Peer Mediation ist ein innovativer und langfristig Erfolg versprechender Ansatz der konstruktiven Konfliktbewaltigung. Peer Mediation bietet  fur alle Beteiligten die Chance, eine neue Konflikt-und Kommunikationskultur zu entwickeln.
Sind SchulerInnen der vierten Klassen, die den Erstklasslern helfen, sich in der neuen Schule zurechtzufinden. Die Peer MediatorInnen helfen ihnen dann bei den Konflikten und streben eine Win-Win-Losung (jeder ist mit dem Ergebnis einverstanden) an. FCPS provides free class instruction to all interested fifth and sixth grade students on flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba or percussion. StringsA instruction in Fairfax County starts in the fourth grade and is offered through the 12th grade. SCAA representatives from each classroom in grades 1-6 serve on the governing board of the SCA.
The goal of ourA Peer Mediation program is to teach and model steps for the peaceful resolution of conflicts among disputants. The responsibility of our KMA Safety PatrolsA is to insure the safety of our students as they walk to school and on the buses. The PTA-sponsored Pyramid challenge is a running race started seven years ago by Bob Briggs and Peter Steinberg to introduce cross country running and encourage community involvement among the elementary schools of the West Springfield Pyramid.

The SCA works to develop a sense of responsibility, leadership, and cooperation in our students under the sponsorship of a faculty member. Avery and Mrs.Yost, every other Friday to work on understanding and implementing the five steps of our mediation process. They are chosen from fifth and sixth graders and must pass a test and be recommended by their classroom teacher. Participants play theA 24 Game,A which involves a deck of cards, each showing four whole numbers between 1 and 9. Unlike other Language Arts contests, which emphasize grammar and punctuation, this competition addresses higher level word comprehension and logical abilities and helps students learn to think both analytically and metaphorically.
Diese bilden die SchulerInnen aus, leiten sie an, besprechen Probleme und unterstutzen die MediatorInnen bei ihren Aufgaben.
Students may continue in band at the middle school and high school levels where there are opportunities to participate in many exciting school, area, and state bands. After the first year, strings students may also choose to participate in the West Springfield Area Orchestra. They sponsor such activities as the November food drive for needy neighborhood families and the monthly spirit days for the student body. The students are carefully selected by their classroom teachers to participate in this program based upon their leadership skills and ability to work well with their peers.

When presented with a card, the players strive to be the first to combine the four numbers to make 24 using only addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Credits towards graduation is earned by high school students who participate in the school band. This performing group consists of students from KM, Cardinal Forest, Orange Hunt and Rolling Valley. The goal of our Peer Mediation program is to teach and model steps for the peaceful resolution of conflicts among disputants.
They will perfrom on stage at WSHS in December along with the Irving Middle School and WSHS orchestras. From this group of singers, 6th graders audition and are chosen to represent our school in the FCPS All-County Chorus which performs in the spring of the year. When a conflict is brought to the attention ofA the counselors, mediations are arranged with two of our highly trained mediators.
A contract is signed by all participants and one of the two counselors will check in on the disputants to see how the determinedA skills are working for them.

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