As we explore the 1980s this month here at Flickfeast it becomes clear just who made the decade for film fans. So, with that explanation offered, let me offer up a Top 10 of people who ruled the silver screen in the 1980s. Many would say that Scorsese had already peaked in the ’70s, hitting a level that he continued at for the next few decades. Romancing The Stone and The Jewel Of The Nile may have made Douglas into a viable action star, but he ruled the ’80s thanks to two very different films.
The only woman to feature in this countdown simply because of how big an impression she made throughout the whole decade, Kathleen Turner made jaws drop with her performance as Matty Walker in the enjoyable neo-noir Body Heat.
Some people had already discovered David Lynch thanks to the astonishing Eraserhead (1977), but the 1980s led to, arguably, his most acclaimed and popular works.
Believe me, I certainly debated on whether or not to include Steve Martin in this list, and if he’d been here I would have considered him for the number one spot. Tags Arnold Schwarzenegger Bruce Willis David Lynch eddie murphy eighties month flickfeast80s jean claude van damme John Cusack john hughes kathleen turner Martin Scorsese Michael Douglas michael j. Starting with The Long Riders, audiences were then treated to Southern Comfort, 48 Hrs, Streets Of Fire (strange, yes, but not without merit), Brewster’s Millions, Crossroads, Extreme Prejudice, Red Heat and Johnny Handsome. She immediately followed that up with another sizzling turn in The Man With Two Brains, this time also showing a great flair for comedy. It feels like he did many more, mainly because of his many writing credits but also because 7 of his directorial outings were movies of the 1980s. Having won over cinema audiences with the beautiful and haunting The Elephant Man, Lynch was then handed the reigns of Dune, a blockbuster project that many hoped would bring in Star Wars levels of business. Was it an abundance of corporate cash that translated to “sky is the limit” design?
Romancing The Stone followed, by which time she’d already made herself into a bona fide box office star.
Or I could just remind everyone that Cusack’s penultimate movie role in this decade was Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything. And for anyone of my generation John Hughes was the man who knew how to make movies that spoke to us teenagers directly.

My knowledge of cinema is growing every day, that’s the beauty of being a movie addict, but I will just say that this list also reflects the people and movies that helped to make me the square-eyed loon I am today. The King Of Comedy remains a favourite of mine, The Last Temptation Of Christ has many fans nowadays, and even The Color Of Money is a fine piece of work. Turner starred in 14 movies in the 1980s, although one was only a (memorable) vocal performance. But there’s also Teen Wolf, his small role in Class Of 1984, The Secret Of My Success (one of my favourites) and an attempt at more serious fare with Light Of Day and Bright Lights, Big City. That was clear in Sixteen Candles, but attained perfection in only his second directorial outing, The Breakfast Club. Fans of Lynch stuck by him, and he rewarded them with Blue Velvet, a movie that remains his finest hour, in my opinion. This is probably down to the fact that he seems to have a much bigger ego, but it’s easy to see how he let things go to his head when he started his movie career with 48. They’re all pretty mainstream, and almost all American, and that reflects what I was soaking up at that time. Personally, I think that he has grown over the past few years to a degree that he is no longer the ’80s king. New York Stories may be a hit and miss anthology, but Scorsese isn’t the weakest of the bunch. His talent lies with comedy, but it was a great move by Brian De Palma to use his eternal youthfulness and apparent naivete in Casualties Of War (1989.
Wild At Heart and the peerless TV series Twin Peaks may have both appeared in 1990, but the seeds had been sown throughout the previous decade. Hrs and then followed that up with Trading Places, Best Defence, Beverly Hills Cop, The Golden Child, Beverly Hills Cop II and Coming To America.
He knocked it out of the park time and time again during the ’80s, but that particular hit-filled decade was only a major stepping stone on his way to becoming the talent he is today. The last movie in that list may have been the beginning of the end, with the multiple roles and over-indulgence that would prove to be Murphy’s downfall, but it was Harlem Nights (1989) that really started an inexorable career slump that took about 15 years to fully recover.
Unfortunately, they also seemed to have proportionally big egos too, resulting in horribly smug business dealings that launched Planet Hollywood (which, in turn, led to a low point on British chat shows when Sly, Arnie and Bruce were invited on as special guests and proceeded to spend the entire time pimping their chain of restaurants).

She’s Having A Baby was okay, but Uncle Buck soon came along to also become a firm favourite, especially for the many John Candy fans of the world.
Although it pained me not to use this month as another excuse just to wax lyrical about Risky Business. Wiatt (Diane Keaton) knew it when she confidently walked the hallways of her New York workplace in Baby Boom, as did Brantley Foster (Michael J. Fox) as he climbed the corporate ladder in The Secret of My Success.The angular piece in the image above and the monochrome artwork below prove that 1980s office art motifs were simple yet grand. From the looks of The Secret of My Success and Baby Boom, it seems that ditching these overplayed choices in lieu of tropical flowers really elevated the status of a vase. Fox in a still from The Secret of My SuccessFrom Deco-style sconces to globular desk lamps, contemporary lighting added pizzazz to bold spaces in the 1980s. Take the floor lamp in the image above–even when off, it provides sculptural interest! Fox in a still from The Secret of My SuccessWhen it came to accents on furniture, the shinier the better.
Table and chair legs were two of the most likely places to find a touch of metal in the 1980s office.
Fox and his fictional boss dine in style in the image above, while Stephanie Zimblast stylishly reclines in the still below from the hit television show Remington Steele.Stephanie Zimblast in a still from the hit TV series Remington SteeleWho says shiny planters and contemporary lighting should be confined to work?
Thrift stores, online vendors and current chains such as IKEA are great places to find modern furniture, lighting and accents! I'm Kate, and I enjoy exploring the look and feel of the "recent retro", with a focus on the late '70s through the early '90s.

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