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Personal growth and leadership development as a business concept of achievements and success with a tree shaped as a human head and arrow going up to the sky as a symbol of growing and learning. Mariel has a fascinating view point on not only on the healthy foods we eat, but the importance of slowing down to prepare the foods we eat.
Mariel shares the secrets that make it possible to eat well all week long even with a busy schedule.

I know you are going to enjoy my interview with Mariel, a woman who loves to cook, eat and conjure up new and fascinating recipes.  This a a wonderful book designed for anyone who would like to spice up their eating with different and nutritious foods. To learn more about her new book and special offerings if you purchase Mariel‘s Kitchen: Simple Ingredients for a Delicious and Satisfying Life please visit her website. Not only do we explore some of her great recipes, you get to learn what I would call the her philosophy to live and living. She stresses the importance of good quality foods with high nutritional value, but just as important the spiritual connection to the food we consume.

Would you like to find a quick and easy way to make fresh, organic food a part of your and your family‘s way of life? She reveals what staples are necessary for any pantry and how to prepare core recipes that become the foundation for multiple dishes.  She offers shopping tips for navigating the world of organic and sustainable foods.

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