Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Check out this presentation that deals with Change Management Solutions for SAP Implementation. With the SAP IT Change Approval mobile app for iPhone and iPad, you can approve and follow up on your requests for change anywhere and anytime.
CoreALMCoreALM is a professional consulting company specializing in SAP Solution Manager and Application Lifecycle Management solutions based on ITIL best practices.
With the constant demand to develop and change SAP applications faster, the need for continuous delivery has never been greater.

Everyone working in the world of SAP is constantly being bombarded with information about SAP HANA and how this underpins SAP’s future cloud applications. Some powerful opening remarks from the MD of SAP UK, Cormac Watters this morning at the UK & Ireland SAP User Group conference. How can organizations running SAP actually try to achieve the seemingly impossible - Safe, daily releases into production?
Over the many years that I've been involved in SAP change control, it may sound like a bold statement but time and time again we have been able to automate 70-90% of the SAP change process. However, just as any new initiative, SAP implementation could be met with resistance by employees who may not understand that importance or relevance of switching over to new methods.

There is a dire need for organizations to respond to these demands efficiently so that they can survive in a competitive environment and experience sustained growth. It is therefore essential that Change Management Initiatives are introduced hand in hand with SAP implementation. For this reason, organizations are switching over to SAP solutions to streamline their operations.

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