Perry the Platypus is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the DisneyWiki community. Platypus with teal-colored fur and brown eyes, with a large orange beaver-like tail, a yellow bill, and yellow webbed hind feet. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (occasionally), Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher, Candace Flynn, Major Monogram, Carl, Lyla Lolliberry, Monty Monogram, Nick Fury, Stacy Hirano, O.
Possibly gets assigned a new nemesis when Doofenshmirtz stops being evil at the end of the summer. Perry the Platypus, codenamed Agent P,[1] is the tritagonist of the 2007-2015 animated television series Phineas and Ferb.
Looking simple and innocent is just Perry's way of keeping his cover as he fights against Dr. Perry is normally found acting like a mindless platypus in front of his owners, Ferb and Phineas.
While working on the animated television series Rocko's Modern Life, Phineas and Ferb co-founders Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh utilized several recurring elements in the episodes that they wrote. While choosing a species for Perry, Povenmire and Marsh wanted to keep in mind selecting one that was uncommon, an animal that kids could not "pick out at a pet store and beg [their parents] for." They choose a platypus because of the animal's obscure and striking appearance. Perry has a theme song performed by Randy Crenshaw and Laura Dickinson, and written by Povenmire and Marsh, who write the majority of songs in the series. Like the other characters of the series, Perry was structured simplistically to allow young viewers to easily draw him.
When portrayed as a secret agent, Povenmire starts with a similar bread loaf square design, but draws it standing up vertically and places a fedora on the top of his head, which is combined with the square torso. Perry has a lair under the Flynn-Fletcher's house that can be entered through various passages. It is currently unknown how Perry was recruited into the Agency in the first place, nor what kind of training Perry has undergone before receiving missions. For a platypus, Perry has above-normal strength, speed, stamina, accuracy, and reflexes, (According to Doofenshmirtz, he can perform "highly improbable judo maneuvers") making him a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. Perry is familiar with operating most kinds of machinery and vehicles, even if they're Doofenshmirtz's inventions (although perhaps this is due to the fact that most of them have an obvious off-switch, plug or self-destruct button) or Phineas and Ferb's inventions ("Picture This"). Perry is musically talented as he can play the guitar ("The Lizard Whisperer", "Last Day of Summer"), the bass guitar ("Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension", "Skiddley Whiffers"), can DJ ("Brain Drain"), sing opera ("The Doof Side of the Moon"), and read sheet music ("The Lizard Whisperer").
Wrist Communicator - Perry wears a watch-like communicator on his front left paw, and one on his front right paw, although it could be the same watch. Video Communicator - Agent P uses a PDA-like, video-chatting device to communicate with his headquarters. Notepad and Pencil - Perry uses it to write down notes for his missions but where he has it while not using it is unknown. Parachute - Agent P, while many times escaping by jumping off something high like a building or a plane, is able to use a parachute with a picture of his face on it, though when he switches bodies with Candace, the image was replaced by a picture of Jeremy ("Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?"). Laptop - Agent P has a teal laptop with a yellow footprint on the cover which he uses to tap into and reprogram the GPS system on the Flynn-Fletcher's rental recreational vehicle ("Road Trip").
Grappling gun - Agent P uses it to climb up and swing from buildings and climb onto Doofenshmirtz's blimp. Hoverjet - Agent P's hover jet is platypus-shaped, and is hijacked and mistaken by Phineas to be one of Ferb's inventions ("Ready for the Bettys").
Magnifying Contact Lens - Agent P removes his contact lenses to burn through his trap ("Monster from the Id"). Coloring Pages for children is a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity.
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In "The Best Lazy Day Ever", it is only after he turns everything affected by the Ugly-inator back to normal that he reverts himself to his normal state.
The song, along with the number "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" from the episode "Flop Starz", was the first musical composition Povenmire and Marsh pitched to the Walt Disney Company. In keeping with the show's general design scheme, Perry is constructed of geometric shapes in a style reminiscent of deceased Looney Tunes animator Tex Avery.
In contrast to his mindless and wild-eyed expression as a pet, the secret agent version of Perry is detailed with eyes "full of steely blue resolve." Povenmire proceeds by drawing his arms, which bear hands that are open and prepared for fighting or any danger. A master of platyjitsu ("Learn to Draw Phineas and Ferb"), until now only one weakness of his is known to us, which is that he can't see clearly, so that's why he wears contact lenses ("Monster from the Id"). Where exactly they are hidden is not obvious because Perry typically does not wear clothes.
Perry has also been seen drawing Major Monogram on the notepad while being briefed for a mission.
It is an educational tool and is considered an important contribution to a child's development. He also deeply cares about the Flynn-Fletcher family and is afraid to lose them and would take immediate action whenever they are threatened ("Journey to the Center of Candace", "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!", "Oh, There You Are, Perry", "Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension", "Where's Perry?", "Phineas and Ferb Save Summer").
Povenmire and Marsh wanted to reuse these elements in their series and chose Perry to execute it. Other entrances include one in the side of the tree, another in the side of the house, one in the middle of the backyard, and various others scattered throughout the property and even other parts of the city. Perry's mission is almost always foiling the doctor’s plans, which he successfully accomplishes almost every time even with minimal details about the plans.
