Visiting Holy Name made me remember all the sacrifices my parents make to give me a great education.
So for me, a secular Diocesan priest, I find great comfort in the patronage of St.Francis de Sales. If one were to wander through the lower level of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC, one would eventually come upon the Slovenian shrine to Our Lady of Brezje. Hernandez, Emily Sun, Jimmy Swiger, Megan Reilly and Phil Thomas to Brooklyn,Michigan, a small town known only for its proximity to a Nascar racetrack. Despite the brevity of its existence, this academy is considered by many to be a precursor to today's revered French Academy. Salesian Secondary College, Pallaskenry, is a co-educational secondary school located within 30 minutes of Limerick city.
Music is a strong part of the school curriculum and each year the school stages a successful musical which is open to the public. You too can help?Today, many lay people from all walks of life are attracted by the Salesian spirit,and work with great generosity for young people in differing situations.
There is hope in Salesian spirituality. With Salesian spirituality, we begin not by confronting the world’s evils but by treasuring its preciousness. I have heard that the worst way to enter a romantic relationship is with the intention of changing the partner. The Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis live this spirituality so fully that everyone feels at home in their monastery. Heidi: I am inspired by the concept of gentleness-gentleness towards self and gentleness towards others. Heidi: I am at the St Jane house with two other Vis Companions and one of the sisters, we are sitting around a table. Heidi: A different generation of experience, a wide variety of connections, networking abilities, and joy in meeting together.
Heidi: Not always having the energy to bring more the table and not always having enough space in my personal life from which to give.
Heidi: Relationships with people that I would otherwise not encounter-hands down that is the best gift. Q: What aspects of Salesian spirituality were reflected or manifested in this service experience? Heidi: Humility in learning from others, seeing the innate dignity in other people, being present with who I am with others doing the same, enjoying a sense of humor with others, and having grace for self in judgment-and challenging myself to grow in my weakness. Posted in Salesian Spirituality, Uncategorized, Urban Monastery, Visitation Companions, Visitation Engagment Programs Tagged Call, Call to Companionship, Faith and Service, Heidi Akpaette, Heidi Govednik, Heidi Govednik Akpaette, Prayer and Presence, Salesian Spirituality, Service, St.
Tattoo removal, housing crises, food shortages, gunshots wounds, popsicles, physical therapy and God were all topics of conversation for me between 11am and 1pm at the Girard House last Tuesday morning. Do not fear what may happen tomorrow; the same everlasting Father who cares for you today will take care of you then and everyday. The encounter rejuvenated and reminded me of how precious little moments in our day can be.
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Last Wednesday evening, our own Jody Johnson, Visitation Companion Coordinator, full of the gentle wise spirit of St. On any given Tuesday night this July at the Fremont House, you might hear the splash of water from the garden hose over the tomatoes, beans, and rhubarb; or note the quiet work of fingers digging into the soil to release some pesky weeds from around the cabbage. To join in this gardening ministry or learn more about the Sisters’ outdoor engagements this season, follow their events here or on facebook.
Quinter became the principal, she has worked tirelessly to start programs to help the students. Bill McCandless OSFS is the coordinator for theSalesian Education of Youth for the Oblates of St.
If one were to wander into this small chapel to pray, one would most likely notice a quote etched in the marble on the right side wall.

