One of the most beautiful places in all the world has to be The Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.
Coloring is an excellent way to focus your mind and initiate a state of relaxation, helping you become mindful. Start out by opening one of the following mandalas and printing it with the size you prefer. Meditation art and the process of coloring can instantly separate you from a busy and chaotic world to a calm one.
Push your negative thoughts away as you color, and take your time to fill in all the blank spaces. It's the most important temple of the Sikh religion, and an incredible place of peace and beauty.

Among all the types of meditation you can carry out, this is certainly the most fun and creative.
Just 30 minutes of coloring in has the positive effect of a traditional meditation session, including improving your memory, lower blood pressure and stress levels.
Sikh pilgrims come from all over the world to meditate here and are welcomed by open arms and incredible kindness.
Carrying out art therapy is extremely simple, and takes just a little preparation with minimal costs. If you like, there are books that you can buy that are especially made to be colored out by adults. Listen to the sound of the pen scratching on the surface of your paper: the art of meditation will help you relax and achieve a deep meditative state.

The site has a free dormitory (even for western visitors) and the cafeteria serves 20,000 free meals a day. While coloring, direct all of your attention to the patterns and colors, and even the motion of your hand.

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