They say that a hotel is not a home, although Matt and Dany are hoping to prove ‘them’ wrong. Matt is from Holland, where he worked as a talk show host on Dutch TV and that ebullience and enthusiasm stay with him as he welcomes guests to his home. His partner Dany is making a serious attempt to out-Obama Obama; born in Hawaii of a French mother and Indonesian father, he lived in the USA in Oregon, before trying Amsterdam, where he met Matt.
Together they set up Mindfulness Retreat, a guest house, which is also their home, and where they offer hospitality to those travellers who look for something different, something personal and with potential. The words ‘host’ and ‘guest’ both have the same origin and date back, as does traditionally hospitality, to the root word ‘ghosti’, meaning stranger, from Proto-Indo-European, the hypothetical, reconstructed ancestral language of the Indo-European family, which is 5,500 years old. This particular hotel-home, where guest and host also overcome the distance between them, is two elegant 100 year old apartments in Valencia’s historical centre joined together to form a series of rooms, each uniquely decorated with their own collection of paintings, sculptures and original furniture aiming for a lived-in look. They chose Valencia over Madrid and Barcelona for its manageable size, its climate and its people.
While other establishments offer a brochure, a map and a key to a room, Dany and Matt are much more interested in sharing with like-minded souls, who inevitably become friends, and who often remain friends with the other guests, visiting and keeping in touch.
Apart from their web site, they don’t advertise, or even have a sign outside, as they want to be sure about who enters their home, and for that reason you won’t even find their address on their site. Without giving away the exact location, I can tell you that you will be very near one of Valencia’s oldest Romanic churches, a stone’s throw away, for those who are without guilt, from the Cathedral, and can enjoy the rising sun in one of the two comfortable sun-filled lounge-rooms, with sunny balconies overlooking a quiet street.
Dany and Matt don’t feel the need to convince you, they would rather pamper and lure you with a seductive experience in which they believe strongly; so much so that if you aren’t happy on your first night there, they will tear up your bill and find you alternative accommodation free of charge; and that’s after you have finished your champagne breakfast! They are fluent in English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish, and the guest list reflects an international desire to travel in peace and not feel ‘hotelled’ by the experience. They will make thoughtful recommendations and make all your reservations for concerts, theatre, opera or flamenco shows. Fine bone china tea-cups, authentic oil-paintings and 100 % Egyptian cotton beddings on brand new box-spring hotel beds, and on top of that, hosts who really want to know you and to help you enjoy Valencia. Of course, if you prefer the surly hotel receptionist with the brother-in-law who owns the worst restaurant in town and the cousin of the taxi driver who is fluent in the longest route to the airport, Matt and Dany will point you in the wrong direction with a sad smile, but with a smile. Valencia Mindfulness Retreat - Bed and Breakfast Valencia Spain is a Bed and Breakfast in the center of Valencia. Photos of Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat - the most central Bed and Breakfast in Valencia also offering a private apartment in Valencia. Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat with the top ten reasons to stay at the most central Bed and Breakfast in Valencia, or in a private apartment in Valencia city center, Spain. Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness retreat offers top ten Valencia Restaurants, Top ten Valencia sights, Top Ten Valencia museums.
Contribution of Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat, a Bed and Breakfast in the center of Valencia, also offering a private apartment in Valencia City Center : Barrio del Carmen. Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat contact details to reserve the most central most romantic Bed and Breakfast in Valencia City-Center, Barrio del Carmen. A VERY CENTRAL BED AND BREAKFAST, by Valencia's famous Cathedral at Plaza de la Virgen in the heart of the historical center of the historical, most central Barrio del Carmen. VALENCIA BED AND BREAKFAST SERVICE you will enjoy while being our guest: Describing our completely new concept in hospitality in an elegant, very tranquil, and most central Victorian Mansion with all original ancient details and recently restored, could be a bit difficult, as we'd like to believe nothing comparable exists in current vacation holiday offerings.
OUR MAIN B & B POLICIES At Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat it is all about you. Valencia Mindfulness Retreat - This Valencia Bed and Breakfast in the city-center is not cheap, please see our rates here. Possibility of joining private or group Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness-Meditation sessions for additional charge at our yoga-center, located 25 steps from our front door. Possibility of joining private or individual Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness-Meditation sessions for additional charge at our yoga-center, located 25 steps from our front door. With yoga mats slung underneath their arms, a trail of students made their way across campus to the Chapel on Saturday, April 9. Attended by 17 students and faculty members, the program began with a yoga class led by Naomi Guttman, professor of literature and creative writing. Susie Hamilton, a regular teacher of yoga and spinning classes at the college, led a session of Kripalu yoga. The Mindfulness Retreat ended at the Wellin Museum, where students were led by Amber Spadea, the Wellin’s school and community programs educator.
