This free Gold Miner Vegas online game continues the Gold Miner tradition with new items, locations, and added features. To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture at left to open the game in a pop-up window. To do this, you must earn enough money to travel from Australia, thence to Hawaii, and on to Las Vegas itself where you will gamble at the casino. To reach the monetary goal for each level before the timer runs out, reel up gold, diamonds, and other valuables from deep underground, using your claw and reel. Simply wait until the laser passes over the treasure you want to grab, then press the Down Arrow key at the same instant. At higher levels, you will run into other miners who compete with you for the gold and other treasures.
WATCH the scenes for valuable clues.COLLECT inventory items to help you overcome obstacles. To help you along your quest, the main game screen holds your INVENTORY (where you access stored inventory items).
ACTION - Press the Spacebar too perform actions like going through doors, opening doors, picking up objects, climbing stairs, and so on.

Try this free Bible Word Search puzzle to refresh your memory of Biblical names, places, and events. NOTE: There are several more printable Bible word search puzzles on this site, including Apostles, Books of the Bible, Plagues of Egypt, the Prophets, and the Tribes of Israel. This causes a blue line to be drawn through the word, and the word is removed from the Bible word list automatically.
Clicking this button causes the first letter of one of the words in the puzzle to flash repeatedly as your hint. In Gold Miner Vegas online, you travel the world from Australia to Hawaii and then to Las Vegas, Nevada.
When the reel is lined up with a gold nugget or other valuable, press the Down Arrow key to drop your claw and grab the object. Drop the claw a little too soon or too late, and you will miss the treasure (thus wasting precious seconds).
The Super Claw makes you stronger so you can pull up heavy gold nuggets, rocks, and so on much faster. On one level, there was a miner named "Hansel" with a super claw that took away many of the valuables before I could reel them up!

Make sure to save the game as you go along, so you don't have to start over at the beginning if Shaggy and Scooby get too scared. Located in the top-right corner, this identifies which inventory object is currently active.
Like all word searches, the goal of this free Bible Word Search is to find the words hidden in the puzzle.
Sometimes gems will be found in the mouths of creatures such as dingos (they look a bit like armadillos).
At higher levels, there are rocks and gold nuggets so big that you literally cannot pull them up without these cables.
The words in this puzzle are all found in the Scripture, both Old Testament and New Testament. You play the games online in your browser.A Lumosity session takes about 15 minutes per day.

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