Perhaps found in Upanishads, the Vedas, or some other Sanskrit scriptures, Usui found texts that described the movement of energies, and symbolic hand postures, but the texts did not disclose how to turn this energy on.
Like aspects of Buddhism, Zen and Taoism, the emphasis is on mindfulness, honoring life, and our ancestors.
The most documented source of these concepts is found in the ancient Hindu text of the Upanishad.
In the east, the body is a considered a ‘sacred temple’, so surgery was never considered an option.
And oddly enough, we have come full circle and find validity in these descriptions of the universe again.
Shortly after his discovery of the Master Symbol Frequency, he created several Reiki Healing tables. When teaching classes, she gives the new symbols, uses the new attunement method and mentions her experience with the Great Being; she teaches this system under the name Tera-Mai Seichim Reiki. Kathleen states "From my working with the Great Being and my own understanding and experience, Reiki comes from the element earth, and the energy of this ray runs hot and cold just like the surface of our planet.
We have found the energy of several of the symbols to be very Earthy as stated by Kathleen. Centuries ago, southern India was the location of gathering places for scholars and healers. In those long ago times, it took many years of devotion and great personal sacrifice to learn these various healing systems. Outside the energy in our personal “envelopes”, there is a vast limitless “sea” of living light energy.
Seichim is the Western pronunciation for the Sanskrit character meaning living light energy and is used to designate both the energy itself and the healing system using this energy. Living light energy addresses the more subtle aspects of cause, releasing even the deeply held thought forms in the etheric body which create the symptoms of blockages in our physical form. Some people may wonder why there are different facets; why not just do one big empowerment and get it all?
Sun Li Chung Reiki is the healing art of the art of war - an ancient Chinese healing technique. We invite questions, comments, and suggestions about Reiki Ryoho, classes, manuals, or our website. Like the Tachyon Source, you will be able to create Source antennas with the energy of the White Light Source. Please notice that the White Light attunement is mandatory for receiving the White Light Source course. It is postulated that, as eco-destruction escalates exponentially, resulting in disease processes becoming increasingly sophisticated, Reiki has responded by revealing itself to be an spectrum of Healing energy.
As one of the distinct and substantial energetic frequency-facets of Reiki, Vajra Reiki has consistantly proven to be effective in the amelioration of highly virulent, and even catastrophic, dis-ease processes.
Upon competition the Student receives a First Degree Reiki Practitioner Certificate from White Light Reiki. The class includes: Increasing the Reiki energy flow - symbols (Reiki Attunement), business information about becoming a practitioner, distance healing techniques, treating others with Reiki symbols, increasing awareness regarding the human energy system for physical, emotional and mental health, demo, and practice. Upon competition the Student receives a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner Certificate from White Light Reiki, and invitation to join the International Association of Reiki Practitioners as a White Light Reiki associate at a discount. The class includes: Master Level symbol for passing Reiki to others - Master symbols (Reiki Attunement), becoming a Reiki Master, passing Attunements to others, the use of the Master Reiki symbol - Raku, past life issues, developing your practice, conducting classes.
White Dove Reiki can assist and enable you to have a central focal point in which to direct reiki energies, and transfer the collected energy into the receiver. White Dove Reiki utilizes the concept of visualizing energy carried on the wings of a White Dove to the receiver and then being absorbed by them.
I will be happy to answer any and all of your questions so please feel free to ask anything.
You can schedule your appointment or request the chi ball method by emailing me through the scheduling page form on this page – after sending your payment.
You will also be given links to the manuals to download after scheduling  – if you have any trouble downloading them, simply let me know and I can email them to you. Duplication of this article is prohibited by our copyright, please click here to read more about our copyright information. It is a very simple, non-invasive technique that encourages stress reduction, relaxation and healing.
Similar in style to the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, and the Eight Fold Path to enlightenment, living by the Five Precepts is an approach based on fundamentals that focus the mind, and calm the spirit.
These sacred texts were written in Sanskrit over several centuries, and starting as early as eighth century BCE. Ways of healing that did not break apart the ‘sacred temple’ were found, hence energy healing. In our own age of scientific enlightenment, this view of the universe metaphorically describes the same things that scientists like Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos; professor of mathematics and physics, Columbia University, are grappling with in string theory, or the theory of everything. Mikao Usui rediscovered in ancient Sanskrit text, the symbols used as a catalyst for this meditation technique. It is claimed to be the same system that Takata taught with the addition of the Master Frequency generators (originally created by Rolf Jensen) and the White Light Calligraph (said to have been added by Ishikuro).