Doofenshmirtz, he could fix a machine and slightly upgrade it ("Phineas and Ferb Interrupted"). Doofenshmirtz once built a "Monster Truck Locate-inator" that looked the same as Agent P's communicator, just a different color.
It appears to have a hidden bar-code that allows him to access the computer ("No More Bunny Business"). Beyond the educational virtues, coloring sessions allow us, the adults, a little peace and quiet while the boy or girl enjoy coloring. The reason he was adopted was that, according to Phineas, Perry looked at both Phineas and Ferb at the same time. Doofenshmirtz's couch and had once played with him while drenched in honey (“Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension”, "Bad Hair Day (Phineas and Ferb)”). They gave him a consistent and continuous arch nemesis in the form of Doofenshmirtz as a means of allowing viewers to get to know him. When Perry is portrayed as a domesticated and mindless pet, Povenmire begins with a square shaped like a loaf of bread. He could also build big things such as a making a shelter complete with music and animal servants ("Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation") and a spinning windmill sculpture while operating a robot (although it might be one of the robot's mechanisms) ("I Was a Middle Aged Robot"). There is a spring inside the hat that, when pulled, starts a motor which causes the brim of the hat to spin.
Not to mention the result: coloring pages for preschoolers are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room! Please note the images are not hosted on our servers, hence some of the images might not download.
In the Agency, his immediate superior is Major Monogram, who is commonly aided by a gawky teenager from a family of unpaid interns named Carl Karl.
When they adopted the platypus, he was given the name “Bartholomew” before he was renamed “Perry”. Doofenshmirtz as well, though only on some occasions ("Thaddeus and Thor", "Brain Drain", "Skiddley Whiffers", "When Worlds Collide").

He then draws his front legs and feet before drawing his bill, which is set at a certain angle. Doofenshmirtz unintentionally cleans up whatever Phineas and Ferb have been working on that day. Perry is quick-thinking and very efficient in his missions, especially when compared to his temporary partner, the British spy Agent Double 0-0.
In "Transport-inators of Doooom!", when Agent P is not using it, the glider looks like a jet pack. If you like to completely remove your website from our search engine index, please follow the instructions below, "Remove from Index". Doofenshmirtz cleans up what Phineas and Ferb have been working on that day, preventing that Candace show to his mother. Perry is a super hero who stops Doofenshmirtz every time he tries to take over the Tri-State area. Povenmire then draws his eyeballs, which are never focused and look in opposing directions in a daze.
For one mission (and only one mission), his nemesis was the Regurgitator, who is now in prison ("Oh, There You Are, Perry"). For example, while Double 0-0 is trying to use his laser-watch to cut through his metal restraints, Perry simply throws a brick at the remote control, pressing the big button and freeing them both ("Elementary My Dear Stacy"). On at least one occasion, Agent P is able to pull an object out of his hat, which he uses to fight Dr.
However, on several occasions, Perry would often try to help Doofenshmirtz on his not-so-evil schemes and would have to face more threats that are even more dangerous than Doofenshmirtz. Perry was also able to single-handedly destroy five Norm Bots whereas a group of twelve fellow agents failed to destroy even one despite numerical superiority and an initially successful ambush ("Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension"). He is also smart enough to be able to read and write ("I Was a Middle Aged Robot", "Picture This"). Doofenshmirtz or help himself escape: a can of Fancy Cheese Spray ("I, Brobot") or a hot dog ("Backyard Aquarium").
For one mission (and only one mission so far) his nemesis was the Regurgitator, whose current nemesis is the world and ended in prison.
He has also been shown to respond to and understand not only English, but French as well ("Undercover Carl"), and German; however at one occasion, he needed a dictionary ("I Was a Middle Aged Robot"). Some of the vehicles he drives are a hovercraft car ("Ready for the Bettys", "Traffic Cam Caper", "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!"), a banana truck (with aid of stilts so he can reach the pedals) ("Suddenly Suzy"), and Dr. Doofenshmirtz's controller to the ground, damaging it and setting him free ("Voyage to the Bottom of Buford"). In addition, it seems to have unnatural abilities to stay attached to its owner's head; it stays put on Agent P's head underwater and even in space ("Out to Launch"). He seems very attached to it; in circumstances when it is in danger of being blown away, he holds it with one paw on it to keep it in place, and Agent P is furious when Dennis the rogue agent steals his hat and uses it to access the Agency's mainframe. Once Dennis is defeated, Agent P snatches his hat back from him indignantly and returns it to its proper place on his own head ("No More Bunny Business"). It also contains an auto-scan replication device inside of it, that scans information during each mission, which the OWCA has been using to recreate each of Heinz Doofenshmirtz's Inators to be studied and see if they have been getting smarter or dumber as the years go by. Perry also used the auto-scan replication device to scan all of Phineas and Ferb's big ideas that he stored in his lair computer and can be unlocked by placing his tri-folding locket in a slot on his console like a key ("Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension"). Doofenshmirtz cannot recognize him ("Phineas and Ferb The Movie:Across The 2nd Dimension").

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