Many pregnant women are using the ancient technique of Meditation to achieve a more peaceful state of being during their pregnancy.
These women are facing one of the most hormonal, physically, and mentally challenging times of their lives, and engaging in daily meditation can ease the burdens that carrying a new life can bring. Put simply, meditation is to sit quietly and thoughtfully to achieve maximum relaxation or an enlightened state.
Although most mothers will attest that pregnancy is one of the greatest gifts that any woman can be given, there is no denying that carrying a child for nine months within one’s body, though natural, is also very demanding. Add these new and strenuous demands, such as morning sickness, headaches, and dizziness, to the already busy lifestyle most women now face in the workplace and at home, and it isn’t difficult to see how a woman could become disconnected from both her aching body and her child. By settling down deliberately on a regular basis to meditate, a mom-to-be may bond more easily with her child. The mother can fully appreciate her child’s separate yet connected energy and its very presence within her body.
These can include serious stress about becoming a parent and knowing that soon this precious child is going to be dependent on Mom for everything from nutrition to love and hygiene. Through meditation, a woman can relieve much of this mental discomfort, even if it is temporary.
Add to these the uncomfortable occurrences that hormones and an ever growing fetus induce, such as nausea, queasiness, and frequent urination, it is easy to see how a lady may begin to feel as though she’ll never recover from just the physical rigors of pregnancy. Hormones are what cause a woman’s body to go into action and prepare to carry a child until it is ready to enter the world safely.
Meditation can’t change the influx of hormones, and thereby can’t completely eliminate these mood swings. Pregnant women are finding that meditation helps them bond quickly with their child while the baby is still in utero. Mental stress and anxiety are both eased along with the physical discomfort that pregnancy inherently brings.
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The mothers pregnancy reaction is co-experienced by her baby and permanently sets her baby up for a life of feeling rejected and alone in this world OR empowered and confident in ones purpose and potential. I have been shown how to directly infuse angelic healing energy into all my digital products so you feel it, so you experience it, so you connect with me and I with you, as if we are sitting in the same room together having a one on one healing experience.
Over the next few years I will focus my energy on making educational videos for you and in return I am asking you to write something on my blog. I would be very grateful if you pass my website address to your social media friends and contacts. Meditationoasis writes, When deeply relaxed, everything flows more easily in your body, circulating blood with its nutrients and oxygen to nourish both you and your child. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged kelly rowland, marriage, medical, meditation, pregnancy on June 19, 2014 by yeuphonic. For specific meditation techniques for every trimester of you pregnancy, visit The Art of Living.
She is able to give her tired mind permission to focus on her child only, and even deliver little messages of love from her own thoughts to the mind of her little one.
This relaxation is quite conducive to helping Mom with the uncomfortableness that pregnancy often brings. As the blood is what delivers oxygen and nutrients to both Mom and baby, this relaxation is better for their physicality in every way.
By allowing her mind to focus on her baby and inner peace, she is able to achieve a more balanced mind frame which will serve her well in the sleepless, stressful nights that will inevitably accompany baby. The organs and bones of the mother are moved around and changed so that she can grow life within her body for three quarters of a year. However, these same miraculous hormones also cause serious shifts in moods, which are both uncomfortable for Mom and the folks around her. However, taking the time to relax and focus allows a woman moments to center herself and take better control of her inner turmoil.
While this isn’t completely disconnected from stress and hormonally induced mood swings, anxiety in and of itself can be extremely debilitating. Eliminating even some of this uncomfortable panic is a huge help to women who are extremely anxious during pregnancy. Also, fathers are getting in on the act and using meditation to connect with both his unborn child and his mate.

As such, the pregnant meditator finds herself feeling more grounded and less susceptible to hormonal mood swings. Full length healthy Asian pregnant woman doing yoga exercise stretching, full body isolated on white background. This impacts the baby, and if it is not cleared before birth, it could have a negative impact on pregnancy, the BABY'S MENTAL HEALTH and parenting challenges! Also, being more in tune with both her own body and her baby enables a woman naturally to gravitate toward proper nutrition and to avoid lifestyle choices which are harmful to both. It brings not only physical frustrations with aches, pains, and muscle soreness, but a whole plethora of uncomfortable symptoms.
Even parents who are thrilled to be having a child may have disturbing misgivings about their ability to be a good caregiver.
However, these changes can bring with them a myriad of physical symptoms that are quite uncomfortable. Furthermore, as Mom takes the time to sit, rest, and focus inwardly, she allows her body time for healing that leads to a general feeling of wellbeing. As a matter of fact, severe anxiety can cause or exacerbate pre-natal depression and keep Mom from properly caring for herself and baby. Since meditation relaxes the body physically, it also helps basic bodily functions to happen more easily, such as the more efficient transference of oxygen within the bloodstream.
This type of meditation serves to not only help Dad feel included, but also helps to strengthen the bond between him and Mom. Naturally, a closer relationship between the two parents is extremely healthy for Dad, Mom, and baby.
Emotionally, you are more available to bond with your child and tune into your child’s presence and energy.

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