The main objective of IMP workshop is your Oneness with The One within and thererby activating your dormant psychic potential using scientifically designed, step-by-step, multi-dimensional Integral Mind Power Practice based upon time tasted ancient wisdom and latest science and technology.
This workshop will act as a catalyst for your speedy integral evolution and equip you with the tools, truths, technology and teaching to solve your current life problems with INTEGRAL MIND POWER TM  . For Better Relationships: IMP workshop can save you from people whose relationships can harm you in anyway by allowing you to read their energies beforehand.
For Spiritual Development: All spiritual practices are aimed to connect you to your True Inner Self. For Clearing Negativity: Learn to clear off negative energies blocking your evolution from your auric field and from your mind.

For Time Travel: Learn to see your probable future with guided meditations bringing messages from core of your Being to your conscious mind. Workshop will be conducted by Amitt Parikh, a modern mystic, a prolific writer, an intuitive life coach, the author of ‘Conversations with The Mysterious One’ and the Founder of Spiritual Science & Research Foundation (SSRF), India. Note: Please bring your own portable mp3 player and stereo headset to work with brainwave entrainment technology. 4)     Lifetime Membership of Integral Mind Power Club – Get heavy discounts on spiritual products and workshops! One of the main objective of this workshop is to promote Oneness Revolution as guided by The Mysterious One and help you easily connect to your Authentic Higher Self!

Open up your natural intuitive powers with scientifically designed step-by-step process that increases your success rate in remote viewing.

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