The Peg memory systems are ideal for remembering information that must be recalled in a particular order. They work by associating information you already know well (the numbers 1 through 20, and the letters A through Z) with the new facts you want to remember.
Spacing out the use of the lists and commbining the use of pegs with the other memory systems (see below) lets you use pegs to memorize a very large body of information.
For example, with the rhyming Peg words, you first remember a concrete object whose name rhymes with the number (you will see this is very easy to do). Now really tap into your visual memory, and make each of these listed items very clear in your mind. Go through each of the ten items in this way until each is very clearly pictured in your mind. Suppose one day you are visiting your grandmother and she decides to tell you her secret recipe for baking a delicious blueberry pie.
She tells you that the ingredients for the pie are blueberries, lemon juice, flour, sugar, cinnamon, butter, eggs, milk (a total of eight items). Keep in mind that creating the following associations happens very quickly once you have practiced this memory system a few times. Once you have your list of associations, then review them quickly after 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 20 minutes.
For long-term mental storage, review the list again after 2 hours, then once a day for the next 3 days. If you really worked through this example, you be a bit amazed at how well you can recall this list of eight items. Again, memory management is a skill, and the more your practice the memory systems the easier they will seem and the better results you will get with your memory. The Number-Shape peg system is similar to the Number-Rhyme system, but instead of using words that rhyme with the numbers, you use the shape of the number as the peg. So to associate an item of information with a number-shape, associate the shape with the information.
Like with the other systems, the complexity of the information that can be associated with a number can be much greater than simply a tomato of other physical objecet. The Alphabet peg system is a bit different from the Number-Rhyme and Number-Shape pegs but equally as easy to learn. There are two ways to use Alphabet pegs: 1) based on concrete meaning, and 2) based on sound alikes. In other words, to memorize a list of up to 26 items using sound-alikes, you would create a mental image of "hay" interacting with the first item, a "bee" stinging the second item, and so on.
Again, as with all memory systems, the Alphabet peg system is a skill, just like riding a bicycle. The same is true here - practice using the pegs, and they too will become second nature, another feature of your exceptional memory!

Below are printable Yahtzee score sheets that you can print, use, copy, and distribute for free. Although you can play Yahtzee online right here on this site, usually it's more fun to play with paper and dice in person with your friends. As I mentioned above, for best results download the score sheet to your computer (using right-click "Save Link As") and open it from there.
In some browsers you can also save the Yahtzee sheets file to your computer using commands like File > Save a Copy, or right-clicking and selecting Save Page As.
The free Yahtzee score cards I made have all the same rows and columns as the official score sheets. Score sheets for regular Yahtzee are not nearly as hard to find as the refills for Triple Yahtzee. To begin this free Tennis Game, click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture at left. Tennis games like this one train important brain skills like concentration, visual perception, and reaction time.
If you like this game, you might also enjoy my Mario Table Tennis and Flash Curve Ball pages. Imagine you're at Wimbledon competing in individual exhibition matches or a real tournament! A tennis tournament is where the winners of matches compete with other winners to determine the eventual overall champion. As you hover your mouse over each player's name, their proficiency at forehand, backhand, serve, and footwork displays in a bar chart at the bottom of the window. Once you've decided which player you want to play, click their name to find out who you are seeded against for the first match of the tournament. As with the Mario Table Tennis game, I found this free Tennis game to be very challenging at first. Click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture at left to open the word search in a pop-up window. These include cat breeds and words associated with cats including Abyssinian, Siamese, Persian, Tabby, Calico, Tuxedo, Shorthair, mice, Bobtail, grooming, Balinese, Manx, Ragamuffin, kitten, Angora, Harlequin, Mitted, and tricolor.
The earliest direct evidence of cat domestication is a kitten buried with its owner 9,500 years ago in Cyprus. The term "kitten" (an immature cat) is also the word for young rats, rabbits, hedgehogs, beavers, squirrels, and skunks. The other systems like Link and Loci tie information together effectively, but cannot be used to recall a particular item directly.
There are Peg systems that use among other things number rhymes, number shapes, and the alphabet.
Combining Peg systems with other memory systems allows you to memorize huge amounts of information.

Begin by associating the first ingredient (blueberries) with the first rhyming peg word (sun). For example, to associate a word such as "tomato" to position number two in the list, associate swan with tomato. With sufficient review, your peg image associations will fade but the information will remain in memory.
If you find this size too small to read, try printing the larger Yahtzee score card page at left.
It's much bigger and may be a bit easier on the eyes for those who are sight impaired or don't like to squint at small writing. So if you only play occasionally, it makes sense to print out a few sheets at a time (above) as you need them. If, like him, you don't mind paying a few dollars, there are many places you can buy "official" Yahztee score cards. The last time I looked, a pack of 80 score cards cost about $7, shipped direct from game-maker Hasbro. This game has sound effects, so turn up the volume on your computer before starting the game.
For example, to hit towards the opponent's right sideline, hold down the Right Arrow key when you press the Spacebar. But with practice, my concentration really kicked into gear and I got much better with the keys and my reaction time.
It was a grueling battle in Exhibition mode but in the end I put my opponent away 6 games to 4.
With these systems, you must mentally run through the entire link to get to the item you want.
For best results, download the Yahtzee score sheet to your computer and open it from there.
This version is useful if, for example, you're hosting an event where up to six people need to play Yahtzee at the same time as a group.
The Select Your Player window appears, where you can select which tennis pro you want to be. To serve the ball, press the Spacebar once to make your toss, then again at the height of the toss to hit the ball. To download the score sheet, right-click on the link or image and select the "Save Link As" option.

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