The Nigerian music industry has quite a number of veterans and one of them is guitar maestro, Sir Victor Uwaifo. In this interview with NET, he calls himself the greatest Nigerian musician and shares the secret to his rare strength.
It’s rare to have people who have lived through different generations declare an interest in working with the new generation.
To marry the past and the present and to teach the young generation resilience and how to stay on the scene.
I believe so, because although they were not professionals, if you see the design and the motifs of the house my father built, he sure had it in him. Most people of your generation are content with reliving their past glory, but you have said you want to marry the past and present.
What has the reception being like for the decision to work with younger artistes and the works that have come out of it? They have been there and are still there, but the problem with Nigeria is, if it is not oil, it is not appreciated. What are your thoughts on the likes of Wizkid, Davido or D’banj, who have been successful despite not knowing how to play any musical instrument? Are you saying having knowledge of musical instruments guarantee longevity in the industry?
When we performed at the centenary celebration and he saw what I did with my guitar, he told me he was going to learn the guitar. In critical analysis in the art, you cannot say something is really bad, you can only say it is either a success or a failure, but you cannot judge on the same basis.
At 73, with over 60 years of experience, Sir Uwaifo says he isn’t done yet and plans to release more albums.
My mother was also from the royal family and had a very good voice, so much they called her Iya Egbe. If not for the love of what I am doing, I wouldn’t still be here because I am fulfilled man.
After my band and I returned from the Algiers Festival of Arts, we went on a national tour and during one of the shows in Warri was when the incident happened. I have spent 60 years in the industry, so when they stay 30 years, then I will congratulate them.

Most artistes are going back to remixing songs from the past because they know something good is there and we encourage them to keep doing that. I was privileged to get it the same day it was bestowed upon late Obafemi Awolowo and Sir Anthony Enahoro.
It is important to understand music because only then will musicians be able to mold and reinvent it but if you don’t and rely on computer, it will destroy you. Before it did, I observed that every time people sprayed me coins and it touched my body, I would get a shock. When you hear some of the songs on the albums I am presently working on, you will be amazed. I worked physically to ensure it became functional again, and today it’s a pride of the state.
This may be many vibrant objects.)4) Sufficient for red hat for just a strawberry Pi on top of that in less than 3 a while. The young ones should go and learn how to play musical instruments as well as real rudiments of music. Because of the traffic, I used to deliberately stay late and  go to the bar beach to strum my guitar and get inspiration.
When I first came to Lagos, I enrolled at Geo Weighs gymnasium at Obalende, which was where I developed my love for exercise. We went on trips round the country, and although they paid to watch us, it was a way to confirm our popularity round the country. People ask me how I make such good songs and combine it with playing guitars; it would take a whole library to explain that, but the only thing I can say is that there is a creativity that makes it possible. I did sports then too, and growing up in the era of gramophones, music then was very soothing and beautiful.
Don’t forget, I went back to school even after the fame had come, and that was because I thought if I didn’t do sculpture, I wouldn’t be fulfilled, because sculpture is the mother of Art. When I was doing the duduke song, it required that I jump and split, after I did one of the splits, I remained on the floor and was passing out but they thought I was still performing because I was jerking. I have invented a sports car that I invented 20 years ago and I still drive it round in Benin. It was only for a term, after which I went back to the classroom and took up an appointment as a lecturer at the University of Benin.

It encouraged me and I thought if human beings play these records, I should be able to do the same. God sculpted man before breathing into it, so we pride ourselves as God’s assistants in creation.
Not long after, I observed that each time the waves advance towards me, I would move back, but the farther I moved the closer it came.
I have also invented guitars, I wanted a new octave on the normal guitar that would go as far as the ones that are found on a grand piano. Subconsciously I said ‘God, it was not my time’. It was at this time Okosun yanked the cable off, and when I got up people had fled. Suddenly, I observed a figure coming towards me and before I knew it the figure was right before me. I also invented a guitar that had a keyboard embedded in it and many more before the latest one that spins round faster than the speed of sound. I was doing music for the love, but when I found out I could make money, I took it as a business and made sure I always paid my tax regularly. I set a record as a high jumper in 1958 at Western Boys High School in Benin.  The music and art grew side by side, so when I got admission into Yaba College, I studied Graphics.
I have been a lecturer at the University of Benin for the past eight years and I’m a visiting Professor at the American Heritage University. One of my sons is a sculptor too, I taught him in his 300L and although none of them has gone into music, they know music because I employed somebody to teach them. I screamed, which I later transposed into strumming the guitar, which has become a trend nowadays.
I started playing with different bands but I stayed longer with EC Arinze at the Kakadu club. By 1965, I had learnt so much from Arinze and my prior knowledge of the guitar, which I started playing at 12.

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