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Many people already know the heart is important and much has been said about it through books, music and in movies. Understanding that your heart is your centre of feeling and where you experience real happiness is so important for your quality of life. Archangel Michael connects in this .MP3 angel message to assist you in clearing and opening your heart chakra.
Simply relax, breathe, and listen to this new, up to date free angel message and heart healing from Archangel Michael.. You will feel refreshed, balanced, and re energized after listening… Simply relax, quiet your mind, and open your heart to receive the full energetic broadcast from Archangel Michael… it is a lovely experience! This tool in your tool belt will be available to you then, but only as you practice and claim this tool, claim this ability, for yourself. It is your inner capacity to evolve and expand that brings blessings in the outside world to the forefront. Your heart is the sacred portal allowing you to access the higher realms, allowing you in this moment, and in any moment, to tune in to all that is, to tune in to divine love and light, to tune in to the still, peaceful gap, the void, the darkness, the stillness, the calm within. Do you not see that the turbulence in your outside world is a direct reflection of who and where you are right now? It is by going inward and being still and being calm and then from this place planting the seeds of thought, the beliefs, the intentions that you desire to see manifest in the outside world around you, this is the mode of creating beneficial changes in your reality.
Dear ones, there is some talk that the angelic realm is limiting it’s help to the earth at this time. By quieting your mind, imagining that light and angels are all around you, for we are, and opening the doors of your heart wide, let the light shine in, let this light now lift and release that which has served its course. The outside world will trigger you in ways, will show you where you are still limited, will give you challenges. Although Melanie no longer offers private readings, she has several recommended partners who are available to help you get answers, right now! Click Here To Get A Free Angel Message & To Receive Updates When New Messages Are Published! Yes! Oprah and Deepak Chopra are back with a new 21-Day Meditation Experience on Manifesting True Success. Regardless of where you currently find yourself however, remember that you are perfect whole and complete just as you are right now.
For me, week one left me feeling confident in knowing I’m on the right path and helped me see how I can improve other areas so that all my paths lead to success. What great and wonderful things will you do to honor your body, mind and overall emotional self care? Open forum about the Brahma Kumaris • View topic - Meditation Experiences are from within or from God?
Except that the battery can not charge itself for sure without the generator but human mind can be peaceful, calm by nature; or can create an experience of tranquility or peace when wide awake through visualization or other ways of experiencing without connecting with God.
There are electric eels, electric stingrays, and many other creatures that generate their own electricity biologically.
According to BK philosophy, meditation is not an end in itself, but only a means through which you can create conditions closer to the ideal to connect to God.
EasyMed: The real question here is, is the theist being fooled by his own meditation, and thinks that the experiences come from God when they actually come from one's own mind? You may use a phrase such as I Am Love or All Is Well. Or it can be as simple and powerful as doing mirror work to improve your self-esteem and well-being. If you want to learn more about mirror work, check out my 21-Day course on mirror work that I did with my dear friend Robert Holden, Ph.D.
Many people try to start a daily meditation practice, but they never get started because they think that there are rules to follow or they worry they are not doing it right. I want to share with you 8 simple steps so you can practice your own 5-minute meditation daily. And if you are interested in doing mirror work for your daily meditation practice, I encourage you to try the 21-Day course on mirror work that I created along with my dear friend, and Success Intelligence coach, Robert Holden, Ph.D.
Now is the time to take your list of things that are wrong with you and turn them into positive affirmations.
There are no words that will adequately describe the Love and Joy that I have experienced since the opening of my Heart. Although the brain is essential in helping to perform our daily tasks, without being able to follow your heart you can never be really happy.
Although you have heard about the heart, how well do you really know how to listen to your heart in daily life?
By listening to your heart you can utilise your heart's spiritual intelligence which guides you to make wise choices, thereby supporting you to be happy on all levels of life. You will  receive a powerful heart healing in this angelic activation, as Archangel Michael along with your Guides and Guardian Angels assist you in fully attuning to divine love.
For we angels offer you these blessings with open arms, however, you, dearest one, must be the one to take them and to integrate them.
And so take a deep breath and drop in and it is if you are being surrounded by a hug of peace, a hug of calm, quiet, still.
The time is not now to look outside, to look at others, to look to the outside world to bring you the magic, the romance, the mystery, and magnificent experience you desire, you yearn for, your heart calls out for. Your life is meant to propel you forward on your journey of reuniting with all, with God, with life that you are a part of, you are one with, you are all of. Know this and so the challenges to come in the days to follow, know that they are not maliciously intended.
Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

My wife feels that he’s around us and I have dreams with him trying to find him and always come empty handed, I wake and have this anxiety that lasts for couple days sometime. It was exactly what i needed to lift me up from the darkness, fear, and anxiety i am living in these days!
Not with a negative body image issue, but with getting my outside to match the lightness and love that I feel inside. Anger, depression, and anxiety can undermine our success, so we need to find a way to diminish our triggers and allow a state of calmness to guide us. I know I shared a lot of information, but take it in, listen to the meditations if you get a chance, but above all commit to loving yourself as you transition toward more positivity and light. I'm the founder and digital content creator for Your Sassy Self and work full time as a Multimedia Designer.
