Businesses these days, particularly those who make their money on the internet, seem to be paying much more attention to their staff and work environment, so that they can really get the most out of them. There are offices in this list from some of the biggest companies in the world, but when it comes to making awesome offices, size doesn’t matter. It’s no secret that Google is a fun, fresh company, with tonnes of money, and dedicated employees, and part of the secret behind these employees is the awesome offices that they work from. Situated in a build of great character, we have the London office of Red Bull, which is a converted building of five old pubs in Soho.
This is a company that knows the importance of a happy and comfortable work environment, but have given it a slightly different twist to some of the companies on this list.
Designed by the same people that did AOL and Facebook, the Dreamhost office is another one of those office with bright open spaces, which have gotten rid of personal cubicals to encourage interaction between the staff.
This has got to be one of the coolest buildings to build an office in, which came about when alternative clothing company Comvert were looking for a new space for their headquarters.
Facebook went around their office design a little differently to most companies, actually using it’s own software to conduct polls asking their employees what they would want from an office.
Dtac recently decided to put an end to separate office spaces throughout the city of Bangkok, and brought all six buildings under one roof, which happens to be the largest ever office lease in Thailand’s history, occupying around 650,000 square feet.
Dtac’s brand approach is “play and learn”  and they wanted to reflect this to their employees and customers with their new, rather inspiring office, spanning 22 floors. As Gummo were only going to be renting the space on the first floor of the old Parool newspaper building in Amsterdam for two years, i29 convinced Gummo to embrace the mantra of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ to create a stylish office space that would impact as little as possible on the environment and their wallets.
This unique office and conference building is made up of three wings, which are separated by the sliding walls, and can be opened up to create a single, colourful meeting room.
I work from my computer, indoors, at least 50 hours a week, and the one thing that I don’t have in my office is enough nature. This office differs to all the others on the list for one reason, and that’s the budget. This is one of the largest offices on the list, and by the looks of things, one of the most fun. After seeing how well it worked for us, we decided to develop it into a plugin our readers could use. I like the black and white design of Gummo, but can’t deny the appeal of a skeeball machine at LivingSocial!! A great post that is about design, a topic no many are really interested but it was the cause of the tremendous success of Steve Jobs, I like the office of google, congratulations because it is a really refreshing article. Come to think of it, they really have cool designs but it doesn’t mean the others are not cool though.
It’s hard to say where you’ll be 1, 5 or 10 years from now in this industry, but, right now, I can say congratulations for your work! The Selgas Cano office looks awesome, I wonder what it would be like to be working when it rains. I play football with a guy who works at Red Bull, no wonder he comes in to the dressing room with a huge grin on his face every Saturday, I would working in an office like that! I’d love to work in some of those places for sure, but the biggest take-away I get from this is that I need to seriously rethink my home office to make it more comfortable, warm and fun which would make it more inviting to visitors too. However, no direct free download link of Project Of Informative Report About The Office Done By Computer placed here!
Stock Photos & Vectors of Animals, Architecture, Business, Food, Health, Sports, Technology and Much more. Lay Flat Office Chair looks just like a common office seating device, but comes with a bonus. We’ve compiled a list of 20 of our favourite offices from across the world, to show you what happens behind the scenes of some of the biggest companies on the internet, and some small nuggets of design from more obscure companies.
This must be one of the most relaxing offices to work in, because you’re half underground, and half above ground, with views out into the woods. Google put a lot of time and money into making the perfect work environment, mixing business with pleasure so that the staff can relax and refuel during their breaks.
With none of the buildings originally linking together, or even having floors on the same height, this was always going to be an interesting building with plenty of space and cool features. The design of this office involves a lot of reclaimed or recycled materials such as old street signs, a salvaged pizza oven and a wood from a barn and a church.

