As a maid of honor or bridesmaid, you may be asked to pull together a bridal shower for the bride to be. Select a date: Ideally, bridal showers are held about two weeks to two months prior to the wedding. Discuss with the bridesmaids to determine a budget: As a rule, bridal shower guests should never be expected to pay for their meal.
Buy or make an invitation: If the bridal shower will be a surprise, be sure to mention that on the invitation.

Send shower invitations: Make sure you include directions to the party and shower registry! Decide on flowers, decorations and centerpieces: Party decor should be cohesive and should complement the party’s theme. Create a menu: If you know the bride’s favorite cuisine, putting together a menu will be a no brainer! Well, here’s a simple checklist outlining all the steps you’ll need to take toward creating a beautiful and exciting bridal shower party!

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