In the future, McArn and Reynolds hope to conduct an overnight mindfulness retreat and to make a day-long retreat an annual event. Recoup and Soup is a weekly event held at noon on Thursdays on the third floor of the Chapel. Join us at the Wisdom Centre in Romsey, to share a day of mindful experiences, letting go and spending some portions of time in silence.
The Centre provides plenty of space for you to relax including a spacious Conference Room, a peaceful Meditation Room, a beautiful Sitting Room, an Art Room, a little walled garden and a labyrinth garden.

It was a really lovely day that has helped me feel healed and calmer than I’ve felt in a long time!
Mindfulness & Meditation NewsThe Captain Steers the ShipWhat children need, says parenting expert Susan Stiffelman, is the security of knowing that someone capable and loving is nearby to help them navigate life. Valencia Mindfulness Retreat - Het concept van ons bed en breakfast in Valencia Centrum: is dat wij een bijzonder romantisch en centraal Bed and Breakfast zijn in centrum Valencia, Spanje.
Valencia Mindfulness Retreat - Een Bed en Breakfast in Valencia Centrum in Barrio del Carmen is een romatisch bed and breakfast in Valencia en een centraal Bed and Breakfast in Valencia.
Homepage van Valencia stad Bed and Breakfast : Valencia Mindfulness Retreat Bed en Breakfast Centrum, met ook een vakantie appartement in het cenrum van Valencia, Barrio del Carmen, Spanje. Concept van uw romantisch en charmant Bed and Breakfast in Valencia Centrum: Valencia Mindfulness Retreat, een Bed en Breakfast of citytrip appartement in charmant Barrio del Carmen in Spanje. Tien redenen waarom Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat het beste Bed en Breakfast in Valencia Centrum is. Dit centrum Bed and Breakfast in Valencia - Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat - is zeker geen goedkoop bed and breakfast in Valencia, maar biedt wel service en kwalitieit volgens Zoover en TripAdvisor. Voor degene die wat meer wil weten over onze ideeen, willen we deze waarden graag toelichten. Of u nu Christelijk, Joods, Spiritueel of Atheist bent, een 'mindful' manier van leven kan deze hectische wereld een mooiere wereld maken. Treat yourself to this one-day city retreat, exploring Feldenkrais and meditation to tap into the power of being in the present moment. The Feldenkrais Method® is an educational system that uses movement to teach self awareness and improve function. Mindfulness and Feldenkrais complement each other to promote balance, vitality and wellbeing. This day retreat is suitable for absolute beginners and also for those with some mindfulness or mindful movement experience.
Whether you’ve never tried mindfulness or you have a daily practice, there are upcoming events for all.
The Whole U and UW Medicine invite you to experience a full day of mindfulness with Tim Burnett from Mindfulness Northwest. This is the third time we’ve brought this retreat to UW, and the feedback has been extremely positive.
For those looking for a longer commitment, three courses are starting at the Center for Child and Family Well-Being this month. We are so excited to share a variety of opportunities to slow down and recharge with the UW community! Finally, we have a mindfulness event at the HUB for those who are currently implementing mindfulness into the workplace at UW, there is an opportunity to collaborate with other mindfulness projects. If you’ve already incorporated mindfulness into your work at UW, the UW Mindfulness Project is hosting a very special event to bring together students, faculty, and staff. And it seems to be working, as their unique, welcoming Bed and Breakfast has been recognised by Tripadvisor as one of the best in Spain, one of eight accommodations in the Valencia Community to achieve this status in the 12th Edition of the Travellers? Choice Hotels Awards. And that welcoming Mediterranean feeling is transmitted to their guests, who are given wine and conversation from the moment they arrive, followed by suggestions on where to go to eat, shop or enjoy some history and some atmosphere.
On my visit the guests were a woman from London and a Dutch couple, all of whom were able to appreciate the complimentary bottled spring water in their private bed and breakfast room and the Lladro Porcelain Figurines: they in fact invite local artists to showcase their work, which is displayed among a large collection of over 2,000 books, available for guests to borrow and take away (as long also they leave a replacement).
Offering central Bed and Breakfast rooms in Valencia, and also a private apartment in Valencia, center, Spain. Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat offers very comfortable private rooms in a historic Valencia Mansion, smack in the historical city center of Valencia. Maybe a good way to describe the experience awaiting you while staying with us, is comparing our services to well-known other ways of finding a romantic Bed and Breakfast in Valencia center, while traveling abroad. With an elegant, yet stimulating eclectic decor we try to create an atmosphere where you will feel at home, while exploring the beautiful city in Valencia. Not completely satisfied and happy after your first nights' sleep and your five star Cava-Champagne breakfast?
