Between January 1st, 1991 and November 9, 2012 there has been 13,950 peer-reviewed scientific articles on climate change with a total of 33,690 authors (rounded up in the figure below).
Sustainable T-Shirt Mar 31, 16 02:46 PMYou can now have a sustainable t-shirt made from recycled plastic water bottles! The Second Largest Rainforest Bosawas, Nicaragua, Is in Danger Mar 25, 16 11:50 PMIn 1997 the government created the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, in the northeastern area of Nicaragua, Central America. The Truth About Wind Power Mar 18, 16 08:34 PMToday, cities, states, countries and companies around the world are increasingly turning to wind energy to power their everyday lives. The first direct evidence that marked changes to Antarctic sea ice drift have occurred over the last 20 years, in response to changing winds, is published this week in the journal Nature Geoscience. Maps created by JPL using over 5 million individual daily ice motion measurements captured over a period of 19 years by four US Defense Meteorological satellites show, for the first time, the long-term changes in sea ice drift around Antarctica.
Sea ice plays a key role in the global environment — reflecting heat from the sun and providing a habitat for marine life. The new research also helps explain why observed changes in the amount of sea-ice cover are so different in the two Polar Regions. This research was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Posted on November 12, 2012 with tags Antarctic, change, Climate, Cover, effects, Ice, News by topic, sea, under. Researchers are struggling to solve the challenge of predicting climate change impacts on marine environments. As part of the Marie-Tharp Lecture Series of the Women’s Executive Board at GEOMAR, Prof. A massive ancient subglacial trough — deeper than the Grand Canyon — has been discovered by a team of UK experts. A new study quantifies for the first time future losses in deep-sea marine life, using advanced climate models. Surrounded by a relentless sea, Fair Isle is an island of strong traditions and fierce beauty.

In 2014, Sea Change artists Andy Crabb, Deirdre Nelson and Jennifer Wilcox, with filmmaker Peter Cutts, returned to Fair Isle with Inge Thomson and her band to record the premiere of Inge’s song cycle, Da Fishing Hands.
Congratulations to Julie Fowlis and her band, who have won best group of the year at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2014. Due to a rather atmospheric blanket of fog I arrived into Fair Isle two days and 1 hour late. Grounded is an exhibition of photographic prints, audiovisual, sound and prose, resulting from residencies with Gaelic speaking communities of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and with Wangkangurru, Arrarnta and Arrernte people of the Central Australian Desert. In August 2013, Sea Change set sail with two crews of artists and scientists from Orkney to Shetland via Fair Isle. Things Unspoken Things Unseen by Anne Bevan and Andrea Roe 2 volume artist book Things Unspoken Things Unseen, by Anne Bevan and Andrea Roe, was launched with Cape Farewell’s 2013 Swan expedition at the Pier Arts Centre in August 2013. Hanna Tuulikki’s body of work exploring the mimesis of bird sounds in Gaelic song was described as ‘heartbreakingly gorgeous’ on BBC Radio Scotland’s The Culture Show in January 2014. On the contrary, the effects of climate change will be devastating to the human race along with every other species on the planet. Incidentally, the increase in carbon dioxide in oceans has also led to ocean acidification. Scientists from NERC’s British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena California explain why, unlike the dramatic losses reported in the Arctic, the Antarctic sea ice cover has increased under the effects of climate change.
The Arctic has experienced dramatic ice losses in recent decades while the overall ice extent in the Antarctic has increased slightly. The Antarctic Peninsula has warmed as much as anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, while East Antarctica has shown little change or even a small cooling around the coast.
The course is based on the EEMUA User Guide to subsea materials selection and corrosion control, EEMUA Publication 194. Permanent employees of EEMUA and SUT member companies are entitled to a 20% discount off the standard course fee. Celebrating this, and running in support of the island’s bid for marine protected status, two artists are knitting together waves of sound and yarn, stories and starfish.

Sailing on 113-year-old community owned Shetland Fyfie The Swan, the journey took us around Scotland’s most northerly coasts and islands.
The total Antarctic sea-ice cover is increasing slowly, but individual regions are actually experiencing much larger gains and losses that are almost offsetting each other overall. However, during the winter freeze in Antarctica this ice cover expands to an area roughly twice the size of Europe. However, this small Antarctic increase is actually the result of much larger regional increases and decreases, which are now shown to be caused by wind-driven changes. Q-Poetics is a Culture 2014 project placing poets and poetry in places and spaces of of waiting.
The rejecting authors do not have an alternative theory to explain the observed warming that is taking place. We now know that these regional changes are caused by changes in the winds, which in turn affect the ice cover through changes in both ice drift and air temperature.
Ranging in thickness from less than a metre to several metres, the ice insulates the warm ocean from the frigid atmosphere above.
In places, increased northward winds have caused the sea-ice cover to expand outwards from Antarctica.
It is important to distinguish between the Antarctic Ice Sheet — glacial ice — which is losing volume, and Antarctic sea ice — frozen seawater — which is expanding.
The changes in ice drift also suggest large changes in the ocean surrounding Antarctica, which is very sensitive to the cold and salty water produced by sea-ice growth.
The Arctic Ocean is surrounded by land, so changed winds cannot cause Arctic ice to expand in the same way. The vast majority of climate scientists accept the theory that mankind's greenhouse gas emissions are causing climate change.

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