, and the child's task is to tap on the item he or she has just heard. Each level has pre-set a maximum number of items in its sequence, and once all are attained, another level starts.
After three levels, a short tapping game is included to make children more engaged and motivated.

We hope you and your children will enjoy the game the same way our enthusiastic beta-testers did! Children Love to Play games, Educational games that will keep your preschool and kindergarten age kids entertained while they are learning!
Original prices are provided by the app developer, the SALE prices listed are updated once an hour.
Affiliate Program - If you would like to purchase any of the apps, please use the links provided. With a progressively increasing level of difficulty, this game is a perfect memory practice for all pre-school children of various expertise.

In the next step, another item is added to the sequence, the sequence is played, and the child again has to tap on all the items heard in the correct sequence. For motivational purposes, the best score from the whole game is always saved, so that children will want to keep practicing and getting better.

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