As soon as I received my email with the information about my Santee, I began to look everywhere for the perfect gifts. A week after my giftee received her book on meat butchering (a strange purchase for a vegetarian to make, my Amazon account is very confused), I received my gift. It has led to my new WWAC profile picture, and I plan on wearing it all winter long (which, in Chicago, is for the rest of forever). It is such a simple, amazing luxury to be able to unwrap something that someone has picked out just for you.

I wanted them to be meaningful and heartfelt which is difficult when shopping for a complete stranger that you only know a few sentences about. I encourage others to join in on the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange next year, and I plan on trying out some of the random gift exchanges they host throughout the year. The only thing that I enjoy more than unwrapping gifts is giving someone else a gift to unwrap. Once in a while, I will stumble over to the gaming message boards to read up on trends I’m not actively following (everything to do with Pokemon, for instance).

During the previous holiday, I was employed at a daycare and all of the teachers participated in Secret Santa. This past year found me at a tiny law office where I am the only employee of three lawyers, so no Secret Santa-ing to be had.

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