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The Society for Gynecological Oncology (SGO) Meeting this March in San Diego brought together physicians and scientists from all over the world to share the latest research, treatments, and thinking in gynecological cancers including ovarian.
Ovarian cancer care providers and advocates discussed the challenges and offered solutions for treating this genetically and molecularly variable disease. Patients were matched to a targeted treatment based on the genetic alterations in their tumors rather than their cancer type, such as ovarian or breast. Targeted treatments are drugs that act on a specific biological pathway or molecule in the cancer cell. Some of the patients in the trials experienced remarkable responses, especially in consideration of the very difficult-to-treat patients enrolled in those trials.
By telling the story of this woman and others like her, physicians let the rest of the medical community know about uncommon clinical situations where non-standard therapeutic approaches have been successful. Sea Change Foundation is dedicated to achieving meaningful social impactthrough leveraged philanthropy that addresses the most pressing problems facingthe world today. Nat Simons is also involved in businesses which stand to benefit financially from the advancement of the green agenda and the Obama administration’s war on fossil fuels. He is the CEO of Elan Management where he manages the early stages of clean tech companies with a focus on solar and wind energy sources.

What remains a mystery, however, is its other main backer – an offshore company called Klein Ltd. Sea Change’s IRS Form 990 also shows that in addition to funding by the Simons, the only other source of its contributions derives from a Bermuda-based company called Klein Ltd. Maurie Markman, from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, suggested that a trial design that does not require huge numbers of ovarian cancer patients may be a more practical way to evaluate new treatment options. For example, if a patient has a mutation in the BRAF gene, she will receive a drug that inhibits the BRAF protein; the BRAF mutation is matched with a BRAF inhibitor. However, one recent trial saw virtually no difference between matched-drug treated and unmatched-drug treated patients and underscore the need for additional carefully designed clinical trials that also include options for drug combination therapy. Case studies alert other physicians as well as the entire patient and medical community to potential uses of drugs for cancers that have not already been approved. The Foundation’s initial focus is addressing the serious threatsposed by global climate change.
5 contributor in the 2014 mid-term election cycle, donating 100% to Democrats – totaling $3,289,200). Thus, in 2010-2011, this one private foundation, which receives over 30% of its funding from a foreign overseas company, actively seeking to hide the source of its funding, contributed over $20 million dollars to fight domestic fossil energy production. Ovarian cancer therapies that have treated all patients the same have been catastrophic failures for many women.
These trials test the effectiveness of a drug that blocks the presumed “active” molecular pathway in all cancer patients who have that specific molecular profile rather than focusing on the very limited number of ovarian cancer patients. These match trials expand the spectrum of anticancer drugs available to ovarian cancer patients and will help determine how to best match patients with drugs so that the number of patients who benefit is increased. He published this case study with The Clearity Foundation in Gynecologic Oncology Research Practice. The success of matching individual patients to targeted treatments that are effective in both case studies and match clinical trials is driving ovarian cancer treatment to a personalized approach that gives patients more options and better outcomes.
The Foundation is in the process of determininghow its grantmaking can have maximum impact, and is not able to acceptunsolicited proposals. This is only compounded by the factit is deliberately and completely lacking intransparency.

However, there are often not enough ovarian cancer patients with the matching molecular and genetic profile to the drug being tested to effectively run traditional clinical trials to prove the efficacy of the drug.
Michael Castro of Personalized Cancer Medicine, PLLC in Honolulu) at the SGO symposium presented case studies of patients who were matched to treatments based on the DNA sequencing of their tumors.
When asked if medicine can truly be advanced by case studies that involve a single subject, Dr. The symposium speakers discussed the merits and opportunities to matching ovarian cancer patients with treatments designed to fit their molecular and genetic profiles. A case study is also described as an “n of one” study where n is the number of subjects tested. Each case study presented was an example of an ovarian cancer patient whose rare mutation was used to match her to a specific treatment. One case study could change the world.” That his clear cell ovarian cancer patient responded to a matched therapy when everything else failed her is a powerful narrative in any context, scientifically and personally. Castro presented a case study of his patient with an uncommon form of ovarian cancer—clear cell.
Her tumor had progressed rapidly despite surgical removal, standard chemotherapy, and then chemotherapy for advanced disease. To potentially identify new options for her, her tumor was molecularly profiled with the assistance of the Clearity Foundation. A genetic analysis of her tumor by Foundation Medicine revealed a mutation in the KRAS gene, matching her to the anticancer drug Trametinib. Castro’s patient saw a significant regression of tumors that had by this time metastasized to her lung and liver. Her near complete response to this drug lasted five months and she experienced no side effects from the treatment, a stark contrast from her prior treatments.

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