Meditation is an exercise to help relax, calm, reenergise and harmonise the mind, body and spirit.
If you are new to meditation, creative visualisation is a very good way to begin to take control of the mind. Whether you choose silent or visualisation meditation, the main thing is to do it on a regular basis each day.
We all have a beautiful consciousness that is meant to be explored, nurtured, and developed. Learning how to quite the mind from all the noise and chaos of daily life allows you to connect with your inner self. Meditation can be challenging since it requires you to remain still and not get restless or distracted with thoughts or outside stimuli. It can be difficult to sit in stillness for an extended period of time so try starting with 5 minute meditation sessions. Meditation brings us into peace with ourselves and takes our minds off the everyday problems around us. With dedication and skill you will be able to rise into the higher dimensions of consciousness. Stepping out of your comfort zone to explore new experiences is one the best methods of personal development. We are programed to stay in a safe zone and remain in familiar situations, places, and people. Staying within your comfort zone isn’t a bad thing, but allowing it to hold you back from your true potential is. Stepping outside the comfort zone is an important step toward personal growth because we can’t expect to evolve if we only stick to habit and routine.
Stepping out of your comfort zone could be anything from exploring a more fulfilling career. Write down 5 things that you are too afraid to do and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the least difficult to do and 10 being the most difficult to do. People who continually strive to improve themselves usually have one or several role models, mentors, coaches, or figures to look up to and aspire to be like (in their own unique and individual way). Witnessing a role model’s success may give you a different perspective when problem solving situations in your own life.
Look for people who struggled with similar problems in their past and study how they overcame them. You can find someone whose life story is so fascinating, that it simply encourages you and motivates you tremendously.
If you lack discipline you can find someone who has plenty of it, and mimic the things they do to stay focused.
Your role model can be alive or dead, Ancient or current, famous or unknown, it doesn’t matter. For those of you who follow my blog and YouTube channel you are well aware by now that I am a Psychonaut. Working with your energy can benefit you energetically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically.
Taking more control of how your energy flows through your body will also benefit your ability to sharpen your pineal gland which is what we will discuss in the following section.
Many spiritual teachers like to refer to the pineal gland as the third eye, inner eye, all-seeing eye, spiritual eye, or mind’s eye. In spirituality it is believed that when the third eye is activated and functioning properly, it allows us to encounter more ethereal experiences, sensing what is beyond the physical realm. The next time you go to bed, focus your awareness towards your third eye right before you start dozing off.
It is also important to physically take care of your pineal gland by watching the food you eat.
One may encounter severe terrifying thoughts and feelings, fear of losing control, and fear of insanity during a trip.
Throughout history in most parts of the world, the use of sacred plants and medicines to facilitate spiritual experiences have been used by Shamans and mystics. The word Entheogen is used to refer to psychoactive substances used for their spiritual effects, a terminology that is often chosen to contrast recreational use of the same substances. Entheogens enable its user to recognize that there are realms of experience, states of consciousness, and modes of being that extend beyond our daily experiences and psychological conditioning. Psychedelic experiences can spark a deep interest in exploring the nature of your consciousness, your life, and relationship to your environment, which may became especially clear and meaningful during psychedelic sessions. The psychedelic experience can sometimes deliver a guiding vision which provides direction and meaning for one’s life thereafter. Deep insight into thought and inquiry while on psychedelics can lead to profound epiphanies that otherwise weren’t accessible during normal states of awareness.
Experimenting with Entheogens can be life altering, these are boundary dissolving substances that will shatter your perception of life and being.
Talking to your experience or having a safe word can trigger a chain reaction of positive visuals and feelings throughout your trip. I should also note that if you are going through a rough patch in your life, whether its emotional trauma, feeling guilty about something, going through a divorce, etc, any kind of negative life scenario that has been on your mind, psychedelics will zoom in on that experience and really bring it to surface. If you are prepared to deal with that and process these feelings it can be very therapeutic. Because of how powerful psychedelics can be when it comes to personal development and spiritual evolution. When doing mushrooms for the first time, you should have someone nearby who is not tripping with you just incase you have a bad trip. Don’t buy mushrooms in powdered form because you never know if it was mixed with something else. If you want to go on a more intense spiritual journey by taking Ayahuasca or Iboga I would recommend saving the money for the full cultural experience of visiting South America or Gabon to facilitate the ceremonies. Here is a list of common chemicals you should not have in your body when taking Ayahuasca…..
For those of you who want to travel to Gabon to try Iboga in a safe and authentic environment, you can contact the Ebando Foundation. I would also recommend websites such as Erowood to get access to a vast collection of information about psychedelics including recommended dosage. The fruits of right daily meditation include inner peace, patience, kindness, gratitude, joy-for-no-reason, and a deepening relationship with the divine.
