I’ve been checking a lot of websites and blogs for guides regarding the Union System in RO2 but it seems that those are incomplete so I decided to consolidate all of the guides in to 1 and give credit to the people who put their effort just to create the guides for the union system. By the way you can access the Union Window by pressing the semicolon key (;) in your keyboard. Exchange NPC Location: outside the swordsman guild house in Prontera just in front of the cathedral. Might wanna add that you can only leave the union AFTER 2 weeks of joining it to change to another union. Remembered I have been telling I am going to have less update in blogs because of Ragnarok Online 2? Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second is in 3D-rendered with new battle systems, monsters and game features. Blacksmith's Guardian = Vulcan increases the summoners melee defence and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Hammerfall which decreases the enemies' defence.
Chef's Guardian = Demeter greatly increases the summoners HP auto-recovery and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Lusty Smell which poisons the monsters.
The list of cards are available in Card Book and you can keep track of those unobtainable or obtained cards. This is where all the wastewater from Prontera ends up, designed by Prontera’s planners to help with sewage disposal. This is the vibrant capitol city of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, located in the North of the Midgard continent.

Dospore, Masipore, OB bear, Toad king, Forest Leader, Anantia, Truffle King, Whirimzu, Witch Leira. Only the Elders of Payon were allowed to enter the Secret Forest Tomb, said to be the hiding place for ancient secrets. The Dimensional crack that has appeared in the world plays a key role as the connecting bridge between Vanaheim and Midgard continent. Verta Delta boasts the best scenery and the environment with the combination of the dam, forest and emerald color ocean.
These are the six different Union costumes you can purchase when you have earned enough Union Points. As for my part, its very hard to try out all the unions just to know each of their quests and most questions asked by people are regarding the location of the NPC where you can exchange the union points and what items are available for each union. However, from the news I heard, OBT is currently available only to certain countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The garden is named for the demon that fled here after being defeated by a group of heroes. If the entrant is able to best the monsters they are tasked with defeating, they will fight the previous winners.
No one knows when or by whom this temple was created, but it is the primary habitat for mermen.
Due to the Valkyrie attack on Payon Village, the entrance collapsed and was inaccessible for years.

I will list down all the unions that you can join after you reach level 50, the location of the NPC and the items that can be exchanged for the points you acquire after you finish each quest. Based on this, you can save time and effort by choosing the right union for your character. So I guess players from other countries might want to *ahem* bypass just to play this game. The cards can be obtained by hunting monsters or synthesizing stronger cards via Card Merchant. Seismic disturbances from the dimensional crack unearthed the ruins of Payon and also the entrance to the Tomb. Reidin Kerse mentioned in his report that bugs are endlessly coming out from deep inside there. Once joined with a Union, players can participate in the Union quests to receive Union Points. Remember that if you leave a Union, you cannot re-join or join another Union until 2 weeks has passed. When it was an island, Izlude was the transportation mecca for the continent, but after becoming a hill town, the lives of the villagers changed.

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