The pilot episode opens with Sabrina asleep on her 16th birthday, levitating above her bed. At the beginning of the second season, Sabrina turns seventeen and learns that she must earn her witch's license or otherwise lose her magic.
At the beginning of the third season, Sabrina earns her license, but then learns that in order to use her license, she must solve her family's secret.
At the beginning of the fourth season, Sabrina is assigned to be a mentor, which is like a Quizmaster, except "Quizmasters get paid".[8] Sabrina's charge is Dreama, a witch newly immigrated from the Other Realm. At the beginning of the fifth season, Sabrina starts college at Adams College and moves out of her aunts' house and into a house with other students at Adams.
At the beginning of the sixth season Josh and Sabrina get together but soon face a tough decision when Josh is tempted to move abroad to work as a photographer. At the beginning of the seventh and final season, Sabrina is put back together after her Aunt Zelda sacrifices her adult years to save Sabrina. The movie centers around Sabrina Sawyer, who is sent to live with her eccentric aunts in Riverdale.
If Sabrina cannot open a mysterious antique gold locket and release the power trapped within, her Aunt Sophia will be lost forever. Sabrina travels to Australia's Great Barrier Reef with Gwen, a fellow witch from England, for a week-long vacation where they try to help protect a hidden mermaid colony whose habitat is threatened by ocean pollution, and by local marine biologist Dr. Sabrina is turning 13 years old receiving her first magic wand from Enchantra herself and as custom for all witchlings, she's off to the Witch Academy to learn the three principles of witchdom (to use magic wisely, be true to one's friends, and be true to one's self). Entering the witches' realm, Sabrina and Nicole stumble upon a witch with three doors leading to three fantasy worlds. At the graduation ceremony, Sabrina chides the school for making fun of Nicole because of her heritage, and reveals that she herself is a half-witch. Unlike previous versions, Sabrina is shown to be a witch princess; destined to rule all of the magical world one day as queen. In the morning, her aunts reveal to her that she is a witch, but Sabrina does not believe them until she has a magical talk with her father from inside a book, where her father reveals that he is a witch and her mother is mortal. However, she neglects her aunts' warnings to study for the test to obtain the license and consequently fails it. Things are made even more complicated between them when Sabrina's ex-boyfriend from high school, Harvey, reappears, this time dating Sabrina's roommate Morgan. At this point, Zelda, Hilda, Miles, and Josh are written out of the show and Morgan and Roxie move into Hilda and Zelda's old house. Sabrina is able to use her magic to win a track competition and get Seth to ask her to the Spring fling.
Feeling inferior because she's only a half-witch, Sabrina conceals her mixed heritage and manages to rise to a position of popularity. Since she was born half witch and half human, she lives a double life as a normal high school student and the other as a sorceress-in-training in the magical world. A black cat Salem is a spy sent by Enchantra to make Sabrina's life in the human world hard enough to live in the witch world permanently in order for Enchantra to drain Sabrina of her great magical powers to become the strongest and most powerful sorceress in all of Witch World.
It is also revealed that Sabrina cannot see her mother, who is in Peru for two years, or her mother will be transformed into a ball of wax.

