Captain America: The Winter Soldier has enjoyed a record-breaking opening weekend and sizable acclaim from critics. When we last left the Avengers’ covert unit, Venom was preparing to scuffle with Taskmaster over The Crown of Wolves.The first highlight of this issue was all the heroic banter from Hawkeye, especially when he’s messing with Taskmaster. So what do you after you leave the theater and find yourself still wanting more of what you saw on screen? You go to your local comic book store and pick up one of the five comics listed below that either inspired, informed, or are in the same spirit of at least one of the major aspects of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There’s just something appealing to the cartoonishly large stature and the gnarly teeth that his style highlights about symbiote-infused Flash Thompson.Lastly, the twist that they threw in at the end of the book was great! This is the collection that gave the film its name, in which Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting introduce the Winter Soldier to the world. Prior to this series, Bucky Barnes was one name on a very short list of characters that comic book fans believed would always stay dead.
Brubaker and Epting decided otherwise and began one of the best superhero comic book series of the decade, full of action, espionage and great characterizations of Captain America and his supporting cast, which is made up of mostly characters from the film (Nick Fury, Maria Hill, the Falcon, Black Widow, Agent 13). Night Shyamalan twist here!Overall, ‘Secret Avengers’ #30 had a lot of the things that I really enjoy about comic books: witty banter with some puns, a larger than life threat, interesting art, and an enjoyable story.

This volume was recently collected and reissued with a movie cover, so it shouldna€™t be hard to find.Want more of the Falcon? Pick up Avengers: FalconThough he doesna€™t always get a lot of time in the spotlight, the Falcon is an important character in the history of American comic books. He was the first African American superhero in a mainstream comic book, immediately paired with Captain America to explore the social issues of the 1970s.
You can find them reprinted in black and white beginning with Essential Captain America Volume 3, but if you want something in color you can check out the recent Avengers: Falcon collection that arrived just before the movie hit and hits the highlights of Sam Wilson's career.Want more stealthy Steve Rogers? His a€?stealth looka€? is inspired by the look he had while leading a covert team of Avengers on secret missions in the Marvel Universe. If you enjoyed seeing Captain America leading a covert ops team then Secret Avengers is the book for you. The first two volumes are written by Ed Brubaker and are as solid as any of his other superhero work, but the real gem is Secret Avengers Volume 3: Run the Mission, Dona€™t Get Seen, Save the World. Warren Ellis takes over writing duties for six issues and enlists the aid of all-star artists like Jamie McKelvie, Alex Maleev, and David Aja. The result is some of the most visually stunning superhero comics created in the modern era and, looking back, something of a precursor to how Marvel would reinvent its superhero comics following the Marvel NOW!

If you just cana€™t get enough of the character then Ia€™ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Black Widow is currently the star of her own fantastic solo series, written by Nathan Edmonson with fantastic artwork by Phil Noto. Go to your comic shop and buy the back issues or go online and download them from one of Marvela€™s digital outlets. The series is all of the tense espionage action you expect from Black Widow with more of a human element than youa€™d expect. Ita€™s one of the best Marvel books going right now, so whatever you have to do to get it will be totally worth it. More shadow politics and secret societies? Hydra turned up to mythic proportions and is one of the most underrated comic book series of recent years.

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