The main aim of meditation is to be in the present moment now, for that is your point of power. We can enhance our bodies through physical exercise and eating right, enhance our brains by learning new things, but why don’t we continually work out and develop the core essence of our being?

Keep in mind that we are just scratching the surface and expanding your consciousness is an ongoing lifelong journey.
Your inner self is the part of you that has been there before you were conditioned to function in society and fit in with the rest of the world. Instead, be patient and the thoughts in your heads will become like birds chapping outside quietly in the background. They help by putting your mind in an optimal state of consciousness that will enable you to tune out from the outside world and tune into yourself, it can be very hypnotic. Meditation done regularly will develop sustained concentration which is an important skill for expanding your mind. Focusing our attention within is a vital step to expanding into the endless fractal nature of our own consciousness.
Stepping outside of our comfort zone opens ourselves up to risk, stress, and anxiety where we are not sure what will happen and how we will react. A little bit of healthy stress can be a catalyst for growth and a motivation to make changes in our lives. Stepping out of your comfort zone into a new and challenging space can create the conditions for optimal performance. As we get older be compare the pros and cons of our actions and often we let the cons discourage us from taking action. Role models can change your point of view and be the facilitator of what changes you entirely. Terrence McKenna is one of the most profound and insightful people who can really guide and show perspective for anyone who seeks to explore the depths of their consciousness with Entheogens. His perspective on life and our place in the universe always uplifts me no matter how shitty my day is.
Say what you want about being a Capitalist but we all strive to have more freedom and control in our lives and taking control of your financial future by writing your own paycheck is better than working a job that you’re not passionate about. Often, when I am doing work, I will have Alan Watts or Terrance McKenna speeches, lectures, or interviews playing in the background. The amount of stress that you encounter and how you deal with it will affect the way you think and your ability to be present.
In this section you should also take note that you should disconnect with people who drain your energy.
Experiences that we cannot interact with through the physical realms are more accessible through our energy bodies. They often encourage us to strengthen the functions of our pineal gland, because this gland allows us to access healing energies that contain high frequency. Instead of getting out of bed, lie still and focus your awareness towards your third eye with the intention of opening it. Below is a list of 6 additional things you can do to help open and decalcify your third eye. Eat more green leafy vegetables, and start juicing to bring your body toward a proper pH balance. Fluoride is toxic to the human system and one of the main contributors to pineal gland calcification. Primarily you should be using non-fluoride toothpaste.
Herbs like mugwort, wood betony, worm wood tea, and gotu kola have very good healing properties for the pineal gland.
They depend on the amount taken, the person’s mood and personality, and the environment in which the Entheogen is used.
When in an altered state of consciousness the ability to make sensible judgments and see common dangers can be impaired. Humans have always made use of psychoactive plants, wherever they are available, to intensify the spiritual experience. Entheogenic chemicals induce altered states of consciousness, as well as physiological effects.
These experiences expand ones belief system leaving people less dogmatic and more open to never before experienced realms of reality. Users can experience intense emotions such as love, empathy and compassion during these visions. After using psychedelics, you will soon realize that the range of experiences that occur in our daily life represents a small slice of a vast spectrum that psychedelics expose you to. In the disclaimer I stressed that there is a possibility of you having a bad trip, an instance when you loose control of your ability to snap out of it and end the negative experience. When ever you start to see or feel negative things in your experience simply tell it to show you something positive. Something positive you can say that will pull you out of any negative experiences during your trip.
If you are not prepared to deal with it or wasn’t expecting these feelings to resurface, it could be the beginning of a bad trip.
It may not be for everyone, but everyone should give it a chance at least once to have access to what it can potentially do for them. If you can rough it out in the rainforest with him and you are not too picky about your accommodation, he is your man. Iboga is one of the strongest psychedelics you can take, some people have be known to trip for several days after taking it.
The psychedelic experience makes you realize that you’re not simply consciousness in your body, but your consciousness extends throughout the universe, and you are connected with space-time in a symbiotic harmonious way. Similar to exercising a muscle, your ability to meditate will grow in strength and depth over time.
How come we don’t give our consciousness a workout, or feed it new experiences and knowledge so it can grow and expand?
This is created as a simple to follow guide that is easy to remember without being overly complicated. We all have a stream of consciousness that naturally flows through us and when we take time to listen, we can strengthen the connection between our body and soul. Before you know it the noise will no longer be there and you will be sitting in perfect silence. Improved concentration in addition to reduced stress and increased energy will enable you to better connect with your home…. In order to experience the Macro consciousness of the Infinite we must first intimately experience the micro consciousness of the individual. If you think about it, have you ever done something you were extremely proud of while you were on autopilot mode or have all of your accomplishments been achieved when you were forced to push past your limits? This can be daunting in addition to thinking that we may potentially worsen our currently comfortable situation in the process. This pattern of decision making comes at a cost to our ultimate potential for lifelong growth and transformation.

