For example, my Fruit Til Five™ program is a free, guided session to live the high-fruit lifestyle for a week.
With an open & curious mind, you can change your story by learning new information about healing foods, experimenting with your own body, and collecting your own data. This delicious vegan Caesar salad has been a wonderful substitute making it easier than I thought to let go of my old beloved Caesar recipe. When hubby offers to cook for me my favorite comfort food of fried eggs and toast on Saturday mornings, I lay in with the willpower. Restaurant choices have narrowed even more as I’ll no longer use seafood or cheese as a fall-back option.
Writing a new story, keeping a positive state of mind, utilizing a new strategy, evoking self-discipline and willpower, and owning the process has helped me realize that life is the carrot.
Carla Golden is a vegan nutritionist and a massage therapist in private practice specializing in therapeutic essential oils.
The time might be the turn of a new year, our birthday, a new season, or any given day…like a Monday. We need a larger purpose behind our change efforts to keep us committed to the hard work…or to morph that hard work into easy, joyful work. Many people love the session, succeed for seven days, yet can’t sustain this method as a lifestyle simply out of the desire to eat a simple, clean, nutritious diet. Put yourself into your own food lab and test new theories to help narrate a new, liberating, and empowering story. A positive state of mind is essential for positive change.

Mark Manson brilliantly narrows down the nuances between will power and self-discipline and I believe him when he writes that for long-term change you need solid self-discipline. I’m planning to substitute with a warm tomato sandwich using either Just Mayo or mashed avocado.
No more occasional Greek salads with feta, Bibb salads with crumbled blue cheese, or Spring rolls with shrimp. Practice delaying gratification and hold out for what you really want: a journey of self-expansion that helps you live a more authentic and integral life with the results you want.
With a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Health & Healing, she enjoys helping others discover the benefits and liberation inherent in a whole food, plant-based diet. These larger reasons & feelings are embedded into The Healers Diet™, my 23-day online course, in order to give WHY to the Fruit Til Five™ instructional HOW.
Magic pills, quick solutions, and lofty promises are hollow, empty, and temporary fixes that waste money and create larger problems to solve in the long run. The Vegan Key™ is her newest online nutrition program based on tried and true methods which foster performance, vitality, and purpose. But by the third, thirtieth, or three-hundredth day it can seem daunting, impossible, and forced if you don’t have key elements in place set up for your success. Any strategy you choose to loose weight or stay healthy will result in failure as a process of reinforcing your story. You need these to evoke change or breakthroughs and there is no side-stepping, by-passing, or skirting them.

I’ve dipped into more nuts, seeds, and grains than I prefer in order to stay animal-free and I look forward to easing up on these ingredients to keep my fat intake levels healthful and my grain intake minimal. In the process of seeking a new result, I become a different person and that’s the real reward. If you have committed to living a life of integrity and of greater service, then every time you eat, choosing fruit & vegetables becomes an easy and effortless practice of your core commitments. Even if we see and know people around us who defy our stories, we think they are special, lucky cases, or freaks of nature. So no more Caesar salads (parmesan, anchovies), fried eggs in butter on Saturdays, or seafood for me after years and years of not eating mammal or bird meat.
HOW you eat is motivated & sustained by WHY you choose the foods of transformation that you do. The chemicals generated by movement or meditation physically alter your state of mind and you can’t help but become more positive.

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