Breath of Fresh Air: Neck Pain Relief and Increased Energy from Abdominal Breathing - Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills Chiropractor, Dr. Here we are once again putting ourselves into the fire of purification, rather than having our life circumstances throw us in!
Please do not forget to drop a little sumthin sumthin in the beggars bowl at the bottom of the blog. New mathematical models challenge an existing paradigm about how neurons in the brain work together to keep us breathing steadily.
Bringing a steady supply of fresh air to the lungs can seem like a simple task, but breathing is a careful orchestration of brain and body.
Diseases like Rett syndrome, central sleep apnea and congenital central hypoventilation syndrome are characterized by breathing difficulties that may be caused by dysfunction in the brain's breathing center. The brainstem, which connects the brain with the spinal cord, generates the breathing rhythm and controls its rate, depending on the body's demands. Twenty-five years ago, a cluster of neurons within the brainstem, called the pre-BA¶tzinger complex (pre-BA¶tC), was identified as the likely source of rhythmic inhalation. Two decades after the discovery of the pre-BA¶tC, scientists hypothesized that two distinct systems in the brain interact to initiate breathing: a "rhythm-generating" layer composed of high- frequency neurons and a "pattern-forming" layer, which signals the diaphragm to contract and the lungs to fill with air. Using a series of computational models, Drexel researchers in the Laboratory for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience, under the leadership of Ilya Rybak, PhD, are the first to challenge this paradigm.
Their study, recently published in the journal eLife, suggests that mixed-mode oscillations in the pre-BA¶tCa€”or regular back-and-forth movementsa€”result from synchronizations of many neurons with different levels of excitability.

The discovery could have important implications for our understanding of the brain's control of breathing. Many other parts of the nervous system also contain networks of neurons with diverse excitability. Different groups of neurons program biological clocks to orchestrate our behaviors by sending messages in a unidirectional manner downstream, a team of biologists has found. Motor neuron connections are refined in the weeks before and just after birth, and they are crucial for normal development later, University of Queensland research suggests. Now, Drexel scientists have introduced a new concept of how the brain is involved in this essential function, providing new insight into how breathing disorders could be treated in the future. While this process normally occurs automatically, we can also control our breathing voluntarily, such as when speaking or eating. Following this breakthrough, researchers have spent years attempting to understand how the pre-BA¶tC operates. How exactly the pre-BA¶tC generates that rhythm has remained a mystery," said Bartholomew Bacak, PhD, a researcher in the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, and an MD student in the College of Medicine. Neurons with low excitability have low bursting frequencies, but generate strong activity and recruit other neurons, ultimately producing the large amplitude bursts that cause breathing. The findings may ultimately impact how scientists research and clinicians treat respiratory disorders. A challenge for future studies is to investigate whether networks similar to those in the pre-BA¶tC complex generate the rhythms that control other repetitive actions, such as walking and chewing.

Mixed-mode oscillations and population bursting in the pre-BO§tzinger complex, eLife (2016). But what happens neurologically when you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth is a bit more complex.
Millions of people have trouble with these transitions - they find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, and hard to stay awake during the day. This meditation gives you the ability to heal at a distance, through your touch or through your projection. Many psychological disorder or imbalances in the personality can be cured through the practice of this kriya, and it is helpful in getting rid of phobias, especially father phobia. It is suggested that this meditation be done in a cool room, or at night when the temperature is cooler, since it directly stimulates the kundalini and generates a great deal of heat in the body.
So I really encourage participants to be honest and share what is going on in their lives and how the practice is helping their personal growth.

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