But the connection to God is not only to be experienced in meditation but also through one's life, thoughts, actions, etc.That doesn't in any way mean that meditation is useless unless it leads to God. Indeed that is the questionIn my own experience, I have tried to practice meditation way before I met the BK…. As my body and mind began to relax, perhaps for the first time in my life, the headaches went away. While we are always connected with this guidance as we go about our day, it is easier for us to consciously connect when we sit quietly and listen.
However, you can always have a successful job if you simply change the way you think about work. This is a more long-term goal and can be achieved with Open Heart Meditation and the Strengthen Heart Exercise.
This message from the angels is simple, but the energetic broadcast from Archangel Michael is profound. And so, yes, there still exists inner turbulence even in you, dear one, who has come so far on your path of evolution, on your personal journey that is by no means complete. Your neighbors, your friends, the world around you, the slowpoke in traffic in front of you, it is all you, it is all your experience designed to remind you of who you really are. And the only way that you can fully experience and understand these worlds that are spoken to you now is to take a deep breath and still your mind and listen rather with your heart and with your spirit, with your soul. We are always present and always eager and willing to help, however, you are elevating, you are elevated, and you are stepping into the role of creator. A new beginning is here for you, and so let go of all that you have been, let go of who you are to step in, to step into the truth of your full magnificence. Integrate them into your being, take your next step forward, respond with love, and take time to breathe, to go within, to open the doors of your heart, and enter into the sacred portal, your sacred space, your inner world.
If used unnecessarily or in wrong way while being charged it may crash to simulate depression.Ocean on evaporation condenses to shower the water reservoirs to fill and even overflow in arrogant way.
The enjoyment in meditation has to be felt than described, hence termed ateendriya sukh-????????? ???-eternal happiness.
This can be an Indian Sanskrit word like om or hu, or a soothing word such as love or peace.
I hope you enjoy this message… I felt completely refreshed and lifted after listening. It is not outside of you that you will remember, but these outside influences seek you, seek to tune you in to your inner world, and from within, from the calm, from the void, you are able to create all that you desire around you. Let all that limits your heart chakra from fully opening be gone, banished, returned to the creator’s light. The process is simple, repeat it often: open your heart, breathe, and enter in, for this sacred portal unites you with source, with God, with your angels, with your guides, with your soul and spirit. We are always near, call upon us for assistance, but remember, all that you must do is quiet your mind, open your heart, breathe, enter in, and simply be, and lift, and love.
And not creativity in the artistic sense, but in the ability to let your mind quiet past and future fears by embracing the unknown. The reservoirs clench the thirst of those in need depending on capacity till the stocks last or are refilled at least partially till monsoon.The original nature of peace of soul is like treasure in the box that needs relentless efforts for enrichment to the maximum. The limit can be increased by training of god.For example- an animal soul also may visualize by its own effort. It may be termed raaskrida-?????????-eternal dance or may be perceived as Jesus knocking at heart.Meditation during initial phase will have voluntary component within, which may viciously go to involuntary phase of communion and needing time to go back to voluntary phase. But only since the atheist will not put the same love and faithful concentration and contemplation towards God, the experience will be limited only to what his own mind can generate instead of being open to receive something from a higher source.But even without God, I think no one would disagree that meditation can work and give peace.
And I, archangel Michael, invite you now to surrender and let go of the mental mind oriented way of perceiving reality and begin to practice tuning in to the observer. Open your heart and step back as if you are looking down from above, watching you meditate now, watching you simply be in a state of peace, of calm, of still despite whatever turbulence, excitement, or chaos flows around you in the outside world. And so, dear ones, on a global scale, on the changes that are happening in your world, the struggle, the revolution, the collapse, this happens, all that is happening, all your current struggles and strife and challenges and conflicts simply seek to return you within you, to return you to the ultimate power available to you on the planet at this time. It is here that you are able to know your purpose that, again, comes from within you, not without. Now lifted in wings of love up and out of your energy and into the light and now, once again, visualize consciously opening the doors of your heart, open them wide. Know that all is well and remember that the challenges simply urge to unite you with more of your truth.
The treasure gets sulked in adversities and The Almighty is everlasting source of bliss through Divine knowledge for every soul with varied level of peace, the treasure.
But, if it is given training by human beings, its capacity can increase much more (eg- war horse and elephants are trained very well by humans). Even the remembrance during artistic actions will be meditation, ask singers or listeners who felt the experience to be divine. The real question here is, is the theist being fooled by his own meditation, and thinks that the experiences come from God when they actually come from one's own mind?In my own experience, I have tried to practice meditation way before I met the BK.
For, dear one, as you are able to quiet your mind, open your heart, and be at one with the moment, as you are able to do this in your day to day life, you will be able to call upon this valuable skill in times where waters are turbulent, in times where the atmosphere on earth is chaotic.
Breathe, be, let your mind be still, let your ego be calm, focused on a blank screen before you, allowing whatever is to simply be, and now opening your heart allowing your conscious awareness to enter in.