The depth at which he analyzes the psychedelic experience and how it applies to his spiritual development and counter culture gave me a lot of guidance toward what I can get out of using entheogens like Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, and DMT. My spirituality has advanced farther after listening to many of his lectures and quotes online.
This is a great use of time and just 15 minutes a day of listening to your favorite philosopher, spiritual teacher, business guru, poet, etc can do a lot for your perspective. You can start practicing Acupressure, Reiki, and more advanced meditations that primarily focus on your energy such as Kundalini or Chi meditations. Your energy body is effected by it’s physical and non physical environment, and subsequently, how your energy body is effected will effect your physical body. Do this when your brain is in stage one of non rapid eye movement sleep, which is the in between stage of wakefulness and sleep.
The more you practice using your pineal gland to experience beyond the material world, the stronger it will become.
You don’t have to stop eating meat, especially if you are on the Paleo diet, but make an effort to add a lot more vegetables to your diet to balance the acidity of the meat. The amount of natural sunlight that enters your eyes and pineal gland is tremendously beneficial for the pineal gland and it’s decalcification. You can do this daily for 2-5 minutes. Your thoughts are powerful and having a strong mental attitude and belief in yourself and your locust of control will help you develop your pineal gland. Entheogens can supplement many practices for transcendence and revelation, including meditation, yoga, and prayer.
People who don’t know how to interact with their trip may find it unpleasant, a lot depends on your state of mind, your openness, and your pre-ordained notions of what the experience will be like.
For me I say the word “Light!” or I will repeat several times “It’s just beauty, it’s just beauty!” and I have gotten consistent results with that method. Some psychedelics like Psilocybin mushrooms are known to do this, other psychedelics like MDMA have a therapeutic reputation for allowing its users to relive trauma without the damaging emotional consequences. Those of you who are more curious about Ayahuasca or Iboga should start with mushrooms before getting into the more intense Entheogens.
Wear loose comfortable clothes, make sure your room is dark and lay down on your bed and just relax. I wouldn’t recommend Iboga if you are not in decent physical shape, or if you have cardiopulmonary issues. The effects on the mind are completely subjective and tailored to you, like a movie that was made just for you.
You can take it a step further by starting a book club with like minded people so you can share new information among each other.
Every person has a very unique perspective or “starting place” so it’s important to understand meditation as a directional practice.
What you will find is that the peace and beauty you create within is the peace and beauty you create without.
By the time you are finished reading this, you will understand 6 basic things you can do to help expand your awareness.
Develop a sensitivity to the air entering your lungs, as well as the energy entering your body.
The deeper you go, the less individuality you will feel and the more boundless and infinite you become.
Starting and finishing difficult tasks that you previously weren’t willing to put in the time to accomplish because you thought they were too challenging. A role model may encourage you to mimic their qualities that make them successful such as their discipline, pragmatism, lateral thinking, etc. You have to know what are you after, and in what aspect do you need guidance, direction, and inspiration. Analyzing how other people think, breaking down their ideas and determining how it applies to your life and how you can shape and reinvent those ideas is a wonderful thing. If you can wake up early enough try doing it in the morning and evening to get the full benefit from it. If you do chose to take these substances, it would be best to take them in countries such as Portugal or Switzerland where it wouldn’t be against the law to take them. With this in mind, one should only take psychedelics in a safe environment away from potential safety hazards.
I must warn you though, you will take Ayahuasca with him a minimum of 3 times, for your second intake he will leave you in the rainforest all by yourself for a few days. No matter what form your meditation takes, it can be viewed as valid if it is helping you experience increased inner peace along with a sense of expanding awareness. With steady practice and patient attention, you will begin to experience remarkable improvements in your life.
I feel this is part of the problem that leaves people so disconnected from anything meaningful in life. Opening yourself up to new perspectives and critically analyzing prior belief systems and traditions you held on to.
He was insanely and infectiously passionate about what he did and his vision guided his success. Our awareness and conscious expansion through experience is further facilitated through the advancement of our energy body. The occurrence of these dangers can be controlled if taken in the right environment and dose. Part of why so many people are depressed and feel like they are living a pointless life in a world that does little to nurture the human spirit. Moving with new circles of people and disconnecting from friendships that are comfortable but add no value to your life. That’s the kind of vision I have for a lot of ideas I want to bring into fruition and watching how Steve Jobs operates can be very inspirational. Set & setting are important, read this article for more info on how to prevent a bad trip.
He does this because he feels you should be one with the earth and the jungle with no interruption from human interaction. Starting a new business and committing to the time and financial investment needed to make it successful.
Whatever it is that you want to accomplish but have always been too afraid to pursue, conquering that can become your catalyst for growth.

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