The three larger pyramids were build by people from another dimension(the space between spaces).
Pyramids nets for making the shapes.For nets click on the links to the right of the pictures.
Jean-Pierre Houdin spent a couple of decades working as an independent architect around Paris. Now Houdin enters into the debate with what Egyptologist Bob Brier calls a “radical new theory.” Using state-of-the-art 3-D software, Houdin has concluded that the bottom portion of the pyramids were built with an external ramp, and the upper portions with internal ramps.
Houdin’s work has focused particularly on the Great Pyramid of Giza, otherwise known as the Pyramid of Khufu, built circa 2500 B.C. The basic model of the code of a pyramid is formed of 365 small pyramids which consist at 14 steps of model of the code. Oh well kids, stop talking about Aliens, it’s always aliens aliens aliens aliens with you, shut up. Hi Dan, just fyi, the image you linked to in the article for the Great Pyramid is actually a photo of Khafre’s Pyramid, the middle of three on the Giza Necropolis.
The fact that the sides of the Great Pyramid are not perfectly flat and straight was discovered 130 years ago by Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie. From the outer edges, the surface slants slightly inward toward the center, making a vertical center-line from the apex down the middle of each triangular side.
Each side of the Great Pyramid was built with these angles in it, and some photographs of the pyramid show them. Why did the ancients build the pyramid’s sides angled in towards the center-line instead of making the sides perfectly flat? When Petrie began to do his survey of the Great Pyramid, he cleared away the sand and rubble where the four cornerstones had once sat.
The distance of 36,525 inches around the base perimeter is also significant because a half-minute of longitude at the earth’s equator is equal to 36,525 inches. Petrie found the remaining casing-stones of the Great Pyramid sitting on the base-platform.
Petrie assumed that the original casing base-line was straight from one pyramid corner to the next corner.

Petrie’s measurement of the four projected sides added together equals 36,275 inches around the base perimeter. The Great Pyramid’s constructors built in the smaller projected square base to show one-half minute of equatorial latitude. Out of all the three pyramids at Giza, only the pyramid of Khafre retains some parts of the originally polished limestone casing near its pinnacle.
The pyramid is not a sepulcher of Pharaoh and the purpose of its construction was not on this plane.
The huge volume of the information is ciphered with use of the geometrical form of a pyramid. Near the bottom, the center-line branches off left and right to form a triangle inset at the bottom center of each base-side.
He found the rectangular flat depressions or sockets that were carved in the bedrock at the four corners; the casing-cornerstones sat in these corner-sockets until they were removed hundreds of years ago with most of the other casing-stones.
When Petrie’s lengths of the four sides (defined by the sockets) are added together it equals 36,521 inches. Petrie (along with everyone else) did not realize that the original casing base-sides were not perfectly straight to the corners. Petrie’s base-perimeter distance is the same as the distance of one-half minute of latitude at the equator.
So the builders showed in the pyramid’s casing-base perimeter both one-half minute longitude and latitude at the equator. The three are named the great pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), the pyramid of Khafre (Khafra) and the pyramid of Menkaure.
To the naked eye, the pyramid of Khafre looks to be the tallest, but in reality the pyramid of Khufu is the tallest of them all. Working with his father, Houdin tried to crack an ancient mystery — how were the great pyramids of Egypt built? And he has gone so far as to create a 3D interactive film that visually documents his hypothesis.
Understanding the achievement of the Pyramids requires an understanding that human beings and the earth evolve and have had different capabilities through the eons..

Petrie, a skillful surveyor, decided to do a precise survey of the Great Pyramid’s base and structure and also make thorough measurements of the pyramid’s interior chambers, passageways, and features. Petrie measured the distance from the end of one corner-socket to the end of the next corner-socket at the other end of the pyramid’s base-side.
That is significant because 36,525 is the number of days in the year x 100 (there are 365.25 days in the year). Milby has studied the Great Pyramid extensively—the design of its chambers and passageways and its many features and details.
The first pyramid that was built in Egypt was the Pyramid of Djoser during the third dynasty.
The pyramid of Menkaure has three smaller pyramids that are right next to this main structure and are called the Queen’s Pyramids. While doing his survey, Petrie noticed that the middle of each base-side of the pyramid’s core masonry was “distinctly hollowed in” (some 30 inches) instead of straight from corner to corner, and that “each side has a sort of groove” that ran from the top down the middle of the sides.
The ancient builders made the pyramid’s base perimeter around the four corner-sockets to equal the number of days in the year (x 100).
It is a reasonable deduction, as I see it, that the builders deliberately made the base perimeter equal to one-half minute longitude. Thus he obtained a square base-line around the pyramid, which seemed to show the original base-line of the pyramid. Near the corners of the Great Pyramid the original casing began to slightly turn outward to the outside corners of the corner-sockets where the casing-cornerstones sat. At the time they were completed, the sides were covered with casing-stones made of white Tura limestone, which gave the finished Pyramid a smooth surface. But his projected square base-line did not go to the far ends of the corner-sockets as one would have expected.
Originally, they were removed so that they could be used in the construction of other buildings in the Cairo vicinity.

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