You are here, dear spiritual being of light, you are here to open fully to your power, to your truth, to the full understanding of all that is, and your role, your part in the greater whole. Similarly- a human soul also is capable of visualization by themselves ( scientists, religious people and many others). I wanted to experience higher states of consciousness, but never succeeded, perhaps the most I could do was hypnotize myself. My experience was almost opposite to yours in that, before meeting the BKs, I was having profound ”3rd eye’ meditations. And as you release yesterday and even this moment, you allow your full attention to come into this day, this hour, this time. You are powerful, you are light, you are angelic in your true form and birthright, and yet, that which is around you, that which you see and experience and perceive does not necessarily prove to you that you are power and that you are spirit.
This is not what I am creating, this is not what I want.” But it is currently what you are. But then meditate, let your heart chakra open and enter into the sacred portal you find therein.
You are one with everything, remember this and know that by breathing, by calming your mind, and by entering into your heart and opening the doors wide and tuning into the peace you find there, the love, the light, this activates your power, your spirit, your might.
That simple act increases your vibration tenfold, and with a high vibration you are not limited, all things are possible. I was doing an instinctive meditation based on what little i’d understood of tibetan buddhist meditation.
This place, this stillness, this is a fertile ground for manifestation, this is where you are able to declare your truth: I am living the life I desire, I am living abundantly and joyously, co-creating with planet earth and with all creatures. This activates your authentic self, the spiritual you, the powerful you, the loving you, the you that is physical but is also connected and remembers that connection to all that is from this inner place.
And so cut the ties now to negativity, to doubt, to fear, to that which you were, which holds you back from becoming all that you are. I read many books written by yogis, but they were of almost no use, except that they presented fascinating intellectual concepts.
I easily ”saw" what BKs call paramdham, felt what BKs call ‘the subtle body” etc and was achieving dramatically elevated states of consciousness and insights. You have been caught in a dualistic battle of right and wrong and dark and light until this point.
I tried hard to meditate without results.When I met the BK, my experience was that because of the simplicity and accuracy of the concepts of soul and God, the experience flowed automatically without effort, since the first days I tried to meditate. By first setting these intentions and then regularly reconnecting with your sacred inner world, you will continue to be guided and as you declare what you desire to create and then return to the still and calm of meditation, of entering in to the sacred portal of your heart, you will know what to do next. You are able, in a sense, to take the elevator up above this world of magnificent contrast and challenge and struggle. I think it's like a radio station, you need to know its precise frequency to be able to receive the transmission.Since then, the idea of God has been essential to me together with the idea of soul. I agree the ”anthropomorhic” relationship makes it simpler to get oneself into that mind-space.
The goal is still, is calm, is love, and all that is not this comes up now for you to let go. Yes, the pendulum swings both ways and the challenges you have had serve you by providing contrast for the incredible joy and light and love you can, you deserve, you are able to create and manifest in your experience. Love is here, love is all, and as you are able to, from this inner state of being, perceive the love all around in all the world even the challenges that happen now are based in love.
Shine your light, be your truth in every moment, and when you find that you are responding out of fear, release. Th ”rejuvenation" felt from certain kinds of meditations are not necessarily dependant on the beliefs one brings to the meditation. Because as both are non-physical, and peace and other values are also non-physical, when you are in soul consciousness you can easily feel the values.But if we were just physical beings then non-physical values could not be experienced by us. This is nothing new, but what it means is that entering in, for in your heart is a sacred communication chamber by which you are able to link directly with the guidance, that source, that God, that sprit, that all that is has for you in this moment, in this time, in this now.
When you find that you are back in an old habitual pattern that does not serve, let it go and return to love, and like that, you’re back in the flow. That is, meditation techniques from different traditions can have similar ”templates” that have different ”nomenclature” for key ingredients. And I think the belief that we are physical beings tends to repel the experience of the values. Love is the spark, love is the flame that burns, love is what catapults you forward into your master of light in physical form. You are reconnected, you are one with I, archangel Michael, with source, with God, with goddess, with all that is. Some may use the word Soul or God, others not, but the ”process" can be the same and the feelings generated can be the same, even if we name them or understand them differently. This is the role, this is what you are here to accomplish, and the only way to achieve it is from within to without. You are one, you are a part of it, and so you have the ability to create profound change, radical transformation.
But this too cannot be shown to be different to the kind of projection and resultant experiences a christian might have towards a saint or Madonna, a devotee lovingly meditating on his beloved guruji or a sufi dancing ecstatically to a bhajan , or a what a teenage girl experiences when investing her heart and imagining a relationship that will be forever with her BFFL (best friend for life) or onto her pop idol sweetheart.But if we were just physical beings then non-physical values could not be experienced by us.
Action in the outside world is required, but let it be preceded by planting the seeds of intention in your inner space, in your inner world. Some will be experienced even without the need of soul consciousness or God.There is a middle, wholistic way between your opposites. There is an intangible, non-physical aspect to the living being (as we do experience) and there are psychological propensities to be understood and harnessed.

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