In the first of our thirty secrets to spiritual sex we looked at How mindfulness and meditation techniques help in finding love.  If we are to find something we need to look.
Another mindfulness and meditation technique that leads to love is Inward Mindfulness or Insight.
Just as we need to be mindful of everything that is happening outside of ourselves, we equally need to be mindful of everything that is going on inside ourselves.
Thankfully, when you practice mindfulness and meditation techniques you learn to let go of your own thoughts and be more open and aware. Let’s revisit the story above, in which we were at the bar with a friend who thought that no one was interested in her.

In the next two secrets we will look at how you can develop both your internal and external mindfulness, thereby being aware of all the times when people are attracted to you.
If we believe we are unattractive we will closed our eyes anytime someone shows interest in us.
Firstly, you need to practice mindfulness so you are aware every time someone shows attraction to you. With her warm-hearted approach, she enables learners to explore and find their own way in developing their mindful practice with kindness and patience.
You’re going to be shocked because you’re going to realise that actually tons of people are attracted to you.

And secondly, you need to practice insight so that you are of when your limiting self beliefs interfere with your perception.

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