Currently only reading the Funny Pictures Megathread because the rest of the forums is filled with piss, whiners and pissed whiners. You can only pick one of the factions, and during your quest, the NPCs will explain what they are and what they want.
You may want to know that each order has their own armor and weapons (skins that you can only get from order vendor, vendor is only available if you are part of that order).
I really don't care for Order of Whispers base though, it's instanced and deep and irksome.

The level 1-10 story is based on a race option at char-gen, the level 11-20 story is based on a different choice at char-gen. 21-30 is the intro of the factions, each race is unique, and you do 3 missions, each of which is a choice between two of the factions, then finally you choose a faction (permenant choice). 41-50 is to work with a monster-race, there are 5 options, you get to choose from 3 of them based on your race.
50+ is all the same for everyone, with minor variations based on faction and some other choices made along the way.

The quest will tell you when your final decision is due, but until then you can choose to help whichever for a handful of quests.
I just met Queen Jennah and she asked me to report to 3 factions somewhere, who are all involved in fighting the Big Bad in some way, each with different style.

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