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After they are caught stealing, twin boys are told “When you steal something, you should walk away slowly. Max-Ernest talks so much because he has never stopped to talk about how he feels. Do you ever feel like you can’t talk bout how you feel?
Because of alchemy, there is a 97 year old woman who looks like a teenager, and a 489 year old man who looks old (but not 489). If you are interested in Egyptology, The Egyptian Book Of The Dead is recommended in the Appendix. Max-Ernest’s parents argued over his name when he was born and separated after naming him. Cass tells Max-Ernest that her father was struck by lightning and died, but you learn that she actually doesn’t know anything about her father. Two boys are caught stealing at the circus, and the man who catches them tells them he will feed them to the tiger. If you are interested in buying this book, I would love it if you bought it at your local bookstore! But, if you are planning to buy this book or anything else on Amazon, please buy after clicking on our link!

It made me think of Lemony Snicket (You can find my review of the first book of A Series of Unfortunate Events here) because of the sarcasm and the fact that the author keeps begging you to stop reading the book.
The villains kidnapped children with special abilities and it is implied that they all died. Although the main plot is complete, the reader is left with many questions that I can only conclude will be answered in the following books. Two of the pretty, popular girls laugh at her behind her back about her ears (but not out of her earshot). As the story progresses, you learn that he was investigating alchemy and may have discovered the secret to eternal youth.
Mauvais calls on Thoth, also known as Hermes, also known as Mercury as they begin the procedure on Benjamin.
You think he is actually going to do it, when the owner appears and tells them that the tiger is harmless. The children rescue one boy who is about to have his bran fluid sucked out of him (to be used a an elixir for eternal youth). Or what if they were lying in the kitchen in a pool of blood breathing their last breaths and she could have been there to hear their dying wishes but she wasn’t?
His kitchen was destroyed by a very brief, intense fire, leaving some of his teeth and a strong sulfur smell. It made me think of Lemony Snicket because he begs you to stop reading, and it’s also full of tragic events.

There are references to drinking monkey blood, ritual sacrifice, and being burned to death.
In order to make their hamburgers, McDonald’s raised and slaughtered so many cows that they became diseased and land was destroyed.
The villains are clearly evil, and the children do the right thing by choosing to save a classmate rather than save themselves. Cass had good motives (to prompt authorities to pursue the real villains, but do you think it was a good idea? Mauvais, appears to drink blood and eat a heart (presumably part of the alchemy of staying young). One of the main characters, Max-Ernest, has parents who have been fighting since the day he was born. The house is split down the middle in style, and neither parents will speak to the other parent or step over the line into the other’s part of the house. Although the parents are clearly comic relief in the book, their behavior has dramatically affected their son and at the end of the book, the parents decide to get a divorce and not live in the same house any more.

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