At the end of the season, she solves the family secret ("Every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin").
At the end of the sixth season, Sabrina agrees to sacrifice her one true love in order to save Hilda after the latter literally falls to pieces after Sabrina sabotages her relationship. Sabrina gets a job as a writer for the entertainment magazine Scorch, but this storyline and all the associated characters are dropped midway through the season. Sabrina then develops a crush on Seth, the cutest boy in school who happens to be dating Katie La More, the school's "Queen Bee".
Sabrina heads for Italy and the Eternal City of Rome, for what was supposed to be "two cat-less weeks" to herself, is accompanied by stowaway, Salem in her backpack.
While Sabrina finds a friendship with Barnaby, a "merman" from the mermaid colony, Salem the cat finds a possible romance with another witch-turned-into-a-cat named Hilary, but finds Sabrina's problems interfering with his plans.
Sabrina joins her new friends in making fun of Nicole Candler, a "bookworm" who doesn't fit in, but, when Sabrina discovers that Nicole is a half-witch like herself, the pair become good friends.
Making their way back to the realm, they try the second door which makes them figure skaters. Once her two worlds collide, Sabrina is the only one who has the ability to battle her enemies while attempting to maintain her secret identity as a witch from all of the humans around her. After a rough day at school, Sabrina accidentally turns Libby Chesler, the most popular girl in school, into a pineapple.
Also, Sabrina begins working at Bean There, Brewed That, a coffee shop, where she meets and is attracted to Josh (played by David Lascher), a college student who is the manager of the shop, which leads to her kissing him and thus cheating on Harvey who ends their relationship, but they soon get back together. Hilda buys the coffee shop where Sabrina works and Zelda becomes a professor at Adams and starts dating Sabrina's English professor.
Hilda recovers and is married, but Sabrina then falls to pieces when Josh, Harvey, and an attractive waiter announce they are all moving away and will never see her again. Sabrina has to find a way to use her newly discovered magical power to get Seth to notice her, but at the same time not cast a love spell, which could backfire on her. Sabrina has to use her magic to turn Katie into a poodle to stop her but later changes her back. In order to prevent Julian from launching a search for the mermaid colony, she casts a spell to create a storm to keep him in port, which succeeds except that a lightning bolt knocks Sabrina unconscious, and when she comes to she learns she has lost her powers, at least temporarily. Sabrina's other friends figure something is going on between Sabrina and Nicole and set out to prove that Nicole is a half witch. After skating into a Hockey net, a hockey player appears on the ice and shoots pucks into the net where both girls are in. This makes Nicole a mortal and consequently turns her to stone since a mortal can't be in the witches' realm. Although Sabrina's Secret Life is set during her high school years, Sabrina's magic is portrayed as weaker than it was in Sabrina, the Animated Series. Fearing that she will appear "weird" to her crush, Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina asks the Witches Council to let her relive that day. Her aunts explain that she will be able to earn her license when she turns eighteen ("when she can pay for the insurance") and that she will be tested throughout the year by a Quizmaster, a witch whose job is to instruct witches earning their licenses. Both Dreama and Brad are written out of the series without explanation over the course of the season.

The season ends with Sabrina and Josh giving into their feelings and sharing a passionate kiss.
In the series finale Sabrina calls off her wedding with Aaron and runs off with Harvey, her soul mate, at 12:36, which is the time of day they first met and is a plot point in the season one episode As Westbridge Turns. All the while, Harvey likes Sabrina and waits to see if she will have a change of heart and start to notice him. When Paul and his friend Travis witness Sabrina doing magic,(while turning a walking statue to stone that Gwen brought life by accident) they come up with an idea to sell the story. They accomplish this by levitating up to a tree outside and find the half star on her hand. Sabrina asks the tree to change her back, but it can't because the deed has already been done. Unlike the previous series where Sabrina made magic with a wave of her hand and an incantation, here she uses a wand to cast spells. The first season follows Sabrina as she tries to keep the balance between being a teenager and having magical powers.
Also introduced during the second season are Sabrina's neurotic friend Valerie and the new school vice principal Mr. At the end of the season, Harvey reaches his "spell quota" (meaning that no spells can be used on him anymore) and discovers that Sabrina is a witch, and later breaks up with Sabrina off screen and is written out of the show prior to the start of the next season.
In the end Paul doesn't betray Sabrina, which sets Aunt Sophia free, as the locket says "Trust your heart". Chloe is the only mortal that knows that Sabrina is a witch, and Harvey is still Sabrina's secret crush.
Sabrina visits Nicole in her door room and come together and begin their journey to the witches' realm in hopes of becoming full witches. Salem has told her that his collar is just this kind of artifact, so Sabrina hurriedly seeks him out. Her rival is Gem Stone, the equivalent of Libby Chessler from the original show, and is incredibly rich. Enchantra finds out from the witch academy the two girls are in the realm and sends two of her minions to get them.
She still has the same aunts: Hilda and Zelda Spellman except they are teenagers, and she has an additional household member, Uncle Quigley.
Distraught, she is about to turn herself into stone when she is stopped by Enchantra, who is touched by her unselfish action and breaks the spell on Nicole, returning both girls to half-witches in the process.
In this show even though Sabrina has her magic, she relies on a Spookie Jar to sometimes to help her cast spells.

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