Calimero Galletto is a surprisingly accurate yet indolent journalist that volunteers as a part time guest writer for the Pai Explorer Map & Blog. This is the first video of a three part series where Poh from the Monkey Magic Tattoo performs a 9 hour forearm sleeve. While I was doing my sitting meditation monthly challenge Alex Bowe (blog) and Sam Alexander (blog) asked an interesting question:Do you meditate with your eyes open or with eyes closed?In my specific case, I do eyes open fixed around one meter ahead of me, this comes from Taisen Deshimaru's Questions to a Zen Master. Meditation quotes – If we remain open to the experience of meditation as we let go of preconceived ideas and expectations we will gradually feel the benefits as we become more calm and relaxed. As we repeat the Open Heart Meditation regularly the quality of our heart improves and the nice feelings from our heart develops and grows.

Practiced by thousands of people around the world, Open Heart Meditation reminds us that the peace, calmness and happiness we so long for can be found within us.
This Hamilton based Meetup group is part of a global non-profit organization (Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study) created for the purpose of educating and supporting individuals to realize and benefit from the experience that living a heart centered life is the key to being healthier, happier and to grow spiritually.
Keeping your eyes open will prevent that quite effectively, at least if you are not extremely tired.But Master Deshimaru adds a reason for closing our eyes, and it is related to occidental culture. Closing our eyes can shut down one channel of feelings and lets us concentrate in our breath.
If you follow the eyes closed path, try to meditate in a fresh room and not immediately after eating.The ultimate reason that made me decide for eyes open came from the wonderful (and long) Zen and the Brain, by James Austin (a neuro-scientist).

What is then more natural than having your eyes open to let you carry this mindfulness throughout the day?It is not really important which way you follow: there is no wrong answer to this question as long as you sit and meditate.What is your stance?

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