It is not uncommon for women to change their name as part of a divorce, whether they are resuming their maiden name or even a prior married name.
The issue often requires some serious thought for women, as they must weigh their emotional connection to their name and also consider the impact a change might have on their children or even their careers.
If you have made the decision to legally change your name in South Carolina, it is wise to consult a South Carolina family law attorney to help guide you through the process. You then need to go to your local law enforcement office to get fingerprinted, and send the fingerprint card, background check form, and the required fee. In addition, you will need to obtain verification from the Department of Social Services that you are not listed on the Central Registry of child abuse and neglect. You’ll pay a nominal fee to have this report run. Finally, you’ll need a similar verification showing that you are not listed on the state Sex Offender Registry. Once all of the required documents have been gathered, your South Carolina family law attorney will file a name change petition with the Family Court and schedule a hearing, at which you must testify as to your requested name and the reason(s) for same. After that, the judge signs the name change order and voila! I recently came across a story about danah boyd, a Microsoft researcher who changed her name to officially be all-lowercase.
I use a nickname (Pippa) as opposed to my full name (Philippa) when I’m working to establish a sense of intimacy. Sample request letter for change of name on letter, certificate, invitation card, proposal, members list, committee list, plaque, guests list or any other place where you want to change your name.
When you attend the Register Office you only need to provide one witness – the officer handling the change of name will be the other witness.
Parents can change their child’s forename without having to complete a Change of Name Deed as long as it can be proved that the new name has been used within 12 months of date of registration or the child has been baptised under the new name.
If one parent with parental responsibility refuses for any reason to give their consent the only course of action to allow the change in name to proceed would be by obtaining a court order. If there has been a court injunction involving a child’s name change then you should ask the solicitors involved in the injunction to change the child’s name. If you have married or entered into a civil partnership and wish to take the surname of your spouse, you do not have to complete an official change of name deed.

If you intend to be married abroad, overseas authorities will wish to see both your passport and your birth certificate. If you have divorced or are widowed and you no longer want to be known by your former spouse’s surname, you have the option to revert to your previous name, but if you chose to change to another name or if an organisation requests it, you will need to complete an official Change of Name Deed. If you would like a response to your comments please include a contact email address or other method of contact. The information you have provided may be shared across Bath and North East Somerset Council for the purpose of dealing with your enquiry. The use of your personal information is covered by our registration under the Data Protection Act 1998.
Bath and North East Somerset Council is committed to upholding the principles of the Data Protection Act, and will not process your information in a way incompatible with these principles. Translate birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, name change and adoption papers, title deeds, affidavits, and other civil registration documents and certify for U.S.
Documents translated: Your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, drivera€™s license, passport, visa, police (clearance) report, adoption paper, diploma-transcript, letter of recommendation, and other immigration documents issued in Thailand. Need more specific information on English translation of your birth and marriage certificates?
Your birth certificate is the most important document that you need in applying for Green Card (permanent resident visa) and U.S. You need certified translation of your marriage certificate in applying for Green Card (permanent resident visa) and U.S.
Working through those issues requires some introspection, and the answer will not be the same for everyone. This kit comes with information about ordering a background check and how to get your fingerprints done. After it’s processed, the State Law Enforcement Division will send you a copy of the completed background check.
I work as a midwife and women are more likely to connect and feel more comfortable with me when I use a more informal name- despite the fact my family, friends and partner all call me Philippa!

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The only exception to the above is if sole parental responsibility has been granted to one or other parent by the courts.
However, you should contact the passport office, and all other institutions such as banks and building societies and the DVLA to let them know you have changed your name. If the passport and the birth certificate show different names, then you will need to prove that you have changed your name and that you are the same person. If you have recently used our service we would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete our Customer Survey. If you wish to contact somebody about the service provided, please use the contact details found in the 'Contact Us' section of this page.
We will not give information about you to anyone else, or use information about you for other purposes, unless your consent has been given or the law allows this.
Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service a€“ INS) to get your Green Card (permanent resident visa) and American Citizenship. She is an expert in youth culture and social media, among other things, and journalists love talking about her unusual name. Your feedback will help us identify what we are doing right and where there is room for improvement. See how you can get certified Thai birth certificate translation accurately and fast to complete your immigration application and alternative documents that you may have for your identification. See how you can get certified Thai marriage certificate translation accurately and fast in completing your immigration application. But was there anyone out there who had made a decision about her name explicitly for her career?

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