Mind Power"The Potential Of The Human Mind Is Subject To, And Limited Only By, Our Individual Beliefs or Un-belief As To Whether We Can Accomplish A Thing Or Not. Have you had enough of not being able to turn your dreams into reality, because you’re blocking and sabotaging your progress?
Sometimes we get them from our family or teachers, sometimes we pick them up from the media and our perception of society’s beliefs and expectations of us.
Letting them go is much less effort than hanging on to them and looking after them, year after year, as they keep you stuck in old habits and out-dated ways of living. Think of something you really want to acheive, create or experience, but have been struggling with. So if we go around bashing our beliefs, we’re likely to end up feeling miserable and demoralised. Imagine you have incorporated them into your life and zoom forwards a couple of decades – how does it feel?
Maybe write it down on a post-it and stick it in your wallet, where you’ll see it every day? How else could you get creative and remind yourself to play with your new empowering belief?
There’s absolutely no need for it to be difficult, if you do it with a lightness of heart and a dollop of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Want to know my secret strategy for creating business breakthroughs, no matter how busy you are? Are You Making The Biggest Mistake That Means Most People Never Turn Their Dreams Into Reality? Super Mind 1 Hypnosis program will guide you through a variety of mental exercises which will help you to effectively use each of your senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) when working on your goals with self-hypnosis. Super Mind 2 Hypnosis program will guide you through mental exercises for transferring your consciousness to different parts of your body. Super Mind 3 Hypnosis program will guide you through mind exercises for projecting your consciousness outside of your body - into an inanimate object, into a plant, into an animal, into another person, and into highly evolved spiritual being - for the purposes of gathering information, gaining new learnings and wisdom, or healing. By David Hamilton Filed Under: Change - Growth, Mindset Harnessing the power of the mind allows words to be turned into new realities. For years, common thought regarding the brain was what developed as a child stuck with the individual throughout life.
In addition, it was thought that chemicals and neural connections were to doom the human thought process, consciousness, behaviors, habits and ultimate reality.
Today, new breeds of science like quantum physics, digital physics and even plasma physics offer hope that the mind has the power to influence changes in physical reality.

You may find it fascinating to know that all human tissues, including the brain is made of essentially the same ingredients. Through time as well as repetition, the brain learns connections needed to thrive and function. This comes through experience so that every speck of skin learns where it is being kissed or touched. While babies from birth to six months can perceive vocal inflections of any language, once the child reaches the age of one year, he or she can no longer recognize the sounds of other languages.
As children they did not need to distinguish between the English L and R sounds and the ability is weeded out. However, this does not mean life is hopeless and the brain fates you to live the life you lead. Scientific experiments with amputees show the mind rewires the brain to feel sensations that would normally be felt in the now missing limb in other parts of the body.
The limb is rehabilitated by continuing to use until the brain determines its needs to map the input being received. This has lead to remarkable recovery.
In a 1995 experiment one group of pianist physically practiced 5-fingered piano exercises while another only thought about practicing the same exercise. Each group was instructed to put their full attention to the exercise, a single note and finger at the time. Because the brain is in constant flux and responds to the environment as well as sensory input on a continual basis. Even though modern physics and neurobiology have given great insight into how the mind and brain work, and even affect reality, they don’t always explain practical application of how to increase mind power. 1) Meditation: it has been scientifically shown that meditation increases mind power, self-acceptance, relaxation, presence, task-focus, and overall well-being and success. There are even methods based on quantum physics like quantum entrainment which are highly recommended for exploring this space of mind power building. 2) Visualization: this is a second powerful tool, though not necessarily better than meditation. For visualization to be powerful, it should be combined with mindfulness or meditative states to amplify it.
Read previous post:Using Alpha Meditation For Creating Positive ChangesAlpha meditation taps into the state of awareness of being nearly asleep but at the same time, completely awake. Telling your unconscious mind that a belief it has spent decades reinforcing with carefully-collected evidence is not true is a great way to set up an inner conflict, which always brings trouble. Really allow yourself to experiment with the curiosity and excitement of a young child, while you choose your new, more empowering beliefs.

Join me for my Limiting Beliefs Masterclass and learn how to spot them, before they cause problems, AND set yourself free from their secret sabotage or your success.
I'm spilling the beans on stuff I normally only share with my 1-to-1 clients and Mastermind students. Subliminal, supraliminal and supraliminal plus programs are designed to impress suggestions for enhancing your ability to use all of your senses effectively while using self-hypnosis, directly upon your subconscious mind. Subliminal, supraliminal and supraliminal plus programs are designed to impress corresponding suggestions directly upon your subconscious mind.
In the 20th century, science came to a revolution of thoughts regarding the human brain and mind, because fundamental perspectives changed with the advent of quantum physics.
Each has already or will soon make connections to help the body to act and the mind receives input. For example, those whose primary language is Japanese find it difficult to distinguish between the words rake and lake.
The brain maps can change based on what people are doing and the areas of the life and body needing most attention. Perhaps you could set it as an appointment reminder to ‘ping up’ on your computer every couple of hours for a few days?
Then let Clare Josa inspire you with the 'inside work' that will set you free to create the changes you've been dreaming of.
For that reason, all esoteric traditions have given a lot of thought to mind-training exercises that can help people get the most out of using their mind-power.
You may get the most out of your mind if you incorporate what you learn here with some NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, as they have their own value in accelerating the progress you make. However, the focus of NLP is quite different.The exercises in this series begin with the basic training in the use of all your your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste), until you can experience them in your inner world as vividly and as real as if they were actually present in your outer world.
The secret of successful self-hypnosis, prayer, or any other type of use of mind-power, depends on your ability to experience your desired outcome as if it were real for you now. It is not enough to just imagine it, but you must feel the reality of it, with all of your senses - you must be able to concentrate and focus upon your outcome to the exclusion of everything else for the time being and as you focus deeply, you become absorbed by the subject of your focus and eventually you become it within you and then the outer world merely reflects it for you.The series follows with the mind-exercises for development of your ability to transfer your consciousness to any part of your body, experiencing yourself as if you are in effect that part of your body and allowing everything else to fade from your awareness. Then you must learn how to generate it and how to project it, with your mind, whether you desire to create an effect in your own body or somewhere outside of your body.The following part of the mind-training exercises deals with mastering the ability to transfer your consciousness outside of your body - into an inanimate object, into a plant, into an animal, into another human being or into a higher-evolved spiritual being. You can use these abilities to create desired changes in your body, in your life, to gather information, to gain insight, to gain new learnings and wisdom, to help heal yourself and others, and to influence others remotely.

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