If we haven't totally met your expectations after your first nights' sleep and our extended five-star breakfast, we will tear up your bill and we'll gladly help you find other accommodations in the city.
Valencia Mindfulness Retreat is registered with the Valencian Tourist Board, with government-issued complaint forms and registration number, available to our guests at all times. With the first, she introduced participants to the idea of chakras, focusing on the color emitted by each one and slowly moving from the root chakra to the crown chakra.
Her class, which began and ended with herbal essences, included a brief history of some of the vocabulary of yoga and focused on the ideas of acceptance and joy.
Spadea provided watercolors, markers, rocks and small canvases for a session of Zen Doodling. All members of the Hamilton community are welcome to participate in a 20-minute silent meditation followed by soup and conversation.

24 of us spent the day together with mindfulness as our focus – challenging, relaxing and wonderful. Sommige mensen beschrijven mindfulness als een 'Westerse versie van Boedhisme', maar los van het 'aandacht geven aan het moment, eventueel met hulp van meditatie' is dat voor ons misschien de enige overeenkomst.
Dat houdt in dat u tijdens uw bezoek aan ons anderen zult ontmoeten tijdens het ontbijt, of misschien zelfs voor een glas wijn in een van de twee ruime loungekamers. This can reduce stress and injury, improve performance and help you move with ease, efficiency and grace. Feldenkrais® is a method of life-long learning that offers insights into our thoughts and actions, enabling a new level of personal development. This one day retreat is a wonderful opportunity to gift yourself some precious time just for you. Join us for a day of immersion into mindfulness, stress reduction, body awareness, and inner care. Cultivating Happiness will explore “scientifically proven factors in happiness and how happiness is contagious,” while Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction will work to reduced stress and chronic pain. All three cost $325, but there is a 25% UW affiliate discount if you pay with a budget number.
If you know of any other meditation or mindfulness events, please share them in the comments.
Anyone who is furthering the work of mindfulness at the UW through teaching, research, programming, counseling, or outreach is invited.
But mostly they enjoyed the feeling of coming home after a tour of the city and having someone to chat to and share the experience with. Furthermore, apart from inviting you to our private apartment units, we also offer individual rooms with extended Bed And Breakfast Butler Service (™) for those who like to be completely pampered in their home away from home while visiting Valencia. For those who feel like it: Our neighboring light and bright Yoga-Center - located at only 25 steps from our front door - offers private and communal Pilates classes, a variety of private or communal Yoga sessions, and daily guided Mindfulness Meditation sessions (private or communal), executed by highly qualified and experienced teachers.
You might notice we really care about our guests, aiming for a very personal and elegant yet informal experience. We will tear up you bill, and will gladly help you to reserve alternative accommodation in the city.
This free-flowing art utilizes the same area of the brain as is activated during meditation. Couldn’t fault it in any way – same as the whole of the course – pre-course info and whole day superb. Dit is natuurlijk alleen voor degenen die daar behoefte aan hebben; niets hoeft, alles kan. Wederom, mocht u de privacy van uw eigen kamer willen opzoeken dan is dat natuurlijk ook een prima optie; en zo kan iedere gast zich op zijn eigen manier thuisvoelen in een rustige plek in het centrum Valencia.
During that time Karl has worked one on one with a key mindfulness and meditation teacher and has attended numerous multi-day silent insight meditation retreats. Formal practices including body scan, mindful yoga, sitting and walking meditation will be practiced together in silence. Those who were new to the Wellin were invited to take a tour, and later, some of the Wellin student staff joined in the Zen Doodling. In deze drukke tijden lijkt 'ontspanning' voor veel mensen eerder een luxedan een standaard deel van het leven te zijn, en waarom zou u daar niet toch van genieten,juist tijdens een citytrip naar Valencia? The day will conclude with small group discussion and dialog with the instructor on your experience of the day and how mindfulness can be integrated into daily life. Enjoy the rising sun in one of our two comfortable sun-filled lounge-rooms, with sunny balconies overlooking a quiet street. You will notice the care we took for you in the smallest of details, to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as we can. His principle teachers have been Stephen (Nyanaviro) Archer, Shard Rogell and Jeremy Logan.
The retreat is based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a well-researched class that has proved very effective in helping with many stress-related issues.
Our goal is to try to stimulate your senses by very original art and designs, exceptional antiques and an opportunity to meet likeminded interesting guests, with plenty of opportunities to relax to the max and feel at home.
We have chosen the word MINDFULNESS on purpose, to describe the general feel of our location.
But: if you are not into yoga, meditation or other forms of individual growth by contemplation, we promise you to feel still at home at our bed and breakfast in a Valencia Mansion in the center of Valencia! Please note: Paying full attention and extreme care to ones' surroundings has nothing to do with alternative spirituality.

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