The Swiss embraced the keeping of lethal force in personal homes from the beginning in 1200's.
The President said in his speech today we are all on the front line in the war on terrorism. I am no expert on this but I believe if this tin exists you can still have other ammo -- my ex used to go shooting on those shooting days and could shoot as much as he wanted.
Like America, Switzerland won its independence in a revolutionary war fought by an armed citizenry.
Handgun Control should work to repeal laws which prohibit Americans from owning howitzers, anti-aircraft guns, and other military weapons. I know there are over 2 million privately owned guns in Sweden for 9 million people, and the rate is even higher in Finland.
The registration methods differs though; Swedish registers are by law required to be kept at the local police station and not at a central location. I just sent this on to a couple of co-workers I was discussing gun control with yesterday--one of them a French citizen who is just shocked and frightened by the easy availability of guns in the US! A lot of these are being sold at gunshows for around $100 at present, and these are major bargains. In 1291, several cantons (states) began a war of national liberation against Austria's Hapsburg Empire.
Switzerland allows ownership of these weapons by anyone who can meet the simple requirements for a handgun license. In real-world terms, it has 85% of the advantages you'd want with a semiauto and none of the drawbacks; cleaning it amounts to cleaning the bore, as with any bolt action. In short they didn't want viable fighting weapons around in case of a communist revolution.
Most were made between the mid 40s and early 50s and were used as expensive walking sticks by soldiers hiking through alpine passes.

I received the honor through marriage, but that was a while ago and they don't automatically confer citizenship through marriage any more.
In legend, the revolution was precipitated by William Tell, although there is no definitive proof of his existence.
The wood is more often than not totally beat to sh## while the metal is usually pristine, bores and bolt faces showing no sign of use at all. I do not think any non-Swiss but the very famous can buy property in Switzerland, maybe not even the famous (they may use some kind of trust to buy theirs). Since Swiss-style handgun licensing is the main reason Switzerland has no handgun crime (claims Handgun Control), a Swiss-style system of howitzer licensing would also be a good idea for America. Lakes Konstanz and Leman (Geneva) form international frontiers, and the navy consists of a few patrol craft.
The middle class lives VERY well and they have a much fairer health insurance situation than we have. Switzerland also has a major Rhine commercial fleet (you can see the Swiss flag flying all the way to the Netherlands), which can receive Swiss military patrol craft escort in time of war.
So the swiss erected giant concrete blocks in the pass's between the mountains to block tanks.
Of course gun licenses and registration have no place in a democratic society, though in Sweden they have atleast proven a point: Criminals are the ones behind gun violence as the 2 million registered guns are almost unrepresented in crime statistics. You pay your own premiums (to private insurers), it's not up to the employer, and there are 3 levels of health care. Never saw anything like it previously; I pulled one of those cartridges apart to make sure it was actually using a 308 bullet before I started reloading the stuff with 308 bullets. The Nazi's never had the guts to invade Switzerland, knowing, as they did, that their officer corps would never make it back home alive if they did. The care and especially the hygiene is far inferior to ours here, but we could learn from their system.

Being stationed in Germany at the time, and as a headquarters company artmorer with access to a battalion tank maintenance shop and the toolrom at the BMW motorbike plant in Munich, I had reworked a WWII German army K98k Mauser rifle to shoot the Swiss 7,5 cartridge using a US .30 Springfield barrel, and took it along to show off.
Another factor: the leftover Czech-built G13 *Hetzer* tank destroyers built on old Czech T-38 tank chassis that Switzerland first purchased from Germany as the Jpz-38, then obtained more of and rebuilt to their own specifications after the war's end, finally manufacturing the things in their own national armory. It's a nice life there but nothing beats the attitudes and personalities of the wonderful American people.
Most European gun-owners are serious folks who don't buy weapons on a whim, and then sell them six months later.
I didn't score terribly well- some of those fellas could REALLY shoot, and were used to having a range on one mountain, with the backstop on the next mountain down the way.
As a consolation prize, I got to try out some relics and collector's pieces, including a rare German FG42 parachutist's machine rifle. The Swiss were superb hosts, and among other things, filled me in on the last attempt at an armed robbery in the country, which had happened a few years before.
It seems some bank robbers from France had figured out a good time to hit a bank when most of the citizenry would be out of town, and hit the place, armed with little MAT-49 French Army submachineguns.
During the process, a guard was shot and wounded, but managed to call out the alarm to the town's rifle range, where most everyone was off at the day's schutzenfest. Some three hundred expert Swiss target shooters opened up on the getaway car, most using Stg57 autorifles with 24-round magazines. The French banditos really outraged the quiet Swiss by shooting one of their neighbors, and those are not the sort of people to so upset that way.

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