I had the pleasure of helping judge the group and family reading fair projects division this year and it was so much fun.  Since I had such a great response from sharing last year’s reading fair projects, I’m going to post some I was really impressed with this year. Arthur and the Big Snow– This is a story board that also took first place, but I can’t remember which grade level it was. I have a few more to share and I will do that later in the week.  There were just so many great looking storyboards that I had to take a ton of pictures. Ready to start your own reading fair project?  Check out these posts for more great reading fair inspiration.  Be sure and follow me on Pinterest and never miss a reading fair update!
Read all about my 21 day Metabolic Booster Programme in this months issue of Image Magazine. Diets don’t work, the idea of my online metabolic booster programme is to educate you over 21 days on how to lose body fat, eat clean, improve your health and boost your metabolism for life! The programme is designed to help sort out your tummy on the inside, you’re never going to have a flat stomach or feel healthy if you have inflammation in the abdominal wall.
As its an online programme there is no need to train with me at my studio in Brampton, in fact a lady from Australia was in my last group.
This is not a diet the aim of the programme is to educate you throughout the 21 days to help you make the right choices for life! Next programmes commence on Monday September 9th limited places are available if you’d like to join my next programme please let me know ASAP and I will send you payment details.

Ps Visit my facebook page Becca Mclachlan Fitness Studios and LIKE it for all my health, fitness & fat loss tips. I meet so many people that think they eat a healthy diet but struggle to change shape or lose weight.
To access the metabolic booster programme you need to have a Facebook account as I run the group through a Secret Facebook Page only accessible to people following the plan.
I have been studying health, fitness and fat loss for over 27 years and this is the most successful programme I have ever ran. The cost of the programme is ?47 or ?37 if you train at the studio whilst following the plan. Mom!Mom blog and elementary school librarian sharing product reviews, giveaways, and lifestyle articles for parents. Quite often the problem is that they don’t realise their addicted to hidden sugars in foods or intolerant to gluten or diary which could be sabotaging their fat loss efforts. I do not send individual messages or emails all instructions and documents are posted in the Secret Group.
I can guarantee that if you stick with it you will be leaner, have more energy and be happier with yourself than you are today. You will be able to gain access to the group on Friday 6th September to give you time to go shopping, prepare and post any questions you may have.

Throughout the 21 days each week you will have four clean days, two metabolic booster days where I give you four options and then one relax day where you can even drink alcohol!
Through the group I support you every single day to help you stay motivated and focused, there’s also a real community feel within the group with everyone supporting each other and swapping recipe ideas and menus. But I also must warn you that some days may feel tough – but nothing worthwhile is easy! If you are a vegetarian you can still follow the programme as long as you eat eggs and fish otherwise its not suitable. Research shows those who lose weight in a group SUCCEED and gain much better results than those that go it alone and also psychologists believe it takes 21 days to make or break a habit! If you have any health conditions or are on medication, you will need to consult with your GP before starting the plan. To optimise your results I encourage you to be as active as possible, it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, included in the plan are my home video workouts which have three different progressions suitable for beginners up to advanced level.

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