The major differences come in Second Degree and above; Kathleen teaches traditional reiki symbols, non-traditional symbols and Tibetan Symbols, and is continuously giving more symbols to the people she makes Reiki Masters. With the addition of the information that the Great Being gave me, the color of the attunement and energy that flows from healer's hands turned from purple to gold".

In fact, some of our students who were attuned to these symbols said that the experience (during the attunement) was almost Shamanic in nature. One ancient system of healing wisdom, translated from Egyptian hieroglyphics into Sanskrit was called Seichim (pronounced Say Keym) “Living Light Energy”. Most have been traditionally hierarchical for excellent reasons, such as keeping information intact and viable and guarding against misunderstanding, misuse and misinformation. Repressive systems, requiring elaborate and endless financial and personal sacrifice is no longer meaningful. The religious ways require a belief system like prayer, which many times is combined with the laying-on-of-hands”. Using ancient wisdom, the Seichim initiation empowers the initiate, regardless of belief systems, to use living light energy as a personal tool for growth and transformation. In the physical body every molecule and cell is affected in a cleansing, balancing, healing manner by consistent use of Seichim.
It first became famous in the Inca temples in South America 12,000 years ago, and from there it came to Egypt 9,000 years ago. A tool is an item which has been permanently altered on a submolecular level, so it acts as a receiver and transmitter of the energies. When giving, the flow is from the practitioner's right hand to the left, through your body. The free flow of Universal Life Force Energy through your being promotes clarity, health, happiness, ease of mind, acceptance of self, a sense of your own Divine nature and inner peace. Most of the Reiki Masters at Clear Horizons received their Reiki Master training and attunements from a well-known Reiki Master Teacher, Elizabeth Tuttle, RPP.
The White Dove represents the purity of energy and therefore gives the Reiki Master the ability to have the purity and freedom of the White Dove to assist in the Attunement and Healing process.
A blank digital certificate is given upon request, but that is the only certificate included with this offer. The Reiki practitioner lays their hands on or near a physical point on the body that corresponds to certain nerve centers that store energy (chakras). In Star Wars, Yoda describes the Force to Luke by saying, “Life creates it, makes it grow. In the foundations of Western culture we find that the Greeks also described the energies of what made up the body and the universe.
Raku Kei is the art and science of Spiritual self improvement based upon teachings from ancient Tibet. It is claimed to differ in application of attunement and a resulting heightened consciousness.
She also offers other healing systems which attune people to other levels of energy, which she claims brings a more complete healing.
When barbaric tribes invaded the civilized south, those who were able, fled to Tibet, China, Japan, Polynesia and parts unknown.
Today the average person is considerably more educated than even the rulers of centuries past. Systems which require supplicants and promote dependent personality development are dissolving, as individuals become aware of other choices.
It is this personal energy system that can be stimulated by acupuncture, sound therapy, color therapy, homeopathy, chiropractic and many other techniques, to keep us alive and well.
The active use of Seichim promotes healing and balancing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Seichim is a powerful, compact, effective system for becoming permanently and experientially connected with living light energy. This is a powerful energy and requires time to adjust to being transformed, before moving into an even more powerful stream of living light energy.
The basic knowledge he got from is father, and most of it came through channelings with God. Reiki Masters are trained to place hands at certain places on the body to facilitate energy flow through those circuits that would benefit the most and that are willing to receive it.
A Reiki session is about you, the Loved One, to clear your energy channels, to harmonize and nurture your body, mind and spirit, honoring your total being. White Dove Reiki will help the practitioner of White Dove Reiki to be more effective in their practice.
After you are attuned to the White Dove Reiki you will then be able to pass this on to other. As the Reiki practitoner holds their hands at that chakra point, the Reiki energy that is needed corrects any blockages, sluggishness or overload in that area. Usui was a teacher, Christian Missionary, Buddhist monk, government administrator and finally became the founding father of Reiki. Well, for an idea of how long ago that was, it’s about the same time as the first Olympic games, the Ting dynasty, and Sodom and Gomorrah, roughly 3700 years ago. Originally the Reiki calligraphy was utilized as part of a system of meditation utilized by the Tibetan Lamas. A vision came to him and he experienced the Calligraphs in a higher spiritual vibration, and they implanted his subconscious mind with their meaning and purpose. Usui’s work and began to search for all he could find about the remarkable system called Reiki. The image to the right is called the White Light Calligraph in Raku Kei and Jorei Reiki systems. It was at this time the knowledge of Seichim was dispersed and why today there seem to be several different lineages called by different names, yet seemingly so similar in content.

