The Free collection is a set of free nature sounds to help you appreciate the wonders of nature sounds. Treat your body and mind to the best nature sounds available with the Essentials Collection. At Nature Sound Spa, we offer ocean sounds, rain sounds and other nature sounds delivered instantly, at the click of a button. A Bedtime Routine using Nature Sounds When it comes to falling asleep, having a proper routine can make all the difference in the world. The Top 5 Benefits of Nature Sounds Regardless of your age, you can benefit from the healing power of nature sounds. Sleep Sounds to Soothe your Baby Baby sleep sounds are typically white noise that helps create an environment of constant comfort for your baby. At Nature Sound Spa, our goal is to share the healing qualities of nature with as many people as possible.

Other stones like the Stone Healer tunes the body with the vibrations created when you sit in the alcove and hum or chant.
From the natural sounds of a waterfall to the calming splashes of ocean waves, our nature sound collections will soothe your spirit and calm your mind. Then our nature sounds are a safe, natural relaxation technique and a drug-free alternative to sleeping pills and other drugs.
We produce professional MP3 Nature Sounds that provide a relaxing ambiance for sleep, creativity, reflection and meditation.
In ancient times and in some cultures today the stone people are still asked for assistance.
All of our nature sounds contain no added background music and are available in a 30-minute basic edition and a 60-minute extended edition.
Our collection of nature sounds can help you attain a state of increased calmness, reduce levels of anxiety and help you get a better night’s rest.

We allow you to preview each of our MP3 audio files so that you can easily identify the perfect sound for you and all of our nature sounds are delivered instantly by digital download. From calming ocean water waves to serene raindrops in a calm forest, we offer a complete collection of nature sounds that are perfect for reflecting, meditating or sleeping. These soothing sounds can help promote sleep, increase focus and concentration, improve memory and provide you with an overall sense of well-being and harmony. On one of my journeys to the sound healer a man who was a song writer had a melody come to him while sitting in the stone and wrote a song which he sang a few days later in one of our coffee shops with his guitar.
Some shaman on Kauai say that lithium stones our mainly for woman because woman are more magnetic and lithium stones are electrical charged and are able to balance the female body.

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