Open and private areas are scattered about the building for meetings, relaxation and work, as well as games areas and places to eat. During the search, they happened upon an old abandoned cinema that seemed to offer the perfect solution.
The result was a superb work environment with big open spaces to work from, and amazing relaxation areas with a place to skate and DJ from. That hasn’t stopped Google from splashing out on big expensive offices though, which seems to be a trademark for them. Some of the highlights include a massive circular library amphitheatre, and an entire floor dedicated to fun, with indoor soccer, table tennis, running track, and concert and performance spaces.
The colourful open-plan layout encourages interaction and play between the staff, in an effort to fuel their imagination, which is what Lego is all about.
Big In Japan is a Dallas based mobile app developer started in just 2008 with their award winning, barcode scanning app; ShopSavvy.
With colour splashed over each wall, there’s an interesting mix of blue, green, brown and grey scattered across the large and open-plan office.
To house this new workforce, they need a big, new, comfortable workspace to put them in, which reflects the company vision and encourages staff interaction and collaboration. It was limited to just $40 per square foot, which forced the designers to think outside the box, but well, it seems they didn’t get much further than just the box. Today, it gets us more subscribers than our homepage opt-in, footer opt-in, sidebar opt-in and squeeze pages combined. We (presently many online writers and no in house writers) develop content for different niches. Draw Project Of Informative Report About The Office Done By Computer desigen style in PhotoShop, Illustrator, Corel DRAW.
It doesn’t just recline back, but it can transform into a comfortable resting furniture piece, perfect for when one really needs a break.
This is Selgas Cano Office, which was designed by Iwan Baan and is situated in a forest, near Madrid, in Spain. Google thrives of creativity and that thought has very much gone into the reasoning behind the designs of their offices, providing every employee with a space for them to be creative. This office is everything you’ll come to expect from enormous internet companies with large kitchens, splashes of color, countless relaxation areas, pool tables, games rooms, and of course, the all important work spaces. Designs like these may start to appear quite common, but I assure you, this sort of thing only happens when big bucks are involved, how many of you have played ping pong at work? It was big enough to house all of their offices, warehousing and even room a shop in the front, however, there was one ‘problem’, what would they do with all the extra room above where the audience sat during a movie? Big open floor plans and perks for employees dominate this office complex, as they can relax with a bit of indoor putting, free-roam Segway riding, eating, gaming, swimming, and gym activities, to name just a few.
To feed creativity, there’s the Conversation Pit, the Freeform Meeting, Picnic Table and Dining Room, all created to encourage informal, face-to-face meetings. All the furniture was locally sourced from eBay, charity shops and whatever was left over at the old office. They’re now in an ever-expanding and modern office which focuses on open plan working and cool decorations, such as the nine foot Hulk statue. They’ve done away with the harsh florescent lighting, and opted instead of spot lighting and festoon lighting that swings down across the ping-pong table.
Their whole office is designed to reflect nature with stone shaped bean bags, large plants, flowers and trees, and unusual desk positioning.
You see, because this had to be done on such a tight budget, they took to customising a bunch of shipping containers and turning them into office space inside a large warehouse. Full details of Project Of Informative Report About The Office Done By Computer for digital design and education. We all know what a heavenly feeling lying back after hours of work can be, which is why this chair couldn’t be more appealing.
This office for architects is light and airy, with clean lines and colorful details, making it a great place to work from. They threw away the corporate office rule book and decided upon a more lounge like feel, with original features from the old buildings, and a reception that turns into a bar at night. To top it all off, the office is finished with a bearskin rug, which is rather suiting I think.

Large glass windows make for a light work environment, away from harsh fluorescent lighting, while the variety of flooring and splashes of color make it feel a lot less clinical.
The answer is unique, inspired, and all but simple – build an indoor skate bowl which sat suspended above the warehouse. All of this combined with the modern, comfortable styling of the complex and means that Facebook is one of the best places to work and play, which is ideal really, considering their employees look after 500 million people a day, from roughly 750 million active accounts.
It’s business and pleasure all rolled into one at YouTube, with the hopes that the staff will be relaxed and inspired enough to come up with new ideas and work well with their colleagues. And lets not forget what tops off the building – an open terrace overlooking Bangkok’s skyline. Everything was then spray painted with an environmentally friendly paint to conform with the new colour scheme.
The whole office is designed so that anyone can play with the lego and come up with something new, while getting work done, and enjoying their time at the company. Unlike most of the companies on this list, Zappos have stuck largely to cubicle based design, only they encourage each and every employee to make them their own, with decorations, toys and trinkets. This is the office of an advertising firm in San Francisco, and their unique offices are designed to stimulate the creative juices of those working inside them. Like most of the offices on this list, BIJ have done away with work cubicles and opted for a more clean finish, with a glass-walled conference room to give the impression of space. The smooth concrete floor is host to multiple seating areas where employees can go to rest, and the massive glass garage sized door floods the entire office with natural light, making for a much more comfortable work environment.
Exposed brick, antique doors, and old shutters can be seen in the same room as a large mirrored wall, games machine, flat screen TVs, and photos of doughnuts.
Even the walls are designed to make it look like you’re in the middle of a woods, and the bright white furniture contrasts with the plant life, making it stand out even more. This unique design and fresh colours make for a rather interesting work environment, that’s not just cheap to build, but cheap to run.
Get Project Of Informative Report About The Office Done By Computer information or anything related.
Equipped with a folded foot rest for extra comfort, Lay Flat Office chair can spontaneously become an office bed whenever its user so desires. It’s less about awesome fun slides, great food and gaming areas, and more about a relaxed environment, away from harsh lighting and big empty rooms. This is the perfect workspace for the young Londoner looking to be creative with one of the most interesting companies around. This was a perfect solution for all the space, while keeping the staff entertained, and fitting in their alternative clothing brand image. If spending the whole day playing and working with Lego doesn’t make you happy, then I don’t know what will!
This means that every cubicle is unique and the office feels less sterile and more enjoyable to work in, the staff even get a say in the design of the conference rooms. It quite clearly used to be a warehouse, but that adds to the character and prevents the feeling of a sterile workspace.
If you don’t think this office is green enough yet, then maybe the putting green in the reception area will change your mind.
Pallotta TeamWorks is a charitable organisation which specialises in raising money for different needs, through putting together fundraisers for people to take part in, and raises tens of millions of dollars each year for charity. The product is available for purchase on Thanko (Japan), for the sum of ?49,800(about $600). If you happen to be in Las Vegas, you can take a short trip out of town and actually tour the office and learn all about Zappos for free.
The mix of work and play is everywhere in this office, with Fussball being only a chair swivel away from work, Big In Japan understand that to be able to make things fun, you’ve got to be able to have fun. The whole building is designed to reflect the company’s style of business and they can tell from experience that by having the same approach with where they work, yields better results.

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