Jessica Drew gets back to her spy roots in the upcoming Secret Avengers by Ales Kot and Michael Walsh. Two of Marvel’s most stunning super heroines are starring in the upcoming relaunch of Secret Avengers by writer Ales Kot and artist Michael Walsh.
Just when Jessica Drew thinks she’s through with secrets and lies she’s gets pulled back in!
The Marvel Universe is still feeling the effects of Fear Itself even as the conflict of Avengers vs.
They know they need operatives who can function on the level the world and the universe is at now,” says Brevoort. Hardman’s previous work includes Hulk, Agents of Atlas, and Betrayal of The Planet of the Apes.

We'll tell you who they are, what their essential stories are, and even provide some creator commentary from Remender himself. Flash Thompson once bullied puny Peter Parker in high school even as he worshiped the exploits of Spider-Man.
This dangerous alien suit was passed down from Peter Parker to Eddie Brock to Mac Gargan, but now Flash seeks to use its powers for good. That is, if the symbiote doesn't gain control of his mind as it did with its previous hosts. I like to think of Flash as a fish out of water in terms of his mental state and what he's up against here. It focuses both on Peter Parker's discovery of the true nature of his alien costume and the original clashes between Spidey and Eddie Brock's Venom.

Issue #574 shows Flash's fateful final mission in Iraq, while issue #654.1 acts as an origin story for the new Venom.
Through early clashes in military hotspots and with villains like Jack O' Lantern, the series showcases Flash's ongoing struggle to maintain his humanity. While Peter Parker battles an entire city of spider-powered citizens, Flash carries out his on secretive mission.

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