As I have frequently reported on this blog site, I taught entrepreneur and philanthropist Russell Simmons the Transcendental Meditation technique and he is really enjoying it… He never misses, and he inspired his former wife Kimora to learn, as well as his two delightful young daughters, Ming and Aoki.
For me, for 40 years, yoga practice has meant a simple set of gentle postures… Do a posture as best you can, hold it comfortably for a bit, and then return to a rest pose—back to Silence, back to the Self. My experience at Russell’s yoga studio, which, by the way was PACKED TO THE WALLS with people squeezed in almost on top of each other, was pretty much the opposite. I was new to everything so I kept looking to the person next to me to watch the flow and confirm what I was doing was what I was supposed to be doing.
The Transcendental Meditation technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. If you want to have a fun, productive day, it’s important to begin with morning meditation. A lot of people ask me how to meditate, expecting it to be difficult, but it’s actually very simple. Sign up for our newsletter and never miss the hot stories Thank you for subscribing to Global Grind!
Simmons, who sold his stake in Def Jam Records in 1999 for $100 million and Phat Farm clothing company in 2004 for $140 million, is a highly successful entrepreneur.

Simmons, who has two young children with his former wife Kimora Lee, told New York he meditates with his kids every morning before taking them to school. Since I met him, he has been inviting me to join him at the yoga studio he attends every day after work near Union Square. I am told sessions like this go on all day, everyday at the studio, and they are pretty much packed. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition.
You will likely lose your mantra, it will slip away and a thought will take over your mind. Simmons’ All Def Digital will develop projects for the network, with whom Simmons has an existing relationship.
As part of the new deal Simmons will be producing a 25th anniversary Def Comedy Jam special. I was still hot when I thanked Russell for his kindness, moved through a clump of people tying shoes and stuffing yoga clothes in backpacks and made my way out of the the studio and down one flight of stairs to the street below.
As news of the agreement was announced Thursday, New York Magazine published a different kind of interview with Simmons: one that focused on meditation, animal rights, and wellness.

When done correctly, meditation helps people become present, which is necessary for bursts of enlightenment and creativity.
He said he does not hide anything about his eating habits, admitting he’ll sometimes eat fish and feel guilty.
He co-created the series in 1992 and it launched such well-known names in comedy as Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart and Chris Tucker.
I was sweating profusely after 20 minutes, as we moved from pose to pose to pose to pose to pose with nary a moment to rest, or absorb. Still feeling a bit woozey from the unexpectedly high-octane yoga workout, I took the elevator up to my apartment, sipped a cup of hot water, settled in comfortably on a sofa, and had what I would call, after more than 40 years of practice, a really nice meditation. The mind is like a monkey in a cage: When it realizes the cage will not move, it will settle.
I kept wanting to hear some silence but the air was filled with pulsating music or else the kindly, but firm advice of the yoga teachers.

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