Receiving this letter made me think about my purpose in life, and what I need to do for other people. Either way, when I see it, I think about how many people in the world, and my city alone, are unhappy. Doing things for the public will give me the opportunity to reach more people, and hopefully this blog will as well.
Last year, a Facebook page was created for Central College students to anonymously send messages out to their crushes.
The Mizzou Secret Admirers Facebook page provides users with a link to a form that they can use to submit anonymous posts about their crush that they were too afraid to say in person. This button would lead to a form which says a€?If you think someone is really super, make them feel special and let them know they have a secret admirer! There was no return address and my address was typed, and while this may sound uninteresting, it stood out the most in my bundle of colorful postcards and envelopes.

Ten years later, I can tell you that a non-romantic secret admirer is so much more satisfying and meaningful. The underlying reasons may be entirely different, including poverty, unrequited love, or mental illness, but it hurts me to think that so many people are unhappy. This letter found its way to me from somewhere in New Jersey, and reading it made me feel like pop rocks were exploding in my heart. I’ve mentioned my experience with mental health and my path to happiness before, and I realize that everyone is on a different journey, but my belief is that no one is doomed to an unhappy fate.
Whoever was so kind as to let you know how much they admire you and make pop rocks explode in your heart is awesome! I’m very grateful that someone took the time to do this, and I want to let you know, whoever you are, that you rock too. As much as I believe that finding joy in life is a conscious decision, lots of times we need (a lot of) assistance.

Bradley.Accounts such as SIU Secret Admirer, Crush, Confessions and so forth, toe the line between humor and harassment.
Wilkes` third party surety seeks& .Last year, a Facebook page was created for Central College students to anonymously send messages out to their crushes.
Since March 29, students have been anonymously sharing their feelings through an online survey website.

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