In addition to attending my five class at Catholic University, living in community with my brother Oblates, and doing ministry at Bishop Ireton and Fort Myer, I am a Third Degree Knight of Columbus, am frequently involved in extra-curricular activities at Catholic U, and I am an altar server at the National Shrine. Ballintyn and I accompanied seniors Maria Manzek, Gio,which is primarily a camp for deaf children and their families, sits right nextto a beautiful lake.
Our students helped plan prayer services and participated in mass.They experienced how powerful it can be to model religious enthusiasm to theirpeers.
Francis de Sales, Rebello presents 365 themes for a year of reflection, each with a selection of interpreted texts from Francis de Sales.
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It offers a full range of academic and extracurricular activities including an optional Transition year Programme and Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.
Many students enjoy the opportunity of school trips as well as foreign exchange programmes.
It speaks to my heart because I am very short-sighted and, when facing service goals, I see only obstacles. World problems are overwhelming: racism, rebellions, resource depletion, lack of healthcare, lack of shelter, lack of food. The irony in service is the same: often we set forth to help the world and insist on changing it—a poor start to any relationship. In this peace of mind, we open our hearts to the people around us and support them and are supported by them. Now, in Salesian service, my heart is all that is involved; everything else follows as needed. I serve at Ascension Church because there I have a friend burdened by her passionate work for immigration reform, so I show up with the hope of making her burden lighter.
I get to meet the people living in the shadows, and I get to bond with them and work at their side. Advocating for North Minneapolis and the Visitation’s vision of presence to the neighborhood. We are relaxed in the shared knowledge of the Salesian charisms and our ideas for the St Jane house and it’s mission. Katherine wasn’t available,  I found myself at 1619 Girard Avenue North, answering the door and experiencing the mystery of the Visitation in a whole new way. Jane House, Uncategorized, Visitation Companions, Visitation Engagment Programs Tagged events, Jody Johnson, Northside Activities, Photos by Brian Mogren, Sr.
Perhaps the sound of giggling catches your ear as volunteers delight in the petunia and zinnias’ border growth? Katherine reflects on the service of northside Vis Companions Sonja and Fabio Anifrani, describing their work waking up the shade garden,  pruning old branches, and making way for summer growth. Bradford had the opportunity to interview Pat Quinter, the principal of Holy Name Catholic Elementary School. When she first arrived, the teachers informed her that the students didn’t eat breakfast at home and came in starving. So often we take for granted our parents, cell phones, school supplies and school in general. To begin with the end in mind means to begin each day, task, or project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination, and then take steps to make things happen.
Granted, the week of talks, activities,leadership training and dynamic prayer was not planned with me in mind.
Divided into six groups, the campersreflected on what was said and how they can bring this message back to theirindividual schools. I loved the prayer, and I loved seeing our students so engaged andexcited about encountering Christ.
A student of letters in Paris and of law in Padua, he also took a profound interest in the national sciences and their application in the field of health care. As the establishment of the Florimontane Academy issued from the friendship and zeal for learning of its founders, so the Salesian Center has come into existence in the collaborative tradition of Salesian Spirituality lived and disseminated by the Oblates of St.

The diversity of students interests are catered for in the extensive sports programme as well as the encouragement of groups such as the film club, the green schools group and the book club.
He wanted to become a priest to help them morally and he wanted to help them educationally by assisting them to cope with the world around them. Who are we, mere humans, to judge the world and the great schemes that have influenced its present state? The Sisters are not a homeless shelter, a food shelf, or a school; they are simply friends.
Katherine that day, I did connect with another human being, and in the process felt God’s loving hand in my life.
It’s summer time at the monastery, and life is in full bloom in the gardens at the corner of 16th and Fremont Avenue North. We had the opportunity to ask her about the history of the school, the kids who are enrolled and their families.
The school lacks man power and teachers often work from 7am to 4 pm with only about an hour break. These kids have so much more to complain about and yet they are some of the happiest kids I have ever met.
McCandless lives and works in Monaco, andhe is responsible for planning and facilitating educational programs in Oblateschools around the world. Later, as bishop of Geneva, he took the then controversial step to defend publicly the methodology proper to scientific reasoning as distinct from knowledge gained through faith. As friends, they inspire love in others through the power of their present-mindedness and appreciation for life.
A man takes the entire class to a Phillies game and a woman opens her beach house in Ocean City to the class. Jane de Chantal began theVisitation order of nuns, the group will visit Thorens; birthplace andchildhood home of St. I am a full time graduate student at The Catholic University of America where I study pre-theology which, this semester, boils down to four Philosophy classes and one Theological Latin class.
In campus ministry, I am planning the Sophomore retreats and working with the Kairos retreats. Yet, I can’thelp but be moved and inspired by the whole experience, even more so the secondtime around. As the purpose of the Florimontane Academy was to combat heresy through the promotion of devout humanism, so the Salesian Center engages modern culture in a dialogue with faith. Slowly, as the weeks go by, the parishioners who are most comfortable with English approach to ask what on Earth I am doing there. Another man hosts a Christmas party for the school each year and buys gifts for the students.
And as the development of the Florimontane Academy owed its success to the infusion of gospel values in all secular spheres of living, so the Salesian Center mediates the advancement of culture by bringing the charism of Salesian Christian Humanism to bear upon all disciplines of knowledge and education.
In fact, it’s one of my all-time favorite stories, and it wassuch a pleasure to hear it again. I am frustrated by my plodding advances in Spanish; I wish I could wake up tomorrow perfectly fluent.
With no counselor on staff for the kids to talk to, this need often falls onto the teacher or anyone that will listen.
Quinter informed us that many kids do not have access to these items so the school often has to provide them. Thanks to the Bishop Ireton freshman class and their drive project, the school will be able to continue providing these necessities. The Jesuits still support the school by providing Medical and law services, but they are not able to be present on a daily basis.

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