We live in a time, when more than information is necessary to create peaceful lives and a world without hunger or war.
Through practice, concentration and with training by high quality teachers like Brugh Joy, people can become channels for healing energy.
Acting as simply as a first aid kit, Seichim works on the complexities of acute and chronic diseases, as well as anxiety, fatigue, depression, frustration and other symptoms produced by stress. Some of the facets build on information from other facets which necessitate a numerical linear designation for each.
In each era in history, we got different symbols that are correct for that era, and that era's diseases.
By absorbing the Universal Life Force Energy you invite soul healing, allowing the beauty of your own Light to shine wider and brighter. Usui Sensi spent many years of study in America, India, China and Japan trying to understand and replicate the healing powers of Jesus and Buddha. The Upanishads in India, in ancient times, identified these elements respectively as "Prithvi, Aappas, Vayu, and Thejas " and added one more element "Akash" to identify space in which these elements interacted with appropriate forces to sustain the universe. The participants would sit on a four legged wooden stool in the center of an oval earthenware container (representing Akasa or the etheric egg) filled with water.
It was after this experience that he started to teach and work with the sick in body, mind and spirit. It is not a Reiki Symbol, it comes from the religion Johrei and is the Calligraphic name of their primary God. Now, a re-establishment of each individual’s inherent right to control his or her life is required. As we experience its healing, we can unlock deeper levels of understanding of the world around us.
Anyone becoming an initiate of first facet Seichim has complete, permanent empowerment of the unique attributes of that facet.
It takes time to memorize the material and integrate the techniques into an individual’s daily life. The system was lost when he was killed by Mongolian rioters that came to south Tibet when he was 103.
The Reiki practitioner's intent is to be nothing more than a clear channel - a simple conduit. Afterwards, you are invited to relax in our comfortable client lounge while the experience of the session settles in.
The books discuss practical ways of expanding awareness through yoga, which in itself is a philosophy.
Arthur Robertson founder of the American Reiki Master Association studied with Iris and he learned about the tables.
These are people you may know, who just with touch, can calm a child or ease fevers and headaches. It comes from God, it is pure white light, and it is everywhere, all around you (in fact, in you to the degree that you open to it), all the time. One wall of the Temple was covered with highly polished copper; the Lama’s prayer and the calligraphs of the Reiki symbols were reflected into it. Finally in 1952 he found what he thought was the missing Key: a symbol to override all disease. After a long search, he found one of the tables in a tiny church in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. Then there are those who are born with huge “energy envelopes” like Olga Worrall who has used her energy to heal many people. It contains new experiences and opportunities, to share and enjoy in each of its unique aspects. All classical writings that were found, and Sanskrit writings had only a tiny portion of the knowledge that was knows then, as most of it was burned and lost on that day. Recent discussion includes possible linkage of the early Vedas, the Norse and Greek writings as well, spreading as the Indo-European tribes dispersed throughout the continent. The participant, sitting on the stool would stare at the wall, allowing the full meaning of the symbols to implant within higher subconscious mind while purifying the body, mind and spirit.
Often times, after helping to heal so many people this type of healer is drained and needs time to regenerate.
In a way, rushing through all the facets compared to enjoying each one to its fullest and then moving to the next, is like the difference between sailing a cruise ship or flying a 747 jet.
The methods that were known in Ancient China were Saichem, Karuna, Yod, Manchurian, Tibetan, Mongolian, Malawian, Tatarian, Alawian, Kokonian, Indian and more. Finally he found his answer in a mixture of ‘Silver Nitrate’, the combined frequencies of the 7 primary colors, and the 7 notes of the musical scale; when combined they formed the 7 atomic seals that have been found all throughout the earth. Tables and the symbols are now being used by several hundred Japanese and occidental Reiki practitioners throughout the United States.
Likewise, learning and moving at an even pace allows each initiate to fully explore each facet before moving to the next, if that is the intention.
Including the symbols of the Kabala, the pharoes, flower of life, Lemuria, Atlantis and the Islam.

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