When Ia€™m not creating music, I love to be outdoors enjoying fresh air, feeling the sun, or simply moving my body trough time and space. Personally I love both: Good pops songs, with seductive grooves, interesting sound textures, great vocals and performances, nice chord progressions and good production values, but also smooth music to relax, with or without vocals. As a musician, I also try to learn from both camps; Activating pop music on one hand, and soothing relaxation musicA on the other hand, frame a Yin and Yang like play field for musical expression for me. Some relaxation music can also work well as a€zsleep musica€?, helping to slow down before you go to bed. Peaceful and soothing music can reduce one’s heartbeat and breath rate, reduce blood pressure and release endorphins to the body.
Music to relax finds commercial application in various environments: Spas and massage facilities, hotels, lounge bars, some shopping malls etc. The ability to unwind, “attune” and harmonize your body and mind is an extremely important ‘survival skill’ in today’s hectic era full of stress, tension, and heightened demands. Just as we devote regular time each day to cleansing and beautifying our body, we should devote equal time to the regular cleansing, relaxation, regeneration and beautifying of our mind and soul – which is equally important for improving the quality of our lives. That very question is the subject of our seminar on relaxation and mental techniques, which is intended for the broadest possible circle of people.
We also touch on other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including inspirational aspects of vital and life-giving eating.

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Music is a powerful tool which can, among other things, shape emotion, influence moods andA provideA a release from stress and anxiety. I love running (did a marathon already), hiking, practising a little bit of yoga, or spending time with friends. The latter is mostly slow music oftentimes in the genres Ambient, Chillout, New Age, Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz, Downbeat or Piano Music.
There you can also download some of my tunes via the mp3 player (for your iPod, mp3 player or your stereo). Since it is a video platform, as a musician you have to combine your music with something visual (images, video, etc).A For my first YouTube releases I licensed photographs or took some of mine to either just set one background picture to the music or to create a tasteful slideshow (changing pictures).
I try to upload new music to relax at least once a month.A Just check in for new material or subscribe to my YouTube channel, put my Google+ page into your circle or join me on twitter!
Some look for background music for activities such as yoga or meditation, or for music while working or being creative. But everybody is different, and it seams that, with the right soundtrack, some can get into their zone and focus on their task better. Webdesigners, podcasters, game and app developers, advertisers and film makers are using peaceful music to enhance a desired emotion within their creative content.

Be part of it and follow the developement here on this web page or on the relaxdaiy YouTube channel.
Providing a relaxing andA stressA free atmosphere for activities such as yoga, meditation, learning and studying, reading, working, being creative, doing your household chores, for your relaxation-time, reflection-time, while traveling or just being yourself. Ia€™m also interested in modern architecture, design in general, technology, flying and race cars, cultures and lifestyle-design, but I think I’ll explore these things later in life or maybe in future lives.
Since relaxdaily NA°052 I capture my own nature video footage and edit it to sometimes simple, sometimes more elaborative a€?nature style music videosa€?. Soothing music without vocals should be the winner over activating, andA thereforeA rather distracting, pop music in this context. The music has the power to relax, boostA your energy levels in a smooth way, or relieve stress andA tension. For now I focus a lot on this music thing – it seems to take quite some time to master one thing.

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